My Beautiful Commander
98 Farewell 3
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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98 Farewell 3

' Uncle?' Bao Su facepalmed. He was only 17 years old ah! Nevertheless he maintained his stoic expression on his highly attractive face. He could not allow such a simple and blatant provocation to ruin his discipline in front of a little child. That would truly be a big shame for a hidden guard, trained by his Highness the Fourth Prince.

The little girl was slightly surprised about her personal guards being so unperturbed by her teasing. Her lips slightly twitched. 'Boring' she screamed in her heart. Afterwards she stood up from the cold and moist ground to gracefully turn towards her master, who waited by the side all the time to enjoy their small play.

" Master, we need to talk." Xia Lian's expression turned serious.

Wu Gong and Xia Lian entered the hut while the latter started to speak after closing the door " Master, I will be leaving for a long time. I want to train myself. And only by surviving and improving myself in real fights and by facing true danger can I gain the strength needed in the future battles."

" When will you be back?" Wu Gong would naturally support her decisions and did not intentionally hinder her growth.

"It will be at least three years, depending on the situation. But the plan is to return after three years to take my rightful place in the capital." Xia Lian answered straightforwardly. She was truly relieved because her master did not oppose her decision in the slightest but was rather understanding and supportive.

'One can become truly strong only if he can face all the problems by themselves. That is the sad nature of this world. The strong will devour the weak in the end.' Wu Gong knew this all too well himself. His disciples nature and principles would help her to achieve truly great things in the future. He wanted the petite girl to grow up quicker. Mainly because he already knew that her mindset was a lot more mature than any typical 12 years old teenager.

Even though he was concerned a lot about her wellbeing while she was gone he only showed kindness and a supportive expression on the outside "I will patiently await your return then. But you should be careful and also make sure to protect your brother. He is still a small child and depends solely on you after he lost his mother. Always keep that in mind before taking risky decisions."

" This experience will help the both of you to grow up." Henceforth his supportive speech reached an end and he slowly stood up to reach for an old cabinet and calmly remove a petite jewel box. After opening the lit a mesmerizing translucent jade pendant came to view.

" What is this master?" Xia Lian asked while examining the pendant excitedly.

" Just remember to wear it all times. It may be of help in some situations."

" Yes, master.." Xia Lian replied while adjusting the pendant on her neck carefully.

" When are you leaving?" Wu Gong asked the question which has been weighing on his mind every since he got to know about her plans.

" I was planning to leave immediately after visiting you for a last time and explaining my plans."

"Well, remember to be alert during any situation even if it appears to minor and safe. Furthermore it is safer if you travel while disguising yourself as a man. Even if you are strong, your outwards appearance is still a delicate little girl. You would only invite trouble for yourself if you show yourself with this appearance."

Xia Lian had a faint smile on her face as after she listened to her master's nagging patiently. 'It truly feels good to have someone who cares for you wholeheartedly.' she sighed in her heart.

The little girl managed to get out of the room only after repeatedly assuring her master that she would be alert and careful. In the end she could not erase all the worries of her master but his face still visibly relaxed.

A second went by since she walked out the door and Xia Lian's eyes immediately widened because she witnessed a truly wondrous scene. Her little bunny was petting her lovely horse.. Just what in the world happened while she was not there?

Xia Lian knew of hurricane's temper more than anyone. How in the world did this self-arrogant and prideful horse turn into a puppy wagging it's tail before her little bunny?

" What happened?" Xia Lian was not able to believe her eyes.

" Big bro, is this your horse? I fed him pancakes and I think it likes them very much." Xia Ming continued to chirp.

' Pancakes?! Sigh, my lovely horse turned into an idiotic horse because of pancakes..' Xia Lian felt that her horse is too cute and muddleheaded.

" Hmm.. this is our horse from now on. Let's ride together Ming!" Xia Lian picked up her brother and made him sit properly on the saddle.

Xia Lian leaped on to the horse after it adjusted itself to match her height. After securing the little bunny tightly she turned to look at her master..

" Master, we will be leaving with your blessings. I will always remember the favor you bestowed on me. No matter where I go in the future, Xia Lian will always be the only disciple of Wu Gong, the famed doctor and herbalist."

" Little girl, I want to see a strong-willed, confident and a fierce girl after three years! You better not disappoint me or I will lecture you!" Wu Gong spoke with a small smile on her face.

Xia Lian smiled brilliantly and galloped forward after bidding a final goodbye to her master..

Wu Gong stood at the same spot for a long time even after the figures disappeared from the spot.. No one could understand how he felt in this moment..


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