My Beautiful Commander
111 The Black Dragon Auction House
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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111 The Black Dragon Auction House

" Bao Su, which is the richest auction house in this city?" Xia Lian questioned him while feeding her little bunny with delicious snacks. The little money-grubber had her eyes only on the very rich this time. She would make sure to squeeze their fat pockets completely.

" Black Dragon Auction House." Bao Su immediately replied. All these years he did not serve Fourth prince in vain. He continued to speak, " This auction house sells very rare and precious items from all over the world. You could describe it as overly luxurious and extravagant. If you don't have very deep pockets you will never be able to be even a single item, not even the cheapest. That is the reason why only the rich and influential persons come to this auction house. It would simply be a waste of time and a disgrace for other people, trying in vain. Furthermore, even people from neighbouring countries visit the Dark City especially for this auction house. One can imagine the variety of items resulting out of this arrangement."

" And the head of the auction house is known for his eccentric attitude. The rumours suggest that he is too beautiful for a man and that even men cannot help but stare at him. Well, Master please be careful even when you are just speaking with him."

For the next 20 min, Bao Su continued to explain the story behind the name of this auction house. History tells that this auction house was established many centuries ago and it is named after the mystical Divine Black Dragon.

Xia Lian let out a deep breath once he stopped speaking. After digesting the information for a while she could not help herself but ask the most unexpected question, catching both of her subordinates off guard, " Bao Su, do you know everything?" The little girl was completely fascinated and awed during the time when he was speaking. It was like a historic excursion into the mysterious past of the continent.

" When serving under the Fourth Prince, I read a lot of books." That's it! This man was a living encyclopaedia. Xia Lian ,for the first time, thought that the flirty prince did something excellent. It could be said that this Bao Su will be of great help to her, who lacked complete knowledge about the history of the continent, so she pardoned him for making a gaffe in calling her "My Dear".

Well, Black Dragon Auction House it is then.

'Hold your breaths, this lord is coming for you hehe.' Xia Lian smirked in her heart and stretched her body lazily " Come on, let's go and meet this beautiful man. Let's see if he can enchant me."

Xia Lian took out 10 jade bottles of her newly concocted poison and placed them in a wooden box. Afterwards she excitedly exited the inn along with her little team.

The group of four walked along the busy streets observing their surroundings carefully. Almost everyone was in their own world and minded their own business. It could be said to be a very pleasant experience to travel around the city.

After wandering for a while, Black Dragon Auction House , a magnificent sight to behold, appeared in their line of sight. It was a gigantic building and it looked absolutely majestic, befitting that of it's name. The aged stone walls seemed completely out of the place though. Xia Lian thought that this would be considered as a world heritage site in the modern era.

" Sis, let's go in.." Xia Ming's eyes twinkled after witnessing the splendor of the auction house. It was his first time coming out of the home and wandering around like this. Naturally, he was clearly excited and his face completely reflected his inner enthusiasm.

" Alright, let's go. I am eager to learn about it as well!" Xia Lian chuckled as she led him towards the entrance. The guards clad in silver armour blocked their way, but they spoke in a polite voice, " Young master, are you here to buy or sell?"

" Sell." Xia Lian also answered in the same calm and polite voice. Since they were respectful towards her, she will reciprocate the same, obviously. The guards were pleasantly surprised after noticing the young boy's respectful tone.

Many of them either shouted or tried to pick up a fight, when they blocked them from entering. It was a strict protocol to ask first and then allow them as per their need. It was meant to be a thoughtful assistance for their customers, but many interpreted it as a disgrace of their honor. Truthfully, hearing a calm and polite voice in the midst of curses and misunderstandings was really refreshing to them. Afterwards, they spoke in a more amicable tone, " What are you planning to sell, young master?"

" Poison." Nevermind then, the guards were seriously surprised that the most amiable person they meet for a long time, came to sell the most sinister thing in the world and gazed at each other with disbelief. Almost everyone appeared in front of them, telling that they were selling poisons. In most cases though, it turned out to be a prank.

Xia Lian naturally understood their worries. In response, she assured them in a cozy tone, " I am not speaking empty words. I believe that there is a herbal master in this auction house. He will naturally appraise the quality of my poison. As a result, you don't have to worry if I am a fake or not. If you come to believe that I lied to you after the appraisal is finished, then you can punish me, as per the law."

The guards felt their worried hearts calm down after hearing her confident voice. It was pretty rare for them to hear such a calm and collected explanation from such a young person. Out of their own goodwill towards this customer, they did not push the matter further and immediately brought them inside. After making them sit in a private room they hurried to call their appraiser, a bit excited to see the results.


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