My Beautiful Commander
96 Farewell 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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96 Farewell 1

" No.. I absolutely refuse to take him with us!" Xia Lian squinted her eyes dangerously at the flirty prince. The shadow guard in the question stood silently at the side feeling a bit wronged.

"I don't want to attract any further attention by bringing an unnecessary large group of people with me. Most importantly, how can I be sure that you did not send him to secretly spy on me!? I already know how cunning you can be ah." Xia Lian did not back down.

" Don't worry, you will be his only master from this day. Please take Bao Su with you. At least I can feel a little at ease knowing that he will protect you while you are wandering around aimlessly." Xuan Li Wei tried his best to convince her but this little girl was way too sensitive. He was only concerned about her safety.. no need to make such a fuss ah.

Xia Lian looked at his concerned face and compromised at last. After looking into his hazel brown eyes for just a few seconds she was simply not able to deny his wish anymore. Seems like Ming finally found a worthy rival. How annoying!

Anyways, it was not all that bad to have a capable martial artist by her side. She would slowly train him and turn him into a little obedient sheep.

If Xuan Li Wei knew that he just planted a hidden danger besides the little devil side he would sure die of anger!

" Alright I will reluctantly allow Bao Su to follow this ladyship. But if I ever find out that he was sent by you to tail me don't you dream of ever gaining my trust again!" Xia Lian was trying really hard to suppress her laughter after giving such a righteous speech!

" Damn girl! I am only doing this for your own good and now you turn it into me being a stalker that would not be able to live without knowing about your whereabouts for a day! As if I had nothing better to do!" Xuan Li Wei lashed out at her.

"Pfft.." Xia Lian laughed after witnessing his exaggerated reaction. "I take your words to be true then."

The handsome prince truly did not know what to say anymore. He resigned to his fate for now and turned towards the window to take a look at the blue sky.

"Master, this servant Bao Su is at your command." the man in black robes wearing a black mask bent on his knees.

"I do not own any servants. People that wish to follow me must address themselves as subordinates. The next time I hear the word servant from your mouth,you can find a new master. " Xia Lian's lips twitched "You better change your robes and get rid of that boorish mask of yours or I can just announce to the world that I acquired a shadow guard recently."

" Yes, master." Bao Su replied obediently and left the room. Two minutes later the door was opened again and a handsome young man stood before her.

" I finished all preparations, master." Xia Lian tilted her head after hearing the robotic voice. She carefully observed the man who was dressed in dark green robes with no apparent expression on his face.

" Such an aesthetic face was wasted just like that ah. A certain general definitely does not know how to use his resources correctly." Xia Lian mumbled under her breath . Jun Moyin smiled and was certainly entertained after hearing her little complaint.

He then scanned his wolfish brother who had a faint smile on his face handsome face. Jun Moyin's smile instantly froze after he realized the motives behind his brother's sneaky actions.

" Bro, you sent Bao Su to her side to keep the flies away. Right?" Jun Moyin whispered in his brother's ear with a hint of provocation.

" Yes, your sis-in-law has the ability to attract both men and women all the same. I can ignore the women reluctantly but I won't let any man get near to her in these three years or I might spell disaster for myself!" Xuan Li Wei did not worry about Bao Su. He was sure that his stone hearted guard will never allow any man near this girl. He can worry less now.

Jun Moyin looked at Xia Lian who was busy with adjusting her bag on the horse. After pondering about the problem for a while he slowly shook his head " Big bro, It's very difficult to woo sister-in-law. I guess she would simply butcher any man who tries to get close to her with any impure intentions."

" I know.." Xuan Li Wei spoke slowly "But better safe than sorry. My lifetimes happiness is in danger right there!"

Jun Moyin: "..." His big bro was truly very possessive ah.

Xia Lian and Fan Ling mounted their respective horses after securing all of the luggage. The little girl turned around for the last time to face her two handsome comrades.

" Please take care of Hua family in my absence" Xia Lian's only concern was about her maternal family.

" Sis Xia, I will take care of them. Don't you worry about your family. Please take care of yourself and return safe and sound. I would not know what kind of disaster you would cause if you did not!!" Jun Moyin spoke seriously.

Xia Lian smiled and then looked at Xuan Li Wei with a sincere expression " I will be back after three years.."

" I will be waiting for you." was his simple response.

His stoic expression did not reveal his inner struggle. If he could he would certainly accompany her and protect her from any dangers. Only he knew how difficult it is for him to send her away from his side.

Xia Lian gifted the both of them a last mesmerizing smile before turning around to start her new journey. She gently patted her horse and whispered" Hurricane, let's go.."

After receiving her signal Hurricane galloped forward wildly. Fan Ling and Bao Su maintained a suitable distance between them before starting to follow her towards their unknown destination.

Xia Lian did not look back again because the only emotion left was determination.

Xuan Li Wei and Jun Moyin stayed for a long time even after Xia Lian disappeared from their sight. They knew the farewell was inescapable but it was still hard to accept nonetheless.

Jun Moyin was just about to ask his brother if they should return before he heard him saying, with a voice filled with a hint of sadness that could not be hidden no matter how much he tried..

" Moyin, I am already missing the little girl.."


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