My Beautiful Commander
120 He Chun and Twins
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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120 He Chun and Twins

" It's Doctor He and there is a pair of twins by his side all the time." The man in the tea shop explained, while relishing on the steam bun. " They are the only ones who are willing to treat commoners like us. It is truly fortunate for the people of the Dark City."

"Furthermore, they live in a rather normal place. But let me warn you beforehand, don't make wrong assumptions based on their normal clothing. The common masses respect them for their skills. If they wanted to, they could live like any other rich doctor in the city, don't look down on them!" His gentle attitude turned to a defending one and he gazed at Bao Su while speaking in a threatening tone, " You look quite rich. If we hear that you disrespected them in anyway, then be prepared for the consequences. Doctor He is the only one that cares about us and the common people of the Dark City will always be loyal to him."

Bao Su was surprised definitely surprised after witnessing his protectiveness. The man's attitude was rather straightforward and impressive and it left Bao Su already with a faint idea about the Doctor in question. He must be a truly remarkable man and his skills must not be shabby either. Most importantly though, his character seemed to fit well with his master.

In the group of mirages, he finally found an oasis. And this was his last hope of finding a doctor to assist them with their hospital. Therefore, he immediately explained to the man in a calm way, " We have about a hundred sick people. We are looking for some doctors to assist us. But, all the doctors drove me away and not even a single one is willing to help us at all. That is the sole reason I urgently need to talk with this Doctor He!"

After careful contemplation the customer assessed that Bao Su was indeed telling the truth, his sincerity was not faked. Nonetheless, there was still room for confusion, so he questioned again, " Don't tell me that you are a doctor.You don't look like one. How were you supposed to treat anyone in the first place?"

" Of course not. My master is the doctor and I am only his guard. While I am desperately searching for aid, he is already treating the people at our place." Bao Su immediately spoke up patiently.

The man stopped eating and pondered for a while before speaking in the end, " Since it's for a good cause, I will personally take you to Doctor He Chun. He will definitely accept your request, as long as you are respectful and speak with a sincere heart."

Bao Su smiled in relief and thanked the man profoundly. This was indeed the fastest way to quickly find a passable doctor and accomplish the goal of his mission. Bao Su carried the man on his back ,using his qing qong, while the man pointed out the directions in front of him. Due to his earnest attitude, he finally completely convinced the middle aged man of his intention.

The doctor lived in a rather secluded place, but because of Bao Su's abilities they reached in front of the 'clinic' rather quickly.

Bao Su could not help but be taken aback after witnessing the simple and desolate house in the midst of wilderness personally. The house, well not a house but a straw hut to be exact, was rather big and similar to the crude lifestyle formerly described.

Bao Su mind contained only a single thought at the moment and he wasn't able to hold back for long, so he put his assumption into words to satisfy his curiosity. "Did this man never charge you any money at all? Not even once?"

" Yes,he never charged money. Doctor He is a great person, don't you think the same?" Bao Su nodded quickly because he didn't want to disappoint the excited man in front of him. In his eyes, only his master is the greatest!

After looking at the hut before them, anyone could understand that this man must be treating free of cost. But, how on earth did this man survive all this time? He must be surviving with the help of wild fruits and some gifts of the people he treated!

While all sorts of thoughts kept running through his mind, the man already went forward and knocked on the door. After completing his task, he took a few steps back and waited patiently for the doctor to open.

After a few moments, the door was indeed opened and a young man with refined features stepped outside. His hair was tied into a tight bun and a simple jade hair pin supported it. The long and loose robes made him look like a well educated man. All-in-all , he had the appearance of an attractive scholar.

" He is He Chun, the doctor I spoke of." the man whispered in Bao Su's ears.

" Shun, what is the issue? Is anyone not feeling well?" He Chun asked while looking at Bao Su, " And who is this?"

He Chun had a warm expression on his face and his voice sounded like the breeze caressing one's heart and one could not help but feel relaxed after listening to his melodious voice.

" Brother He, who came at this hour?" Two teenagers, about 15 years old, stepped outside with curious expression on their faces. 'Quite obviously, these are the identical twins. Truly not an understatement.' Bao Su thought to himself.

" Greetings, Doctor He Chun." Bao Su bowed slightly and He Chun nodded at him in response, " Well, is there any problem that needs my attention?"

" The truth is Doctor, I came here today to request for your help on a special task." After confirming that He Chun was listening attentively Bao Su continued, " We have about a hundred sick people at our residence. Our master cannot possibly cure everyone only by himself. Therefore, if you could help us we would deeply appreciate it."

" A hundred sick people?" He Chun frowned, " Did an epidemic break out?"

" No Doctor, nothing problematic like that. The thing is, they are all slaves from the Black Dragon Auction House." Bao Su sighed, " And they are in a pretty bad condition. I am here in order to request your help on their behalf. For the sake of those innocent people, doctor are you willing to help us?"

Bao Su could not waste his time here any longer. His master must be expecting him by now. If this person also rejected them, then he would have to think about another way to effectively help his master, so he waited rather anxiously for the reply.

" Yes, I am willing to help you." He Chun's words prompted Bao Su to sigh in relief.

" And I think it's best if we leave now. We cannot leave the sick unattended for a long time." After saying his part, he turned towards the twins behind him, obviously implicating something with just his look.

They immediately understood as they rushed into the hut to get their equipment ready. After a moment, the twins returned with a rather simple box and He Chun received it from them.

"Let's get going then." The doctor seemed definitely time efficient when it was related to treating patients in need.

Bao Su calmly observed the twins who were coming along with them, doubt obviously visible on his face. He Chun noticed his changed expression and he cleared the situation, " They also know the basics of medical practices. They will be helpful. I promise they won't be in the way of treating the patients."

Bao Su felt that this was also considered good fortune for his master, to relieve her of some burden. Therefore, he did not probe any further into the matter. Instead he asked attentively, " Doctor, is it ok if I carry you? I fear we can't delay any further."

He Chun nodded , naturally very understanding of the seriousness of the situation, and Bao Su cast a single glance at the twins. But, the twins beat him to a response before he could even speak, " We know qing qong. So, we will just follow you. Don't worry about us!"

Bao Su nodded and went forward to carry the doctor before leaping in the air. He instantly sped up to reunite with his master and finish his mission. The twins closely followed them closely.


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