My Beautiful Commander
91 Nirvana, the Divine whip
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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91 Nirvana, the Divine whip

Xin Li clenched her fists and pursed her lips tightly. She looked as if she was struggling with her inner demon. Her expression changed multiple times. How could a little girl that never experienced joy in her life simple trust the words of a master. All her life she was only disappointed by them. After a long silence, her delicate voice echoed throughout the room.

" My lady, will you really free me ?" the hope in her voice did not escape Xia Lian's keen observation.

" I never make empty promises."

Those five magical words made Xin Li's heart palpitate. She took a deep breath to compose herself as she looked at the cross-dressed girl before her. The girl is obviously younger than her but the maturity in those obsidian black eyes far exceeded her age. Her eloquent speech and graceful demeanor.. everything about the girl before her is attractive and one could not help but be drawn to her. She was her goddess.

After debating for a while in her heart, Xin Li sat on her knees and crossed her arm across her chest. She then looked straight into Xia Lian's eyes while speaking " Master, I , Xin Li will pledge my life and loyalty to you henceforth."

" No need to pledge your life." Xia Lian smiled "As long as you stay by my side I will never let you die."

" Also, don't address yourself as servant. I prefer if you call yourself as my sub-ordinate. What do you think?"

" This sub-ordinate understands." Xin Li smiled from her heart.

"Xin Li, as a symbol for your new life, I will personally grant you a new name." Xai Lian said while smiling sweetly at her very first follower.

Xin Li didn't react at first, she stood still, as if frozen in place and time.

A crystalline tear was slowly forming in her eye and she tried to suppress it. Xia Lian slightly chuckled at the little girl who is trying to uphold her dignity.

"From today, your name shall be Fai Ling and I am sure that you will carry it with pride in the future" Xia Lian said, but her tone of voice was changing from playful to one that is filled with dignity.

' Fai Ling' the petite girl chanted her new name in her heart and it caused a small wave in her stoic eyes . She looked at her master, who freed her from her shackles and granted her a chance of rebirth.

The look in her eyes changed from respect to determination. At that moment she resolutely decided that in life or death, heaven or hell,no matter what she will always follow in her footsteps..

" Moyin, I want you get some clothes and weapons for Fai Ling. Also, buy a suitable horse for her. Don't cheap out on her, she will represent me in the future. I will be taking her with me." Xia Lian handed over her money pouch to him.

" Sis Xia, keep the money with you. You will be needing it for your journey." Jun Moyin refused the money and stood up.

Xia Lian sighed as she knew that she cannot convince him. So, she looked at Fai Ling " Go with him and buy whatever you want. Don't hesitate as the young master is quite rich."

Jun Moyin did not know if he should cry or laugh on hearing her words.

After Jun Moyin left with Fai Ling, Xia Lian met with the owner of the bamboo house. She then bought the slave contract of Fai Ling for 100 silver coins. The lady in charge was surprised when Xia Lian refused to write a new contract with her name as master. Seeing that the young man before her is adamantly refusing, the lady shrugged her shoulders.

Xia Lian then returned to the room where Xuan Li Wei was waiting for her.

" I will be leaving today." Xia Lian looked into his hazel brown eyes while speaking.

" I know.." Xuan Li Wei handed her a wooden-box.

Xia Lian eyed the box curiously and after opening it she found a whip inside.

Xia Lian was stunned by this strange sight. It was a deep black colored whip with spikes all along its body. What attracted her the most was the handle of the whip. It was made of a material which she never saw or heard of. The apex of the handle is carved into the shape of a dragon making it look majestic.

" What is the story behind this whip?" Xia Lian was sure that it is not an ordinary whip.

" It is called Nirvana. It can only be used by the chosen one. Till today no one was able to claim it. I wanted to see if you can gain its approval." Xuan Li Wei spoke seriously.

" The chosen one?" Xia Lian was confused " The weapons can choose their wielders?"

What kind of mystical thing is this? She never heard of such things.

" Not all weapons can choose their owners. Only divine weapons can choose their owners."

' Divine weapons?' Xia Lian was flabbergasted " Are you kidding me? How can I wield a divine weapon?"

Is this prince's brain in the right condition? Of all the people, why did he choose to give it to her..

" Touch it.." Xuan Li Wei did not bother to explain much.


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