My Beautiful Commander
99 The Time scroll 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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99 The Time scroll 1

" Father-in-law.." Wu Gong snapped out of his daze after hearing his daughter-in-law's voice.

Wu Gong nodded at her and entered the hut. Aunt Qian was worried after seeing her father-in-law's troubled expression so she followed him into the house obediently.

" Sit here.." Wu Gong pointed towards a chair. Aunt Qian spoke as she adjusted herself in the rocky chair " Is anything the matter?"

" Nothing is wrong." Aunt Qian remained silent after hearing Wu Gong's calm answer.

" That child, she is the wielder of Nirvana.Only trouble will find it's way towards her in the future."

Aunt Qian's eyes widened at this sudden revelation. She was not able to speak for a while due to the sudden excitement "After all this time of waiting she is the one, truly a coincidence.. or maybe it was fate that sent her to our doorsteps. Then why did you send her away like that? Isn't it dangerous? What if those men recognise her?" Aunt Qian started to speak all her worries in a single breath.

" Calm down.." Wu Gong sighed " With the moon jade pendant I gifted her no one can sense the divine whip's aura spreading out from it."

" I put a special charm on it. In the end no matter what tricks they use no one will be able to recognise her for the time being."

Aunt Qian's thumping heart calmed down after hearing his words. She carefully observed her father-in-law who was the greatest time manipulator in all of history.

" Father,are you sure that she is the same person?". Aunt Qian had a close relationship with Wu Gong, so she subconsciously called him father many times.

" Yes, she is the one." Wu Gong confirmed her suspicions.

Tears started to well up in her eyes after she heard his reassuring words.

" Father, she has finally returned. We have not waited for 10,000 years in vain." Aunt Qian smiled due to the response she longed for what seemed to be an eternity.

The old man suddenly began to chant in a mysterious language. If Xia Lian were to listen to him right now she would realise that he was chanting in the same language she subconsciously used for controlling her weapon.

Slowly a white light enveloped both of their bodies. The atmosphere in the room changed abruptly and only after the light slowly disappeared did the tranquil mood slowly return to the old house. But the appearance of the two people inhabiting it was never the same as before again.

Wu Gong's appearance changed from a 50 year old man to that of a 20 year old youngster. The long silver hair and ruby red eyes of his made him look truly outstanding and he could rival even Xuan Li Wei .

" Father-in-law, you are handsome as ever.." a woman with a delicate face sighed. She had long brown hair and black eyes. Outwards she seemed to be as normal as one could imagine but the shining patterns on her soft hands totally said otherwise.

" Qian, it seems that you've become quite powerful in all these years.." Wu Gong was pleasantly surprised after witnessing the prowess of her power.

" 10,000 years of rest.. Of course, I have recovered by a lot." Qian spoke with a trace of sadness and a melancholy that could not be hidden in her voice.

" Father-in-law, are you really sure that she will be alright?" aunt Qian could not help but worry.

" Are you doubting this old man and his eyes even after all this time?" Wu Gong pointed his ruby red eyes.

" Father-in-law, don't shamelessly describe yourself as an old man when you are in this appearance.." aunt Qian complained.

" Don't forget that we are thousands of years old.." Wu Gong's voice slowly turned serious " I sincerely hope that the little girl will pass through all the trails safe and sound. "

" We can't protect her every time. She needs to overcome all the hurdles by herself. No matter what she needs to become strong enough. At least in the near future she will not need our help. It is better this way, she can grow up without too many worries for the time being." Wu Gong spoke mysteriously.

" Come, I will show you the truth.." Wu Gong replied after seeing his daughter-in-law's doubtful expression.


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