My Beautiful Commander
69 It“s time to tell me the truth
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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69 It“s time to tell me the truth

" Who is this Lan Chang?" Xia Lian looked at the brothers with confusion written on her face.

" He's the second son of prime minister Lan Biming and the younger brother of Lan Cheung, northern barracks general.. blah.. blah.." Jun Moyin continued to chatter.

Xia Lian shot him a disdainful look " So in short he is a good-for-nothing who lives off using his family's name.. Why are you reciting his family's history to me?"

" Sis Xia, that Lan Cheung thinks he is better than my brother. Also the Lan family are against the Xuan family.. That old devil Lan Biming always wanted the throne.."

" Is Lan family so powerful that you are not taking any action on them?" Xia Lian sighed after listening to these court politics. She always hated these kinds of things the most. Then again, she looked at her two friends who are a part of the imperial family. So, even if she hates it she will not ignore it as this incident almost killed Moyin and those idiots targeted Li Wei's life ah..

" Lan family is the big fish and there are many families supporting them in the dark. Even big brother is not able to find out all the details. Lan family is supported by our enemies. It's just that we don't know which country is eyeing our Qilin country. That Lan Cheung surely pulls the strings well, we are not able to find much information as he erases all the evidences quite efficiently.."

Xia Lian caught the main point " Wait.. you are saying that Lan Cheung is the master mind.." Jun Moyin nodded his head.

Xia Lian thought to herself ' Li Wei is most skilled in martial arts and military tracks whereas Lan Cheung is adept in spies network.. Sometimes, a crafty mind can devour an entire army.. But still Li Wei is unaffected by all these plots.. So, this means only one thing..'

Xia Lian looked at Xuan Li Wei and Jun Moyin " The sacred order belongs to both of you, am I right?"

Jun Moyin nodded and Xia Lian smiled " Also, it's not a mercenary organization. It's a spy network under cover.. This explains everything."

" Sis Xia, you are amazing.." Jun Moyin blinked his eyes.

" It's you who is an idiot..." Xia Lian rolled her eyes at this pretentious brat. How could someone in charge of an organization be an idiot? Since, he wants to act as a fool, she will help him. This Jun Moyin is clearly a wolf in sheep's clothing.

" Now it's time you tell me the truth.." Xia Lian blinked her eyes.

" What truth?" Jun Moyin was confused.

" Who asked you to protect me? I am sure that the man who requested you and the one who saved us are the same person. Except my mother there is no one who cares about us. She is in no way connected to the sacred order. So, tell me who is he? Don't you dare lie to me.."

Jun Moyin choked on his breath ' Sis-in-law, why should you be so fierce and clever ah!'

" He asked us to conceal his identity. So, we cannot tell you about him.." Xuan Li Wei spoke now.

Jun Moyin visibly relaxed as his brother is handling the situation.

Xia Lian squinted her eyes at Xuan Li Wei. Suddenly, she took a few steps forward and stood before him. She sized him up and down..

' My bro dug his own grave.. Bro, you are really under estimating your wife ah!' he screamed in his heart.

" Now that I remember, your height is the same as him.. I did not look at his face. But, you both are exactly the same in terms of shamelessness.." Xia Lian spoke seriously " Tell me, is it you?"

Xuan Li Wei face-palmed on hearing her words. He was clearly amused on seeing her anticipating eyes. But, his face remained like a wooden block masking all his inner thoughts.

" No, you guessed wrong.." Xuan Li Wei spoke with a sincere expression.

Xia Lian looked at his sincere expression and erased all the doubts in her heart. She thought for a while and gave up " Since he wishes to be in the dark, so be it.. I will not ask anything about him again." She will remember his kindness, that's all.

Jun Moyin looked at his big brother and his sister-in-law and shook his head helplessly..


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