My Beautiful Commander
107 A Blood Deb
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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107 A Blood Deb

After bantering and teasing each other for a while, everyone in the room calmed down. In the end they were still respectable princes! One had to take care of their behavior and attitude ah.

" I wish that you will introduce our sister-in-law soon. You have to put in more efforts!" Xuan Li Yan sighed. He was looking forward to meet this interesting sister-in-law quite a lot.

" As if I will let you meet my wife so easily.." Xuan Li Wei rolled his eyes making Xuan Li Yan speechless. When did she become this fellow's wife? Xuan Li Yan face-palmed after witnessing his brother's shameless action and words. He should teach him about being calm and classy again.

" Hah! She didn't even have a liking towards you. Isn't it funny that you are already calling her your wife.." Xuan Li Min teased but Xuan Li Wei maintained a straight face as if it's only natural that he would call her his wife.

Xuan Li Min wondered when this brother of his turned so shameless!

" You have a long way to go. Work hard. Maybe you will make your mother happy for once." Xuan Li Shan once again spoke nonchalantly as if he is reporting today's weather.

" Did you find anything?" Xuan Li Yan spoke in a serious tone while looking at Moyin. Jun Moyin's hand froze in the middle and he shook his head while looking at his brother, "Nothing."

Xuan Li Wei sighed after noticing the murderous intent behind his voice. Even he could not help but clench his fists while remembering the events that happened in that year. But in the end, everyone seemed helpless as they were not able to find even a single clue. No matter how hard they tried, they were back at square one.

No one could imagine what Jun Moyin was feeling at this moment as he was the one who survived in that hellish nightmare. The four of them only heard about it, but Moyin was the one who went through it.

Xuan Li Yan still remembered the day when he first saw Moyin. A young boy with lifeless eyes and pale face. Tattered clothes and a face painted with blood. The kid was only 8 years old at that time, but it seemed like he went from heaven to hell in a single night. Xuan Li Shan and Xuan Li Wei were only 12 and 10 years old at that time, still children. They did not understand much about the situation back then, but even though it was hard for them to realize what was going on exactly, the devastating atmosphere could not be forgotten, not even after all this time.

But, Xuan Li Yan and Xuan Li Min ,who were 16 and 14 years old at that time, clearly understood everything and the implications of the incident. In the past, they could not help but feel a chill in their bones after listening to the way in which the Jun family was exterminated.

They still remembered the valiant figure of their Mother Jun Hu Rui when she vowed to kill every last one of those, who were responsible for the fate of their Jun family. Jun Moyin was her younger sister's son.

Only Moyin was able to escape from the terrible fate on that day, because the family's head servant escaped with him and brought him to the Jun mansion.

Jun Hu Rui raised him as her own son. In the beginning, he did not open up himself to anyone. But Jun Hu Rui stayed true to her efforts and the only thing that still connected her to her beloved sister, so did not give up, no matter how many efforts it took.

Slowly, the little boy began to develop a response. Xuan Li Na was born just a few months earlier to his arrival. Jun Moyin started to smile around her and started to play with the baby girl. As the years passed by, the voids in his heart were replaced by the warm memories of his mother, brother and his little devil of younger sister. Especially the girl was a huge part of his healing process. His other three brothers were like an icing to the cake.

But a part of him was never able to forget the events of that day and the memories haunted him even now. Sometimes he couldn't sleep for the whole night.

How could he forget those masked men who mercilessly killed the entire Jun family. He could never forget. He would never forget.

" No need to worry. We will continue to look for clues." Xuan Li Min spoke with a grim expression on his face " I deployed my Eagles troop. Let's hope for some leads.."

" Brother, my shadow troop is not able to find even a single clue." Xuan Li Wei's words made Xuan Li Min frown. If Li Wei's Shadow troop were not able to find the clues, then his Eagles troop had no chance of finding anything at all.

Xuan Li Wei vowed to kill all those bastards who were responsible for making his mother and brother sad for many years. He put all his efforts in finding informations about that incident, but till today they were not able to find even a single lead. Thinking about all of this, he had a worried expression on his face.

Everyone in the room had either a grim or concerned expression on their faces.

" Brothers, don't worry.." Jun Moyin smiled warmly after observing their concern for a while, " I will turn every stone upside down, if that is what it takes to find them."

" A blood debt will neither be forgotten nor forgiven." Jun Moyin spoke in a calm voice, which was quite unusual for himself.

" They own me a blood debt.." were his words before they were interrupted by a young and melodious voice.


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