My Beautiful Commander
85 I like your scen
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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85 I like your scen

His little girl is too cute ah! Because of the wine, she is looking more docile and cute than her usual self... Xuan Li Wei rubbed his forehead and sighed before speaking.

" Little Li, don't be so careless.. " Xuan Li Wei spoke slowly but Xia Lian interrupted him..

" Little Li.." she scrunched her nose " Beauty, don't call me like that.. I don't want another idiot calling me by that name.."

" Idiot.." Xuan Li Wei's lips twitched.. So, he is an idiot in her mind..

" Hmm.." Xia Lian nodded profusely " a big idiot.."

" What else?" Xuan Li Wei wanted to know what else she is thinking about him. They say that a man speaks truth when he is drunk.. So, he will make a good use of this opportunity..

Xia Lian rubbed her temples thinking seriously...

Then she raised her head and lifted her right thumb " One, he is fool.."

Xuan Li Wei choked on his breath.. ' Fool.. Which of this girl's eyes saw me as a fool..'

Xia Lian then raised her index finger " Two, he is a flirty prince.."

Xuan Li Wei nodded along with her ' Of course, I will be flirty with my wife..'

" And finally he is insanely handsome.." Xia Lian looked at him seriously.. Xuan Li Wei smiled like a kid who got his favorite candy after hearing her words..

Xia Lian widened her eyes on seeing his smile and immediately cupped his face.. Xia Lian brought her face dangerously close to his and Xuan Li Wei froze as he looked at her blankly...

" Eh?!.. Is it you my flirty prince?" Xia Lian hiccuped " You both look exactly the same.."

" Yes, it's me.." Xuan Li Wei was amused on seeing her actions.

As if his skin burned her, she immediately let go of his face and moved a few steps backward.. Xuan Li Wei frowned " Why are you avoiding me?"

" Because you are a perverted flirty prince.." Xia Lian spoke warily " Mommy told me to stay away from perverts.."

Outside the door, Min Zin and Jun Moyin tried hard to not laugh out loud. Jun Moyin felt bad for his brother.. His sis-in-law took his bro to heaven before dumping him the pits of hell..

" I was just joking.. I am not that prince.." Xuan Li Wei spoke each word slowly and clearly.

Min Zin: "..." When did our general become so shameless..

" Really.." he nodded and Xia Lian's eyes brightened. She hesitated for a while before moving towards him.. " If that prince comes tell me, I will hide.."

Jun Moyin: " pfft.."

Xuan Li Wei nodded with a poker face. He thought that she would say something else, but he stood rooted in the spot when he saw her ridiculous actions..

* sniff**sniff*** Xia Lian suddenly moved towards him and started to sniff around his chest.. She frowned as she spoke " Eh?! But, why.. why do you both smell the same.."

" How do you know what he smells like?" Xuan Li Wei was curious now.

" Because he shamelessly picks me up.. My nose is in perfect condition, so naturally I can smell his scent every time he carries me.. " Xia Lian thought for a while and added while looking at him with big eyes " You both smell like morning rain.."

Xuan Li Wei observed the girl chatter as he stood silently.. His mind was still on her words.. He smelled like Morning rain? Wait! Did she like it or not..

As if answering his question, Xia Lian moved closer to him and sniffed again..

" I really love this scent.. It calms my mind.." Xia Lian spoke sleepily..

Then she hugged his waist and buried her face in his chest inhaling his scent deeply.. Then just like that she fell asleep..


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