My Beautiful Commander
100 The time scroll 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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100 The time scroll 2

Aunt Qian expression turned serious and she watched her father-in-law chant a mysterious. A golden scroll appeared in his hands as soon as he finished chanting.

" T-the time scroll?" Aunt Qian stuttered.

" Hmm.. Anyways you do not believe my words. There is no other choice but to prove it to you" Wu Gong rolled his eyes at his daughter-in-law who was looking at him guiltily.

Wu Gong opened the mystical scroll and took out a tiny transparent jade bottle. He tilted it slightly after opening and a drop of blood fell on the shiny golden scroll.

" When did you collect her blood?" Aunt Qian was puzzled.

" On the day I treated her.." Wu Gong's gaze was on the scroll which was now greedily absorbing the drop of blood.

" So, you knew about her back then and you kept me in the dark all this time?" Aunt Qian felt her lips twitching and her facial expression turned dark but before she could voice out her complaints she was interrupted.

" At that time I was not sure but her blood will be useful later." Wu Gong did not bother to explain anything even after looking at her puzzled face.

" Have a look.." Wu Gong moved to provide space for her after confirming that the scroll started to have a reaction.

Aunt Qian watched with wide eyes as the images started to play one by one like a slow movie. She looked at the scroll which was showing Xia Lian's future. The images stopped suddenly after a while. This prompt stop was not supposed to happen for a normal person.

" What happened with the time scroll? Why would it freeze before showing her complete future??" Aunt Qian was confused.

" Even time and fate can't decide her future from that point.." Wu Gong was emotional " For she will have awakened completely by then."

" All we can do is to support her.."

"This time we have to protect her well.. I refuse to repeat the mistakes of the past!" Aunt Qian mercilessly slandered her father-in-law.

" I know.. I am not foolish to make the same mistake twice.." Wu Gong chuckled.

"You don't have to worry about her safety for the time being." Wu Gong assured her " She will return safe and sound after three years.."

" I believe what the scroll showed me. That is the only reason why I am not worried at all for the time being." Wu Gong shook his head helplessly after seeing the little amount of trust she had in him.


The girl in question was now humming a song without a care in the world.

" Sis, what are you singing?" Xia Ming scrunched his brows while he tried to figure out what his sister was singing. No matter how hard he tried he was not able to understand even a single word. That slightly annoyed him.. the little one wanted to have part in the apparent joy of his sister.

" Gangnam style.." Xia Lian flicked his head " Now, I will sing another song.."

" You're the light, you're the night.." Xia Lian started to sing 'Love me like you do..' in response Xia Ming's face darkened with each minute.

He suddenly tilted his head and cupped his sister's cheeks. Since there was no helping it he changed his ways to get the reaction he wanted and looked at her with teary eyes " Sis, please sing something I can understand..". Even Hurricane let out a snort in agreement much to her amusement.

" Pfft.." Xia Lian laughed heartily after seeing her little bunny's face.

Ah! She really missed teasing this little one. Since it was such a fun thing to cross time she started to sing all these modern songs to observe his reactions. His reactions were too priceless.. truly a sight to behold. She felt that slightly guilty after seeing him teary eyes and came to the conclusion that she went too far this time so she decided to stop for a while.

" Next time I will sing a song which you can understand..I promise!" Xia Lian spoke with a straight face. Truth be told she didn't know any songs which he could understand for the time being. Seems like she had to research the music culture of her new world.

" Is our master alright?" Bao Su asked with an incredulous expression on his face. Though his master's voice is nice to listen, he was creeped out after listening to the strange languages.

" Our master is naturally talented.." Fan Ling's shaky voice betrayed her straight face. Even she was not able to understand what is happening. She then looked at the little one who is chirping happily. He only had her master in his eyes..

Her master is really lucky ah to have such a cute brother!

Fan Ling shook her head helplessly before speaking " Master, where are we going?"

" The dark city.." Xia Lian's words made both Fan Ling and Bao Su speechless.


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