My Beautiful Commander
114 Forbidden Love
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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114 Forbidden Love

Du Weng was put in a tough situation. In such a small timeframe, he had to weigh the pros and cons of the situation before him. He mentally calculated in his mind and no matter what, the poison which valued over thousands of gold coins was far more important than a few nameless slaves, who could be bought with only a few silvers.

He was a businessman and he always calculated profit or loss? Human emotions and compassion were never known to him. Furthermore, if he was able to please this young kid, then the young master before him may sell all the new poisons from here. Contrary, if he rejected now, he might even create a future enemy. This kid choosing another auction house could be an important step for another rival to appear. Having two famous auctions in the vicinity would lose them so much money.

As a result, he replied in a resolute voice, " Young master Wu, we accept your terms."

" That's good for you." Du Weng was speechless now. Where did this young man get this confidence ah?! He had to admire his conduct. But, their auction house had a rule as well. Preparing himself for the following, he cleared his throat, " But, you must take the slave under your wing because you refused to kill him. Either you take him or he dies now."

" Then I will take him. By the way, no need to write a new contract. Just destroy the old one." Du Weng was again surprised and nodded his head in a daze.

Today he came across too many surprises, all because of the unknown kid before him. Afterwards, the appraiser called his servants and started to give them several orders.

Under careful instructions, the servants hurried outside to bring the next test bodies. Now, Du Weng raised his chin and spoke in a proud voice, " Young Master Wu, you will definitely be satisfied after seeing the next criminals."

" They better be criminals or else I will use this poison on you." Xia Lian raised her brows and spoke in an eerily calm voice making Du Weng shiver. Behind her, Feng Bin was clearly enjoying the show. His master seemed to be formidable and sly. Finally lady luck was on his side for once. After going through a lot of darkness and despair, there was a tiny seed of hope placed inside his heart, after witnessing the conduct of his new master. Days seemed to get better, slowly.

Just when Xia Lian started to get restless, the door opened and this time two men were brought inside bound by heavy metallic chains. Xia Lian's mouth formed into an 'o' after observing the two extremely beautiful human beings in front of her. Their beauty and elegance was not concealed in the slightest by those unsightly rags covering their jade white bodies. Though they were frail and weak, their bright eyes were enchanting. The unlimited potential, wasted in such a cruel way. Sigh, today was just getting more problematic by the second.

After some contemplation Xia Lian raised her brows after noticing their intertwined hands.

What could they have done to deserve death? Xia Lian had a hard time believing that the couple, while having such bright and faithful eyes, did something immoral. Considering this fact, she turned towards Du Weng ," What did they do exactly?"

" They did the most shameful thing possible." Du Weng snorted disdainfully, resulting in a deep frown by the little girl.

" Just tell me exactly what they did. I don't want to hear any nonsense, and keep your opinions for yourself!" Xia Lian was slowly getting annoyed with this old man.

Du Weng straightened himself and explained in a loud voice, " They both are men and they announced to the world that they deeply loved each other and could now be considered an official couple."

The whole room fell silent and waited curiously for Xia Lian's reaction. Nevertheless, Xia Lian was still looking at Du Weng without any worries, waiting for him to continue. After not receiving a satisfactory answer for quite a while, she admitted defeat and sighed, " I asked what wrong they committed and why is that you are not speaking? Do you take me for a fool?"

Du Weng widened his eyes like a fish and exclaimed, " It is Forbidden Love. That is a sin. It's the biggest crime. If not death, what do they deserve?!"

Xia Lian did not know whether she should laugh or cry. She came to this auction house in high spirits and with so many expectations for the future. Now, this old clown drained all the positive energy out of her.

What will he do next?! Bring in little fluffy puppys and kill them because they are just animals?!

" Just because you find it difficult to accept doesn't mean that it is forbidden." Xia Lian spoke while rubbing her forehead because she was starting to get a headache.

It was truly hard to keep her composure, but she did not bother to banter with the old man now. As calm as possible she spoke without beating around the bush, " I am buying those two. As for the slave contracts, I presume you know what to do."

" Young master Wu, they will be a taint to your name. Don't be tricked by their harmless appearance!" Du Weng opposed the idea strictly.

Xia Lian didn't bother about these things. So, what if they were gay couple? She is from the modern era and she didn't give a damn about what others gossiped about behind her back. The silence of the room was interrupted by a commanding voice, " When I said I will buy, where is there room for you to interfere. Aren't you meddling too much in my affairs, manager Du?"

Du Weng stiffened and immediately apologised after realising his folly, " Please forgive me young master Wu."

The little girl waved her hands and spoke calmly, " The next person you bring out must be a murderer, did you get it?"

" Yes. I understand." Du Weng spoke nervously and returned to shout orders to the servants in the room. He was pretty sure that this was his very last chance, he had to make it count ah!


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