My Beautiful Commander
97 Farewell 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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97 Farewell 2

Consoling was a strength of Jun Moyin due to his overly happy and cheerful attitude. This strange sad atmosphere really left him not knowing what to do. Being a good listener was the only option right know to at least be of little help to his brother.

After what felt like an eternity Xuan Li Wei sighed " Let's go back. I need to meet my old man.."

" What good will that old fool of an emperor do in this kind of situation?" Jun Moyin's lips twitched.

" It's not easy to convince that little girl's grandfather. Only our father stands a chance of summoning that fiery old man back.."

Jun Moyin went silent after hearing his brother's reasoning. He accepted his sister-in-law's request on a whim but only now did he understand the gravity of the situation.

He cast another glance at the side profile of his brother that was wholeheartedly supporting him for the first time in his life and cried out emotionally " *sniff* Big brother.."

" Cut that whining.." Xuan Li Wei glared at this emotional brat " I am doing this for my wife.."

He was in turn greeted by a couple of wet puppy eyes" Bro, you are such a bully.."

The handsome general only smirked at his whining brother.

" Bro, you teased me?!" Jun Moyin exclaimed happily forgetting the earlier humiliation " It seems that you are becoming more human after spending time with sis-in-law. Maybe mother can finally rest at ease ah"

Xuan Li Wei's lips twitched but he restrained himself from commenting such nonsense before they made their way towards their horses..


" Master, where are we going?" Fan Ling inquired excitedly.

" To get my little bunny." Xia Lian smiled happily. After seeing the confused expression on Fan Ling's face, Xia Lian cleared her throat " It's my little brother, Ming."

Fan Ling nodded " Master, will we be taking the young master with us?"

' Young master.. Hmm. That is truly very pleasing to the ears!' Xia Lian grinned " I will never leave my little brother behind. It is an excellent opportunity to show him just how far and wide the world truly is."

'Master really likes her brother' Fan Ling thought to herself.

After traveling for a day the familiar greenery of the village greeted Xia Lian's sparkling eyes.

" Master, I'm back.." Xia Lian shouted while jumping off the horse " Ming, come and give a kiss to your sis.."

The door of her master's house opened with a bang and Xia Lian saw a figure rushing towards her with a lightning speed.

The little girl stood still with a smile plastered her face allowing herself to be knocked down under the little bunny's tiny strength..

" Sis, you're finally back.." the little bunny smiled making Xia Lian's heart skip a beat.

" Ming, how about we go on a trip?" Xia Ming's eyes shone like stars after hearing her words. He nodded his head furiously in an excited manner.

" Ming, this is sister Fan Ling. But, you should call her big brother outside." Xia Lian pointed towards her new subordinate who was obviously melting after seeing 'her' little bunny.

" And from now on you have to call me big bro as well, but only when we are outside! As long as we are cuddling alone I still expect you to sweetly call me big sis! Do you understand?"

" Yes, big bro." Xia Ming nodded at his foolish sister and then looked at Fan Ling thinking deeply "I would rather call you small bro though.."

"Pfft.." Fan Ling could no longer remain quiet as she let out a chuckle. This young master was simply too cute..

Even Bao Su could not help but smile after listening to his words.

Xia Ming took a peek at Bao Su and seemed rather confused " Big bro, what should I address him?"

Xia Lian pondered for a while as a sly smile spread across her face " You can address him as uncle.."


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