My Beautiful Commander
80 Lust pill
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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80 Lust pill

Lan Chang felt a shiver in his spine on hearing her emotionless voice. He mustered all his strength and asked with a weak voice " What did I do to provoke you?"

" You defiled my sisters and played with their lives. Also, you planned to do the same thing to me." Xia Lian crouched down and whispered near his ear " I will not kill you so easily. I will let you live so that you will understand that living is more painful than death."

" I would have tolerated all these things because you are not the only one who is side tracked. But, you went too far this time. You tried to harm my people.." Xia Lian smirked " Those who try to harm my people can never escape my wrath."

He tried to harm Li Wei and Jun Moyin almost got killed. Also, he harmed her lovely horse. So, Xia Lian decided that she would not let him off so easily. Death is the end of suffering.. So, she will not kill him. She will make sure that his life becomes a living hell..

" This pill will have wonderful effects after a while.. Remember to thank me everyday.."

" I am called Gwen.. You must be dying to know the name of your benefactor.." after saying her shameless words Xia Lian whistled and Jun Moyin entered the room.

" Brother, we can leave now.." Xia Lian nudged Jun Moyin but her words stuck in the middle of her throat on seeing his cold eyes. 'OMG! This brat.. is angryyy...' Xia Lian involuntarily gulped.

" You wait outside. I have something to do.." Jun Moyin spoke while looking at the dirt bag before him.

" Are you sure you will be alright.." on seeing Jun Moyin's angry gaze, Xia Lian nodded and hurried out of the room. She could not help but break into a cold sweat. This is the first time she saw Jun Moyin getting this angry. She could not help but sigh on imagining the fate of that unfortunate Lan Chang.

" Who are you?" Lan Chang asked with a raspy voice. He didn't know why he felt a burning sensation in his throat.

" I am her brother.. Who did you call a w*ore earlier?" Jun Moyin hissed as he punched Lan Chang hard in the stomach.

Outside the room, Xia Lian was grinning from one ear to the other after imagining the scene that will happen in the next few seconds..

'One.. Two.. Three.. ' Xia Lian counted in her heart..

On the count of three Xia Lian heard Jun Moyin's terrified scream " Get off me.. You dog.. Get off me... I'm still a virgin... "

Good.. Very good.. Excellent.. This Moyin is more dramatic than she imagined.. Xia Lian could not help but laugh hard while pounding the wall behind her with her fists..

' One.. Two..' This time before she could count three she heard another pitiful wail " Sister.. help me ah! How can you do this to me? This fellow is like a leech.."

Xia Lian's face turned red due to laughter and her cheeks started to hurt.. She entered the room slowly while patting her cheeks..

On entering the room, she witnessed a scene which she would never forget for the rest of her life.

She saw Jun Moyin pinned to the wall.. He was pushing Lan Chang's face away from his face, while his other hand was blocking Lan Chang's naughty hands.. Poor Moyin, he was even using his legs to push the leech away from him..

" pfft.." Xia Lian was about to roll on the ground again. On hearing her voice, Jun Moyin tilted his face to look at her with pleading eyes. Xia Lian just raised her brows and walked towards the chair. She sat on the chair intending to enjoy the show..

" Sister, what did you feed him? Where did he get this monstrous strength from?" Jun Moyin shouted.

" It is called Lust pill.. It will have reverse effects.. He generally likes women, but after taking this pill he will loath women.." Xia Lian looked at Jun Moyin's face which is loosing color slowly " But, now he will have insatiable desire for men.. His strength depends on the degree of his desire.. So, I think he really desires your beauty.."

" Also, he will only lust for men from now. So, you better be careful.. With your beauty, you can ignite his desire to the fullest.."

" Sister.. You can't do this to your brother ah! " Jun Moyin's face turned pale. He didn't even experience the awakening of his first love.. But, now here he is about to loose his virginity.. He stomach started to turn on seeing the disgusting face before him.

Xia Lian finally gave up on seeing the priceless look on his face. So, she immediately rushed forward and tapped on Lan Chang's neck making him unconscious.

" Sister, if you ever get angry at me beat me up as you wish. But, please don't use that pill on me.." Jun Moyin was really terrified of his sister-in-law's abilities now. He patted his thumping heart and he was sure he will have many nightmares due to this incident.

But he was secretly gloating after imagining Lan Chang's future.. ' hehe.. I am looking forward to the scenes where he will jumping on whichever man he finds..'

But, now he seriously needed to relax his mind. So, he looked at his crafty sis-in-law who is smiling slyly at him..

" What are you up to now?" Jun Moyin sighed.

" It's time for our bet.." Xia Lian smirked.

Jun Moyin nodded immediately. He needed to see beauties to forget his horrific experience.. ' Beauties.. your master is coming.. hehe...' he grinned like a fool.

" Leave it to me.. I will take you to the paradise now.." Jun Moyin dragged her but Xia Lian stopped him. " I need to disguise as a man.."

Jun Moyin slapped his head and smiled sheepishly " hehe.. I forgot.."

" Just wait here.. I will be right back.." Xia Lian disappeared into the crowd.


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