My Beautiful Commander
87 Causing troubles 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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87 Causing troubles 2

" Little Li.." Xuan Li Wei spoke gently as if he is speaking to a kid..

Xia Lian was still intoxicated by the wine.. So, her mind is still fuzzy. She looked at the two pretty men before her and frowned..

She didn't want them.. So, she crinkled her small nose in disgust on seeing them. Jun Moyin chuckled on seeing Xia Lian acting like this. Where had the fierce girl gone.. The one before them is just an innocent girl now..

Xia Lian slept inhaling her special scent.. But, suddenly it disappeared. She woke up searching for her warm scented pillow..

Xia Lian looked at the pink square shaped pillow on her bed.. She bent and sniffed it..

* cough**cough** " Disgusting.." Xia Lian rubbed her nose.. She absolutely hated the smell.. She then started looking around the room..

Xuan Li Wei saw the girl bending down and thought that she is going to sleep. Then again she started to search for something in the room. He tilted his head and looked at the girl with a puzzled expression on his face..

But, Jun Moyin understood the situation. He stood on the side with a small smile on his face. He wanted to see the look on his brother's face, when his sister-in-law does something outrageous again..

Xia Lian leaped out of the bed and started to look around the room. But, when she passed by Xuan Li Wei she stopped in her tracks and looked at him..

She moved a bit closer.. Yes, her pillow is near by..

*sniff**sniff*** Xia Lian now stood before Xuan Li Wei and stared at him with clear black eyes.. Then, she suddenly hugged his waist while looking at him accusingly " This is my pillow.. Don't take it away from me..."

" What pillow are you talking about?" Xuan Li Wei started getting a headache.. Now, he really didn't know that girls can be such a handful when they are drunk.. He is not sure of how to deal with her.

" This is my pillow.." Xia Lian patted his stomach and hugged him tightly while emphasising the words again " MY PILLOW!"

Then she pointed her small index finger at him " Don't even think of taking it away from me.."

Xuan Li Wei was stunned beyond words and looked at the girl helplessly.. Jun Moyin was watching the whole play with a sly smile on his face.. He is really liking the expressions on his brother's face... He wanted to tease him more.

So, Jun Moyin spoke in a smug tone " hehe.. Big bro, it's time you become a pillow for my sis-in-law.."

" NO!" Xuan Li Wei was horrified and he immediately refused.. God knows his self-restraint around this girl..

" hohohoho.. Bro, I didn't think you are such a bad wolf.."

" I am a big bad wolf.." Jun Moyin coughed after listening his brother's words. His brother is really becoming more shameless..

" I want to sleep.." Xia Lian's drowsy voice made the brothers to look at her.

Xia Lain then dragged Xuan Li Wei's robes and made his sit on the bed all the while mumbling

' Don't even think of stealing my pillow..'

She shot a threatening look at him before resting her head on his lap.. She then buried her nose in his stomach while embracing his waist..

Xuan Li Wei sat on the bed like a frozen statue not daring to move even a little.. He looked at the girl who is in her dream land..

" How can she fall asleep so soon.." Xuan Li Wei spoke slowly while playing with her long hair which is spread on his long legs. He was not able to see her face as she buried herself in his stomach...

" It's because of your calming scent.." Jun Moyin spoke with a teasing voice and Xuan Li Wei smiled..

Jun Moyin : "..." This is no fun, his brother is not even getting embarrassed..

Xia Lian slept in foetal position with her head on his lap..

" Did she always sleep alone in fear?" Xuan Li Wei frowned on seeing her position. Jun Moyin looked at her thoughtfully..

The whole night, Jun Moyin and Xuan Li Wei talked about various things while Xia Lian slept peacefully..


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