My Beautiful Commander
76 Returning the favour
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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76 Returning the favour

" Sis Xia, I can sit on your horse..." Jun Moyin was on the verge of tears.

" Of course, you can.." Xia Lian was dumb-founded on seeing him getting emotional just because of a horse.. Then again she looked at her lovely stallion in disbelief..

" Thank you so much, Sis Xia.. If not for you I would have never sat on this horse this lifetime.." Jun Moyin started to chat endlessly after leaping on to the horse sitting behind her.

Xia Lian grinned on hearing his words.. 'This brat is funny' she thought to herself as she lightly nudged the horse with her leg. Hurricane galloped forward like wind on receiving her signal.

Jun Moyin was surprised on seeing how well his sis-in-law is controlling the horse. Both of them are like wild and unrestrained spirits flying in the air.. Hurricane was thoroughly enjoying this as it's master did not try to reduce his speed.. Xia Lian already lost herself to this wonderful feeling..

It's as if the horse and her had a good understanding of each other... The horse leaped and avoided the hurdles with ease under her control..

Jun Moyin chuckled on seeing these two who were lost in their own world..


Military camp

" General, Everything is ready, we are just waiting for your orders..." Great five spoke.

" Alright, let's go.." Xuan Li Wei stood up and picked up his bow and arrows before exiting the tent.

Xuan Li Wei picked up the men who had strong internal energy for this mission. A group of 16 men set out in the direction of the Azure country's military camp.

Xuan Li Wei landed on a huge banyan tree as he signaled with his hands. On seeing his signal, everyone came to a halt and uniformly arranged themselves behind him.

Xuan Li Wei tilted his head to glance at this men. The men understood his intention and they quickly took their positions.

" General, should I go in and start the fire.." one of the soldier excitedly chimed.

" No need, you guys just need to throw the gunpowder balls using your qing qong. We six of us will take care of setting the camp on fire..." Xuan Li Wei spoke with an evil smile on his face.

Three soldiers stood beside them holding the fire sticks in their hands.

Xuan Li Wei looked at his six secret guards " It's time you put your archery into use.."

The six teens looked at their general with bright eyes as they started to notch the arrows after setting fire on them.

" Hui.." the six men threw the balls using their internal energy and just before they were about to touch the tent's surface, the arrows pierced them setting the tent on fire immediately. Because of the gunpowder, the fire started to spread at an alarming speed..

Xuan Li Wei and the six men shot three arrows at the same time, setting 21 tents on fire on each round.

On the other hand, Azure country's soldiers were panicked as all the tents which contained gunpowder are on fire..

In the beginning the six shadow guards did not understand why their general ordered to shoot only at specific tents.. But, on seeing the tents catch fire in a short amount of time and their explosion resulting in the destruction of all the nearby tents made their blood boil.. 'Their general is really formidable.. He managed to find out the information about the tents in such a short amount of time..'

The night is going to be long and scary as the deafening cries of the men who are being tormented by the fire resounded through out the area..

Xuan Li Wei looked at the chaos before him and not even a trace of pity can be seen on his face.. The methods of war are always cruel and ruthless..

Xuan Li Wei turned to look at Great Six, who is the most kind among his shadow guards. He saw the uncomfortable expression on his face and sighed.

Then without looking at him, Xuan Li Wei spoke in a solemn voice " If we were silent, then we would have been in that situation or even worse than this. Remember, being kind to one's enemies is being cruel to oneself. One should always be compassionate to their families and ruthless towards enemies. This is the way of world."

" Also, we are returning their favor.." Xuan Li Wei leaned against the tree to rest for a while. He will leave only after the camp is reduced to ashes..


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