My Beautiful Commander
82 Sensual Bamboo House 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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82 Sensual Bamboo House 2

Xia Lian walked towards another girl who looked timid and shy. She held her hand gently and this action made the girl to bury her head in her chest. Xia Lian chuckled on seeing her actions " My lady, please show me my seat.."

" Y.. Yes.." the girl stammered and led the way. Jun Moyin followed Xia Lian in a daze. It felt like he became invisible in there.. He was never stuck in this kind of situation.. Every time, many women used to flock around him because of his handsome face..

Then again, he looked at his devilishly charming sis-in-law who outshone him.. He was sure that even his big bro will be defeated in her hands.. He suddenly felt that his sis-in-law is very interesting and that his brother still had a long way to go..

Xia Lian crossed her legs and spread her arms across the armrests of the cushioned chair.. Her posture looked like a lazy cat.. Seductive and stylish at the same time.. A lady of about 23 years old slowly approached Xia Lian while swaying her hips seductively.. Xia Lian admired the woman's boldness ah! She can really become a top notch actress in the modern era.. Such killer looks and curvy body is wasted.. tsk..tsk..

Xia Lian was depressed.. Such a potential actress was wasted away.. Alas! She couldn't do anything.. So, she just smiled at her..

" Young man.. Why are you smiling so respectfully at me.. Am I too old for you.." the lady pouted and bent her body so that her face is just a few centimeters away from Xia Lian's face. Jun Moyin gulped on seeing this scene.. Damn! It's too hot in here..

Xia Lian smiled lightly and spoke slowly while tracing her index finger along the contours of the lady's face " Old is gold.. As the saying goes, you are a beauty of your own kind.. Oh! How I wish that I am older than you.. I would have taken you away from here.."

Even the lady could not help but blush due to this young brat's actions and words.. She met many who flirt with her and they disgusted her.. But, something about this young man made it hard for her to hate him.. It felt natural when he spoke such words and there is no obscenity or indecency in them..

If Jun Moyin knew her thoughts, he would have rolled his eyes at her ' That's because she's a girl and she obviously respects her gender..'

" How about you get some wine for us... A calm night, beautiful ladies, a fool.." Xia Lian looked at Jun Moyin while saying the word fool and he grinned shamelessly.. Xia Lian ignored his reaction and continued " The only thing missing is wine.."

The young woman straightened herself as she spoke with a bright smile " This young master, you made this place lively today. So, I will get you the best wine here.." Jun Moyin looked at his sis-in-law in wonder..

Xia Lian smirked at him " Tell me, who is the winner of the bet??"

" Is there a need to ask? Of course, it's you." Jun Moyin looked at her with puppy dog eyes " Please take me as your disciple.. I want to learn flirting techniques from you.."

Xia Lian's gaze darkened " You are not allowed to do these things.. I refuse.. " How dare he think of flirting ah! She can because she is a girl.. How can she face his future wife, if he introduces her as his flirting master ah! No way..

Jun Moyin pouted but he did not refute her.. In the meantime, a young girl brought wine and poured them into the small cups..

Xia Lian brought the cup to her mouth and a bitter-sweet fruity taste filled her mouth.. She liked it.. So, she started to drink one cup after another..

Jun Moyin also got drunk but he tried to stop Xia Lian from drinking. Xia Lian just brushed him off as she relished herself in enjoying the wine.. Thankfully, the ladies in here are decent and they admired her from far as she did not call for them..


" General, I think someone is coming for us.." Great One squinted his eyes at the figure flying towards them at alarming speed.

" Don't worry.. It's Min Zin." Xuan Li Wei spoke lazily.

" General.." Min Zin's voice sounded flustered.

" What is it?" Xuan Li Wei frowned. He asked this fellow to tail those two troublesome brats, in case they messed up something. Did they really get into trouble? Xuan Li Wei became anxious " Did something happen to them?"

" Nothing happened to them general.." Min Zin's face was flushed as he spoke " But, the situation is getting out of control.."

Min Zin hastily explained everything and Xuan Li Wei's face displayed an incredulous expression.

" Sensual Bamboo House.." Xuan Li Wei spoke slowly but he froze as a sudden realization hit him hard..

" You meant that , the little girl entered that place.."

" General, not only entering there.. Lady Xia is the center of attraction of that place.."

Before Min Zin could finish speaking, Xuan Li Wei soared into the sky at an alarming speed.. Min Zin sighed before following him..

Great One looked at his team with an fan-girl expression " Our goddess is great, no matter what she does..". The other five nodded in agreement.

On the other side, Xia Lian and Jun Moyin are relishing in the moment unaware of their impending doom..


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