My Beautiful Commander
90 Do you want to be free?
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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90 Do you want to be free?

The three of them finished breakfast while teasing each other. Xia Lian was now dressed in a royal blue male robes. She altered her pretty face into a handsome one.

" Call the girl who played guqin for us." Xia Lian looked at the maid who is standing beside her. The maid blushed while nodding and hurriedly exited the room.

Xia Lian: " It seems that I charmed all the young ladies here. They just need to say the three little words. *sigh*"

Xuan Li Wei's lips twitched on hearing her narcissistic words..

" Greetings, My lord." the petite girl who played the Guqin bowed at the entrance of the room.

Xia Lian dismissed all the servants in the room, before inviting the girl in.

" My lady." the girl bowed slightly towards Xia Lian.

" Sit here" Xia Lian pointed to the space beside her. But, the girl shook her head " How can a lowly servant like me sit beside the young lady? I do not dare."

" Then I order you to sit beside me." Xia Lian spoke sternly. She did not want to scare the girl, but she had no other choice as the girl is too scared to even look into her eyes directly.

' Damn this monarchy!' Xia Lian cursed under her breath. She hated this concept of servant and master. As she is a woman from the modern era, equality and women rights were deeply integrated into her mindset. Even though it's a different era, she still had problems adjusting her attitude towards this issue.

"A courtesan like me is not fit to stand here, let alone sit.." Xia Lian did not miss the light tremor in her voice.

" What is your name?" Xia Lian suddenly asked while looking at the girl.

" I am named Xin Li, my lady."

" Xin Li, in my eyes you are not any lesser than myself." Xia Lian spoke firmly "You have overcome a lot of desperate times and still managed to keep your will to live on. I truly admire your strength."

" I think that the people who forced you into this situation are truly despicable. You deserve so much more respect compared to them."

Xin Li's fingers trembled on hearing such words. Xia Lian's each word struck like a hammer on her heart. She never expected that someone would say these words to her, and on the top of it it's a woman.

" I am asking you again. Do you want to free yourself from here? I would let you go if you want to be on your own. If you have no place to go, then you can work for me and I will always treat you with respect." Xia Lain spoke seriously.

Xia Lian's words not only surprised the girl, even the two siblings opposite her remained quiet as they tried to decipher this situation.

" Why are you helping me?" Xin Li asked the question which is troubling her the most.

" A Phoenix is born to soar high in the sky, it's not to be caged." Xia Lian looked into the eyes of Xin Li " You are the same.There is so much potential hidden in you."

" Your dress is made from the most simple fabric, but it looks exquisite due to the embroidery. I believe that you refused to wear the skimpy outfits and I am sure that you embroidered the dress yourself."

" How can you be so sure?" Xin Li countered.

" Oh dear, don't tell me that they give such beautiful clothes to the women working here." Xia Lian was really amused after hearing her stupid question.

Xin Li blushed in embarrassment while Xia Lian continued " Also, the calluses on your fingers tell me that you are a warrior."

" The scar on your neck which you failed to cover with your makeup tell me that you fought against death and you have a strong will."

" Your words tell me one thing but your body tells me the truth."

Xin Li was not able to respond for quite some time. She opened her lips but she did not find her voice..

" So, do you want to be free or you want to reach for something more together with me?" Xia Lian's lips had a light smirk.


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