My Beautiful Commander
84 Beauty, I“ll accompany you
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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84 Beauty, I“ll accompany you

Xia Lian felt her head dizzy due to the sudden force applied on her.. Before she could understand what is happening she felt a hand lift her chin and her obsidian black eyes met with a pair of hazel brown eyes..

Xuan Li Wei looked at the girl who covered her face with a mask.. He looked at her robes and breathed out in relief that she came here dressed as a man..

" Min Zin, Why didn't you tell me that she is in disguise.. " Xuan Li Wei was frustrated.. His heart almost stopped when he heard that this girl entered a brothel. " General, I didn't notice.." Min Zin was still looking in awe at the handsome young man in his general's arms..

Xuan Li Wei was also shocked on seeing this little girl's appearance.. That black mask is exquisitely carved and it brought out the sharp contours of her altered face.. Her cheeks glowed with a shade of drunken red.. Her sharp eyes are lightly misty and the eyes looked so seductive with the mask adding a mysterious charm around them..

Xuan Li Wei traced the skin below her mask and Xia Lian looked at him blankly not understanding what is going on.. But, she felt something on her skin.. So, she slapped his naughty finger thinking it is a mosquito " Stupid mosquito, die.."

" Little Li, are you drunk?" Xuan Li Wei asked a lame question even though he knew the answer.

Xia Lian squinted her eyes and looked at the beautiful specimen before her.. She didn't recognize him as her mind is mushy mushy....

Xia Lian lifted her small hand and brushed his cheek " Beauty, you are so pretty... Let this young master accompany you..". Xuan Li Wei's eyes darkened.

Min Zin: " pfft.." Their mistress is sure interesting..

Jun Moyin: "..." sis-in-law, that is my big bro.. Please come out of your flirting mode ah!

Xuan Li Wei froze for a moment before he slowly untied the mask.. The black feathered mask slowly slid down her face revealing her handsome altered face.. All the women squealed out of excitement on seeing the face behind the mask! Then again, they looked at Xuan Li Wei with caution in their eyes... What is this man doing to their dreamboy ah! Though this big guy is handsome, their hearts belong only to the masked man... So, they looked at his arms which are hugging Xia Lian with a killing intent in their eyes..

Xuan Li Wei looked at his surroundings.. Everyone, be it a man or a woman they are staring at his little girl with owl eyes.. He didn't like it..

He looked at the little girl's face for a moment before locking his eyes on hers.. Without removing his eyes on her, he spoke in a cold voice " Take me to the private suite.. Min Zin, no one should disturb us.."

Jun Moyin: "..." Bro, your words are quite ambiguous...

Then ignoring everyone, Xuan Li Wei dragged the girl with him.. He felt the little one struggle initially, but she calmed downed after a while..

Xia Lian initially struggled when she felt someone dragging her, but she stopped struggling as she somehow felt that this person is very familiar to her..


Xuan Li Wei slammed the door shut and pulled the girl to sit on a couch.. He then crouched in front of her to meet with her eyes..

Both of them stared at each other.. Xia Lian stared at the pair of hazel brown eyes fixedly.. She didn't know why but she is starting to like them.. She can see anger, concern and some other emotion which she didn't understand..

'My.. My.. such expressive and deep eyes..' Xia Lian secretly praised in her heart.

Xuan Li Wei was about to scold this girl, but his words stopped in his throat when he found her staring into his eyes without blinking.. On seeing those obsidian black eyes seemingly penetrating into his soul, Xuan Li Wei's heart skipped a beat..

But, today he needed to reprimand her. So, he cleared his throat..

" Don't do this again?" he spoke sternly.

" What?" Xia Lian tilted her head in confusion... Her eyes looked innocent and the black hair gently traced her reddened cheeks.. She looked so vulnerable..

' Oh God! So cute.. This girl is going to be the end of me..' Xuan Li Wei took a deep breath and looked at the girl helplessly..


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