My Beautiful Commander
103 The Fourth prince“s people
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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103 The Fourth prince“s people

" Oh! So, this inn is under the First prince?" Xia Lian asked for confirmation.

The fat man thought that these lowly peasants are now afraid after hearing the First prince's name. So, he raised his chin with a smug smile on his face.

Bao Su was unable to watch anymore. Before he could open his mouth, Xia Lian interrupted him " Give me the token."

Bao Su was dazed " Master, how did you know that I am having Fourth Prince's token?"

" I can easily guess that fool's actions. Don't tell me that he simply sent you to guard me.." Xia Lian rolled her eyes at him. If they took her for a fool, they are mistaken.

Bao Su face-palmed and he absentmindedly handed the jade token to his master. He now remembered Xuan Li Wei's warning ' Your new master is quite clever. So, serve her wholeheartedly and no need to send any reports about her. If she finds about it, she will slice both of us into mincemeat without any hesitation.'

Bao Su shivered involuntarily. He decided that he will try to play any tricks on his master. His master is scarier and ruthless than the fourth prince. Truly a match made in heaven.

" Hey fat man!" the fat man's body shook in anger on hearing how the kid called him.

" How dare you call me like that?" Xia Lian ignored his loud voice and she raised her hand motioning him to stop.

The fat man sub-consciously closed his mouth on meeting with Xia Lian's fierce gaze. Xia Lian then displayed the token in her hand.

The fat man's body shook and he dropped on to his knees after seeing the token in the kid's hands.

'Fourth prince? This kid is related to Fourth prince.' the fat man now felt a sense of dread in his heart.

Even a kid in Qilin empire knows how the four princes treat each other. They are known far and wide for their brotherly affection. No intricate scheming and No backstabbing.. They support each other and the Qilin empire is prosperous today because of their combined efforts. Even the emperor is proud of his four sons.

The First prince takes care of business with in and outside the Qilin Empire.

The Second Prince takes care of administration within the empire and helps his father in ruling the kingdom. He is also the crown prince.

The Third Prince is known for his scholarly knowledge. He is the one who takes care of education and examination system.

The Fourth Prince, the youngest and most loved by his brothers is in charge of the military and defense system of the Qilin empire.

Now, this fat man was disrespectful to Fourth Prince's people. If this matter makes way to the First Prince's ears, he would surely lose his head.

" So, even the fourth prince's people are not allowed in here?" Xia Lian had a mocking smile on her face.

" No.. N-No.. I was wrong. Please forgive me." the fat man started to kowtow to her and Xia Lian did not stop him.

Xia Lian allowed him to stop only after his fore-head started to bleed profusely. Xia Lian looked at the ground which was painted in red before her and nodded in satisfaction.

" The next time I see you speaking disrespectfully to anyone is the day you die." Xia Lian spoke coldly " Rich or poor, Young or old.. learn to respect everyone. It is the basic human nature." Xia Lian brushed past the fat man and the guards who are now trembling on the ground.

The waiter in the hotel did not dare to neglect this big boss and so they immediately arranged three rooms for the group. A single room for Xia Lian and the little bunny, and a room each for Fan Ling and Bao Su respectively.

After entering into her room, Xia Lian took out a paper and started to write something. Xia Ming looked at her curiously. She then melted the wax and stamped it with a seal which Xuan Li Wei gave her. She then tied it to the bird's leg and patted it's head. The little bird then soared into the air and it disappeared with a lightning speed.

' Just how fast is it?' Xia Lian wondered for a while before heading into the bath.


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