My Beautiful Commander
109 My Dear..
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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109 My Dear..

' Commander?' The three princes fell silent for quite a while after hearing Li Wei's words. The Qilin Empire never had any women warriors in its history. It will be really difficult for people to accept women in such professions. From this point forward, the road ahead was going to be a tough for their sister-in-law.

" Anything can happen in three years. Let's wait and see. If she is determined to join the army after returning, remember that we will do our best to support her." Xuan Li Yan's words made Li Wei smile subconsciously "Well then, I will be counting on you elder brother."

" Chirp.. Chirp.." Xuan Li Wei immediately stood up after listening to a certain bird's voice. Since the scene was a bit strange at first, Jun Moyin could only chuckle after noticing his brother's anxiousness whereas the other three princes looked at him in amusement, already aware of what was going on.

Xuan Li Wei untied the paper from the birds leg and immediately broke the seal, because he simply could not wait any longer, to hear news about his little treasure.

" Yay! Love letters. Fufufu!" Xuan Li Min smiled naughtily " It's so good to be young ah!"

" Second brother, you are expecting way too much from my sister-in-law. She would never do something like this!" Jun Moyin rolled his eyes. Was his second brother's brain mentally ill? How did he possibly come to the conclusion that she would write a love letter. The day his sister-in-law wrote a love letter to his big bro would certainly be his death day!

" She's also my sister-in-law! You can't take her for yourself alone. " Xuan Li Min frowned.

" One idiot calls her his wife and the other idiots call her sister-in-law. Brothers, our little four did not even enter her eyes." Xuan Li Shan brutally extinguished their excitement.

" Elder brother, this letter is related to you." Xuan Li Wei's lips twitched.

" Oh! What is my sister-in-law saying?" Xuan Li Yan perked his ears.

" She says it's time you inspect your restaurants and pull out the weeds." Xuan Li Wei spoke in a mirthful voice " I think she stopped at one of your inns and she had to use my token to enter. It seems that things are going out of our hands. It is time to tighten the reins again."

" How Presumptuous! How dare they insult people based on their social status! " Xuan Li Yan's face darkened " I think I've been too lenient these days. It's time to show my dark side again, or else people might come to the conclusion that I have grown weak with age hehe."

Everyone in the room shuddered. Their eldest brother may seem too kind and beautiful, but no one was deadlier than him when angered.

Combined with his sinister laughter, it was a sign to go for away and don't look back for a while.

Xuan Li Wei started to write a reply as the others were involved in a serious discussion.


" Clank.. Clank.." the sounds of metal clashing reverberated throughout the area. Fan Ling has been watching Bao Su and her master practising sword play for one hour already.

" Ouch.." Xia Lian grunted when she was pushed backward by Bao Su. Bao Su's swordsmanship was indeed quite superb. With his incredible strength, he was able to defeat Xia Lian easily.

Xia Lian knew that her skills in using swords were very poor. As a result, in her eyes this Bao Su was like a fat piece of meat. She was determined to improve her skills with his help and only a large amount of serious practice could help her out. Bao Su also didn't hold back after getting to know her intentions.

By the time time one hour had passed, Xia Lian's hands started to ache. How could the hands of a tiny 12 year old be able to hold back a 20 year old man's strength, and a trained shadow guard at that?

Bao Su sheathed his sword after noticing her pant heavily. He was more than sure that her hands were aching terribly. In response, the loyal follower decided to stop for now, " Master, let's take it slow. Your moves are excellent already.Only your strength is still lacking, but this needs some time and constant training. You can't force an issue like that in a single day."

" To improve the process, I will teach you how to develop your inner strength in the future. With inner strength your attacks will become a lot stronger and deadlier. You should focus on training your hands well. But don't overdo it, your body is still in the growth process. If the impacts received are too big, it can hinder your future potential."

Xia Lian nodded and decided to follow his words. A month or two, no matter how long it would take, she must improve her strength. Only a leader strong in both mind and body could develop powerful armies.

What she lacked most at the moment was physical strength, so she must train well, continuously. Her archery skills were back, but now it was time to take it to another level, a supreme level.

After taking a glance at Hurricane, she fell deep in thoughts for a while. The little girl must practice shooting arrows from horseback. Hurricane was her horse, but she must practice riding on it's back so that both of them will get used to each other. It would truly be a waste to not use the potential of such a horse with devastating power.

Xia Lian returned to room with many thoughts on her mind. She slowly massaged her hands to relieve at least a bit of pain. She could already imagine the calluses that would form ah! Well, she could take care of her beauty after surviving the hellish training.

" Chirp.." Xia Lian broke out of her training thoughts and looked at the source of the sound with widened eyes. This bird was back in about 5 hours.

Whoa! It's too fast! That was practically cheating.

Xia Lian rubbed the bird's head while removing the paper that was tied to it's leg.

" My Dear, Elder Brother will take care of the inns. You just stay safe and train hard. But don't force your little body too much." After reading the message, the little devils face immediately darkened.

This flirty prince was becoming bolder with each day!

'My dear!' Xia Lian gritted her teeth and kept the paper in a box. She would deal with that man as soon as she returned home!

On the other hand, Xuan Li Wei was laughing hard because he could almost imagine her furious reaction. Jun Moyin and the other princes just ignored this creep. Their sister-in-law didn't deserve such treatment ah! She is really getting bullied by this big wolf!


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