My Beautiful Commander
101 The Dark City 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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101 The Dark City 1

" The dark city.." Xia Lian's words made both Fan Ling and Bao Su frown in displeasure. They naturally heard about this dark city which was well known for its auction house and the underground battle arena. It was said that all kinds of people from all corners of the world assemble here just to test their strength. What these two shadow guards did not understand is their master's sudden interest in such a place. This dark city is no place for women.

" Master, why that place of all places?" Bao Su was unsettled by her choice of place. Well, his master was known for breaking the general stereotypes. But, this dark city is much more than she can handle, that is what he thought.

" To earn money" Xia Lian very naturally answered his question. She heard that one can money in the battle arenas through bets. Other than that, she had a solid plan in her mind and she will take it step-by-step. And for her plans to bear fruition, this dark city is the foundation she required the most.

Xia Lian heard of this city from her master Wu Gong. He told her many things of this Dark city and due to her curiosity she made him spill out many secrets of this place. In that way, this place caught her interest.

This Dark city is a basically a home to mercenaries, assassins, thugs, secret dealers and what not..

Women are rarely seen in this city as there are very few to zero women mercenaries and assassins. Mostly, houses are seen about a few kilometers away from the center of the city. But, no one is to disrespect the women present here. The leader of the Dark city had strict rules and one of those rules is to respect women. If anyone tries to misbehave with women, they are immediately executed.

But, no one knows who the leader is. There are only rumors that this leader is extremely cruel and bloodthirsty. They say that he loves killing and anyone who looks at his face dies out of fear. They say that he is ugly. But, rumors are rumors.. Xia Lian never believed in rumors.Nah! She refused to believe those shitty rumors.

Ugly.. How can someone who respect and treasure women be ugly? In her view, it is the inner beauty which matters and not the outer shell.

'Disrespect a woman and you will be immediately executed..' Even many countries in the modern world lacked such strict rules regarding the safety of women. So. introducing such rule in this ancient era can be considered as something revolutionary.

This rule of immediate execution naturally scratched Xia Lian's itchy heart. Who in the world made such awesome rule? She wanted to meet this leader.. If possible she wanted to get an autograph..

She had an intuition that this person might become a great partner if roped in her plans. So, she wanted to try her best to meet this person hiding in the shadows.

Other than the leader, Xia Lian was interested in other things as well..

1) The Black Dragon auction house

The Black Dragon auction house is the biggest auction house in this Qilin continent. It houses many ancient and mystical weapons, herbalists can sell their medicines, very rare stones and precious metals are auctioned here. It was also named as the auction house for the rich and wealthy.

It is said that princes and many important people form various corners of the world visit this auction house. Such is it's popularity.

Xia Lian felt that a partnership with this auction house will be helpful in future. No matter what, having a person with many contacts and resources is always beneficial. So, Xia Lian decided to form a partnership with them.

2) The Golden Lion mercenaries

This group of hot blooded mercenaries also caught our bad wolf, Xia Lian's eyes. They accept various tasks and most importantly they go on treasure hunting. Ancient artifacts, precious herbs whatever or how difficult the task may be, they accept as long as they are paid well. They never betray their employer. Xia Lian naturally cannot bring herself to hate these well behaved mercenaries.

'First become one among them and then conquer their hearts' This was Xia Lian's strategy with regards to the Golden Lion mercenaries. Fair play or foul play, does not matter as long as she was able to get these mercenaries into her hands.

Xia Lian decided to conquer these mercenaries for herself. Having a group of well trained men is helpful to her as she want to build her own army.

3) The Slayer grounds

The Slayer grounds is the underground fighting place where one can challenge other and fight for money. The top fighter is known as Slayer.

It is said that people of all kinds can be found at this place. It is the only place which has the signboard ' Women are advised not to enter. Your safety is your responsibility here.'

This is the only place where fights take place at any time.

Xia Lian needed money and wants to improve her fighting skills. So, this is the best place for her.

Xia Lian had three goals in her mind as she stared at the gate of the Dark city. This is not just some random place, this is the land of her dreams. She was going to start form the scratch and this place was going to be her base.

" Master.." Fan Ling called out as she noticed Xia Lian staring at the gate. Xia Lian did not respond for a while and no one knew what was going on in that meticulous mind of hers.

" Fan Ling, from this day you call yourself Fan and I will call myself Li." Xia Lian turned to look at her loyal sub-ordinate. Fan Ling nodded at her master. Whatever her master says, she follows.

" Bao Su, from this day treat us both as men. You should forget that we are women." Bao Su nodded in understanding. After all, this Dark City is no place for a woman. Then again, he sighed as his master is no where close to be called as an ordinary woman. She was a unique woman after all, who managed to capture the heart of the wooden block prince.

" Ming.." before she could continue the little bunny raised his hands in surrender " Brother Li and brother Fan.. I know how I should call you both.." the little one was too intelligent for his own good. However, that was what made him look cute and enchanting in the first place.

Xia Lian and the others laughed heartily on hearing his words. They all loved this little bunny deeply. Both Fan Ling and Bao Su spoiled him to the maximum. Xia Lian naturally took good care of him and now he looked round like a fluffy ball with chubby cheeks, thanks to her excellent cooking skills. He fell in love with her cooking and now he is not eating anything unless it is cooked by her.

' This little bunny is truly clever.. May be I should start polishing him..' Xia Lian thought deeply while looking at her little bunny. He is clearly three years old, but it seems that the little one's IQ is quite high. Xia Lian was sure that her bunny is intelligent. She will start to teach him slowly. He's still young and she did not want to rush up anything.


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