My Beautiful Commander
86 Causing troubles 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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86 Causing troubles 1

Xuan Li Wei looked at the girl who fell asleep just like that.. He coiled his arm around her waist to prevent her from slipping..

He looked at her sleeping face and he could not help but smile..

Jun Moyin felt that there are no movements in the room.. So, he slowly opened the door to check the situation.. But as soon as he entered the room he saw this scene and stared at them foolishly..

He never saw his brother smile so happily and why is he finding this scene like a husband hugging his wife lovingly..

" Big bro.." Jun Moyin started to speak excitedly and then he saw his brother's deadly glare at him.. 'Oh shit! I am done for..' Jun Moyin cursed under his breath.

" Do you know your mistake?" Xuan Li Wei's voice was terrifyingly calm.

" Yes, and I won't take her to these places again.." Jun Moyin lowered his head.

Xuan Li Wei stared at Jun Moyin silently for a long time making him uneasy. Just when he was starting to speak, Xuan Li Wei's calm voice sounded " Both of you can go wherever you want.. It's not easy to find good friends and you should not let go when you find one.. I can see such friendship between you both.."

Jun Moyin didn't expect his brother to speak such words to him.. So, he was momentarily dazed out. Then, on hearing his next words Jun Moyin smiled brilliantly " Next time you plan on going to these places, remember to bring me along.. I can keep worrying about both of you.."

" hehe.. Bro, Suddenly I want to hug you.." Jun Moyin rubbed his nose.

" Don't even think about it.."

Jun Moyin: "..." Brother's affection is also a form of love.. You are so mean bro..

Xuan Li Wei did not mind his heartbroken brother..

" Bro, should we return to the camp now?" Jun Moyin looked at his sleeping sis-in-law.

" No, I don't want anyone to see her in this state.." Xuan Li Wei frowned..

Whoa! His big bro is possessive..

" Let's just stay here.. We will rest in the adjacent rooms.."

" Big bro, you can stay with sis-in-law in this room.." Jun Moyin started to chirp..

" I am not so eager.. I can wait till she grows up.."

" Big Bro, then are you confessing now.." Jun Moyin folded his hands across his chest and smirked at his bro playfully..

" Hmm.. Only she can be your sister-in-law.."

Jun Moyin gasped loudly as he really didn't expect his wooden block brother to sort out his feelings so quickly.. Anyway, he was happy for his bro.. Then again he sighed as his brother still had a long way to go if he wanted to court his sister-in-law..

" Don't worry brother, I will help you.." Jun Moyin assured his brother while patting his chest confidently.

Xuan Li Wei raised his brows as he silently thought that this brat has his own use.. So, he decided to let him off the hook..

Xuan Li Wei carried Xia Lian and headed towards the couch. Xia Lian felt some movement and she clutched Xuan Li Wei's robes sub-consciously..

Xuan Li Wei did not notice her actions and placed her on the couch while Jun Moyin covered her with a blanket. Xuan Li Wei felt a slight tug at his chest and lowered his head to find that his little girl is still clutching his robes.. He gently pried open her fingers and placed her hand down..

" Who are you?" Xuan Li Wei frowned on hearing her voice. Did he wake her up?

Jun Moyin and Xuan Li Wei stared at her blankly while the little girl sat on her bed with a menacing look on her face..


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