My Beautiful Commander
102 The Dark City 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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102 The Dark City 2

Xia Lian and the group entered the city gates. The guards at duty stared at this group of lookers. Xia Lian and Fan Ling although they are females, they looked quite handsome in their respective male outfits as Xia Lian altered both of their facial features using her special cream.

Bao Su and her little bunny also had quite the killer looks.. So, many stared at this group for a while before resuming their works. The group slowly made their way forward ignoring the heated gazes directed at them.

But, many of them stared at Xia Lian's horse with envy. They can only look from a distance, but no one dared to steal the horse as they knew that this breed of horse recognizes only one master. Those who dared to covet it, never met with a peaceful death. So, all the envious men cursed a few words under their breath before reverting to their original business. Xia Lian raised her brows at her lovely horse. This horse of hers was too eye-catching and it is totally out shining her. Hurricane snorted in pride as if he read her thoughts.

The petite frame of Xia Lian made some people get sinister ideas of picking up a fight with her. But, those who had some sense reprimanded them saying that the one who was able to scarlet dragon horse is not a normal person and should not be underestimated. Though Xia Lian looked weak after hearing such words of warning, no one dared to under-estimate him because normal person can't subdue this mad horse. So, slowly the commotion calmed down.

If Xia Lian knew their thoughts, she would have rolled on the ground laughing loudly. What mad horse? Her Hurricane is a lovely horse which followed her willingly and the horse which melted under her little bunny arms. If they knew that the horse which they are fearing can be subdued with pancakes, she wondered if they would puke their guts out.

Xia Lian observed all the inns in the city while riding her horse. Now, thanks to the veiled man's and Li Wei's grace, she had enough money for now. So, she would obviously choose the best inn which had good security. She cannot neglect her people's safety in this city.

Finally, Xia Lian's gaze stopped at a large inn which read ' Kuaile inn..'.

" Happy inn.." Xia Lian raised her brows after translating it's meaning. She nudged her horse and started to move towards the restaurant.

Xia Lian dismounted from her horse and made her way towards the entrance, but she raised her brows when she was stopped by guards. She did not understand why they were stopped at the entrance. This was clearly rude and it reflected the narrow mindedness of those who are running this inn.

" You poor commoners are not allowed in here.." the first guard snorted with disdain. On seeing their plain clothes, the guard assumed that they are lacking in money. Though they are good to look at, what use is looks without having sufficient money?

" Just go and search for other restaurants which fit your status." another one waved his hand as if driving them away.

" Why? Is this inn only for royalty?" Xia Lian was totally unaffected by their words whereas Bao Su and Fan Ling were ready to tear their heads off.

" Why should we answer you?" the first guard sneered at Xia Lian.

Without giving time for Xia Lian to react, Fan Ling rushed forward and kicked them in the knees making them kneel before her master. How dare these scum insult her master?

" Now, will you call your owner or manger whoever it is or.." Fan Ling pointed her sword at their necks " Should I cut off your heads?"

" Master, shall I cut off these worthless heads?" Fan Ling tilted her look at her master who had a lazy smile on her face.

" Brother Fan, just let them go and call their owner" Xia Lian spoke slowly with a look of amusement on her face. 'This Fan Ling is quite fierce..' Xia Lian had a wild tiger at her side.

" Yes, Master" Fan Ling then turned to look at the two shivering men before her " Didn't you hear my master's words?"

The two men were stunned when the young man before them addressed the young kid as his master. Then again, this group looked weak except the muscular man so they thought that they can drive them away. But, they didn't expect that this skinny young man to have good skills.

But, he addressed the young kid who was barely 12 or 13 as his master. So, the young kid must be more powerful than him. So, they secretly gulped and hurried inside to call their owner.

Xia Lian and Fan Ling chatted in the mean time and Bao Su silently looked at his new master.

After sometime, the guards returned with a fat man of about 40 years old. His oily and greasy skin shone under the sunlight making Xia Lian cringe.

" Are you the owner of this inn?" Xia Lian asked the fat man who decorated himself with various ornaments.

" No, I am the manager." the fat man replied in an arrogant tone " The owner of this place is the first prince of Qilin empire."


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