My Beautiful Commander
70 A letter from mother
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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70 A letter from mother

" Xia Lian, I need to talk with you.." Xuan Li Wei looked at the little girl. " Come with me.." the three of them entered Xuan Li Wei's tent. Jun Moyin pulled her to sit beside him. Xuan Li Wei looked at his brother with a sour face while the latter blinked his eyes... Xuan Li Wei felt like coughing a mouthful of blood on seeing him act like an innocent puppy..

' hehe.. big bro is jealous..' Jun Moyin giggled while dancing in his heart.

Xia Lian moved two feet away from this brat who is giggling like a lunatic. Xuan Li Wei's face relaxed on seeing the distance between them.

' Big bro, I am your cute little brother.. Drinking too much vinegar is bad for your health..' Jun Moyin cried silent tears in his heart on seeing that his brother is too jealous of him. On the other hand he is happy because one will be jealous only if they are in love.. Bitter-sweet.. yes, bitter-sweet is how Moyin is feeling at that moment.

" It's for you.." Xuan Li Wei took out a letter from his robes and stretched his hands towards her.

" Don't tell me it's a love letter.. I know I am cute but isn't this too soon.." before she could finish, Xuan Li Wei slapped the letter on her head.

" Ouch.. you" Xia Lian stopped in the middle on seeing a certain someone's darkened expression.

" pfft.. I was just joking man.. " Xia Lian's felt very amused on seeing the twisted expression on Li Wei's face. She felt satisfied on seeing the indiscernible expression on this shameless man's face. She decided that she would try hard to see such expressions again..

" Shut. your. mouth.. and read the letter" Xuan Li Wei dropped the letter in her lap and sat on the opposite side of the table.

" Jeez.. you are so boring.." Xia Lian grunted and sure enough Xuan Li Wei's face showed another wonderful expression. ' hehe.. teasing this wooden block is surely exciting.. I just found a new hobby..' Xia Lian cooed in her heart.

Jun Moyin's face had a wide smile as he winked at his brother silently mouthing ' Bro, when are you going to write a love letter?'

" Sis Xia! Who sent that letter?" Jun Moyin suddenly tilted his head on seeing his big brother's murderous gaze.

" Why are you shouting?" Xia Lian looked at the fool " I still didn't open it.."

There are two letters, one sealed and the other unsealed. Xia Lian took the already opened letter and was shocked on reading it's contents.

" Is my mother really alive?" Xia Lian looked at Xuan Li Wei with anxious eyes.

" Yes, she is alive but we don't know where she is." Xuan Li Wei spoke gently.

For the first time, Xia Lian's face showed a satisfied smile as she relaxed visibly. Though she had no deep feelings for her mother, her little bunny was very attached to her. Only she knew how hard he cried.. To stop his cries Xia Lian showed him the night sky and told him that the brightest star is their mother. She told him that she will come back to them someday and the little bunny believed her. She told him a white lie as she didn't want him to be heartbroken.. So, now she obviously felt as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

Xia Lain then broke the seal of another letter and she found the letter addressed to her..

" Little princess.." Xia Lian face-palmed on seeing how her mother addressed her. She chuckled on imagining it...

' Little princess..

Mother is fine.. I can't tell you where I am. It's not safe anymore. I am going to meet a person who will help me. I will return to you when the time is right. So, don't worry about me and stay safe. The emperor is an old acquaintance of mine. He will protect you and your brother. Also, if you wish to break your ties with Xia Jiang you are free to do so. But do not change the Xia family name.

I'm so sorry dear, for not being able to protect you personally. If you happen to meet your grandfather tell him that I am sorry for everything.'


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