My Beautiful Commander
95 Trust and loyalty
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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95 Trust and loyalty

Xia Lian was really fascinated by these colourful little birds. The emerald green eyes attracted her a lot. Well she was not to blame for her infatuation as those damn birds contained both of her favorite colours, blue and green.

Xuan Li Wei smiled after seeing her excited expression " They are called golden hawks."

" What a stupid name. How can they dismiss the signature blue?!" Xia Lian snorted. Are these fellows blind? Clearly these birds have a royal blue coloured body. Instead of honoring this majestic view they focused on the tiniest part of their appearance.

' So, my wife likes this shade of blue..' Xuan Li Wei mentally made a note.

" Give me your hand" Xuan Li Wei pricked her index finger and squeezed it a bit. Afterwards he placed her finger on the forehead of the first bird swiftly followed by the second bird. Xia Lian stared amazed at the birds with wide eyes as she observed the process of a tiny drop of blood being absorbed by the both of them.

Xuan Li Wei then pricked his own finger and repeated the process. Xia Lian more or less understood the situation after witnessing this scene.

" So you will use these birds to communicate with me? And based on the fact that we used our blood these birds belong to us." Xia Lian guessed.

" You are right to an extent. These birds can recognise you no matter where you are. The lightening speed and the ability to carry heavy weights are it's specialties. They are drawn towards person's soul once their blood is absorbed between their forehead." Xuan Li Wei explained to her patiently.

"Hehe, these little fellows actually belong to the three of us" Jun Moyin's lively voice made them turn around. After gaining Xuan Li Wei approval Jun Moyin also added his blood on the bird's forehead. "Now these birds can exchange messages among our little group. If I am too far away they will automatically reach out for Moyin."

Xia Lian thought for a while and voiced out a proposal " Fan Ling, I would like you to place your blood on them as well". She turned with a serious expression towards Xuan Li Wei " If I am too far away they will reach out for Fan Ling. I trust her and you should do the same."

Xuan Li Wei nodded in agreement. Fan Ling was deeply touched by this gesture of her master. She was truly happy that her master trusted her and she would repay this grace by committing herself wholeheartedly.

She followed suit and after the process was finished Xuan Li Wei handed a bird to Xia Lian. The little animal very naturally found his place on Xia Lian's right shoulder.

With the dragon head on her left shoulder and the bird on her right shoulder Xia Lian looked quite exotic. Jun Moyin noticed the dragon head and a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes before he quickly concealed it.

He returned to his jovial personality as he chirped " Sis Xia, why don't you take me with you?"

" No thanks, I don't want extra baggage."

Jun Moyin: "..."

Xia Lian suddenly noticed something strange about Fan Ling.

" Why are you covering yourself with a hooded cloak?" Xia Lian was confused as it isn't even cold outside.

Fan Ling slowly removed the cloak and Xia Lian stared at her with disbelief.

"Why did you cut your hair short?" Xia Lian's voice trembled.

Her new hairstyle could be considered fashionable in the modern era but totally out of place in the current era where long hair was considered a symbol of luxury and beauty.

"Master, Fan Ling's only wishes is to protect you and I have no worldly desires anymore." Fan Ling did a 90 degree bow and spoke in a respectful tone.

Xia Lian understood her reasoning. In this era both men and women treasured their hair. For women, long hair signified beauty and respect. Fan Ling was truly serious about her words and she did this to prove her loyalty.

" Fan Ling, I would have believed you even if you didn't cut your hair." Xia Lian spoke in a firm tone "I vow that I will not only protect you but also treasure you, my dear."

One could imagine the impact those words had on Fan Ling as a small teardrop hit the cold floor, but the scene was not as beautiful as it should be ah.

The temperature in the room suddenly dropped by a few degree and Xuan Li Wei expression while witnessing the two female practically flirting with each right in front of him was truly hard to describe.

Jun Moyin truly wished he could find a hole to bury himself. His sis-in-law is really a queen of natural flirting and even he was embarrassed after listening to her words.


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