My Beautiful Commander
106 We have a sister-in-law
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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106 We have a sister-in-law

" W-well I saved her li-.." Xuan Li Min interrupted him ,"Our little brother is the knight in the shining armour?!" Tsk..Tsk.. Typical love at first sight! Xuan Li Min was disappointed. There was no totally romantic chance encounter and a following dramatic chase of love?! It seems he expected too much..

How could Xuan Li Wei not understand his second brother's thoughts. As a result he quickly explained everything that happened between him and the little girl.

By the time he completed the whole story, Xuan Li Yan had a priceless expression on his face. Xuan Li Min was rolling on the ground with laughter and even Xuan Li Shan had a huge grin on his face.

The main culprit Jun Moyin was relishing on the pastries while enjoying the four man show before him. Truly entertaining.

" You want to tell me, you are still chasing her?" Xuan Li Min's eyes glistened due to the tears caused from his laughing fit earlier.

" Yes. I am not as talented in this sort of skirt chasing as you all, sadly." Xuan Li Wei nodded with a solemn expression on his face. Xuan Li Yan asked with an incredulous voice "Seems like a hard case if she was not wooed by your looks.."

Xuan Li Wei rolled his eyes at his elder brother " Elder brother, she doesn't care about looks." he then sighed sadly "She considers only Moyin as her close friend. I think the little girl sees me rather as an enemy to be cautious about. Sigh!"

" Oh! Then what does she think about you?" Xuan Li Shan was thoroughly intrigued by this little girl.

" I am just a flirty prince in her eyes. I don't know if I even caught her eyes." Xuan Li Wei sighed and the three brothers looked at him with pity in their eyes.

"Big bro, please don't lie ah!" Jun Moyin interrupted them. Under their curious gazes he spoke in a playful tone " Actually, sister-in-law likes brother's smell very much!"


All the three princes remained frozen on the spot and let their imagination run wild..

" Hehe.. Just what in the world happened eh!" Xuan Li Min was the first to react. He had a naughty expression on his face.

" Bro.. How can you do this to a young girl? She is just twelve! Show some restraint please.." Xuan Li Yan shook his head in disappointment. Anyone could tell that he was exaggerating his actions. Jun Moyin's lips twitched after hearing his elder brother's words. It seems like he was not shameless enough yet, for this bunch of brothers appeared more shameless than him.

" If I find that you did anything immoral, I will castrate you! A shame for the royal family." Xuan Li Shan spoke in a calm tone which made everyone in the room shudder. This prince had ice in his veins.

Whoa! Jun Moyin really wanted to prostrate in front of his third brother. Such a righteous person, one could not help but admire.

" Am I even a brother to you?" Xuan Li Wei was unable to endure " First listen to what I have to say, then judge me after hearing all the facts!"

Once again, the brother's became breathless due to their unceasing laughter after witnessing Xuan Li Wei narrate the incident and with Jun Moyin's exaggerations in between, the atmosphere turned lively real quick. They seemed like a bunch of girls, gossiping away.

"In the end, the girl doesn't even have a crush on you?" Xuan Li Wei's face darkened because this was the major point that hurt his pride so much. Even after all his relentless efforts the girl didn't show many emotions to him at all! Seemingly hitting bullseye with his assumptions, Xuan Li Yan broke out in roaring laughter again. This was truly too priceless of an event to ever forget about it again in this lifetime!

" And you say that she doesn't even know that you are the one who saved her." Xuan Li Min was curious " Why don't you tell her that you are her benefactor and even carried her and the little bunny around hehe. Maybe she will like you then and if not, maybe she will at least stay a few years with you to repay the debts. It would give you time to twirl her around your fingers."

" No, then she will like me out of gratitude." Xuan Li Wei was strongly against it " I want her to like everything about me, not just the kindness I showed her in a moment of need. Our relationship would seem forced that way."

" My bro is deeply imprisoned in the lake called Love.. Truly unable to drown within, but without any chance to rescue anyways." Jun Moyin choked after hearing Xuan Li Yan's words.

"Wait a moment, you are saying that the girl entered the brothel. Did she not have any disgust towards such places?" All the men in the room glared at Xuan Li Shan for asking such an unrelated question and destroying the moment. Did this guy not have any skill in reading the atmosphere at all?!

" No, sister-in-law doesn't loath anyone. She is a wonderful person.." Jun Moyin continued to speak about Xia Lian without a pause.As a result, Xuan Li Shan's opinion on the girl started to improve for the best.

The three brothers listened to Jun Moyin chatter with a genuine smile on their faces. This scene was truly picture perfect and even the normally stern general of the Qilin Empire had a calming smile on his face.

How long had it been since they saw such an sincere happy expression on this little kids face?

Ever since that incident, the genuine smile on Jun Moyin's face disappeared for a long time. He locked his heart and refused to speak to anyone.

If not for Mother Jun Hu Rui taking him under her wing, he would have turned into an emotionless stone. Even now his cheerful demeanor was only an external facade. Deep under the smiling mask was a young man who had suffered grievances and whose heart contained nothing but sadness and thirst for revenge.

Even they, as his brothers and family, were not able to make him smile happily, no matter how long they tried. But who would have guessed, this random girl ,seemingly appearing out of thin air, did it somehow.

At this moment, all three of them had only a single thought in their minds " We have a sister-in-law. And if not, we will catch her anyway!"


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