My Beautiful Commander
121 Miracles of Medicine 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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121 Miracles of Medicine 1

Initially, He Chun and the twins did not think too deeply about where exactly they were heading to. Nevertheless, after landing on the ground, He Chun was surprised to see a famous building in front of him. How could he not know the very first hospital, which helped save the lives of many.

It was a mysterious event a few years ago and no one really knew what happened back, then but the godly doctor Wu Gong disappeared all of a sudden. In a short amount of time the once majestic building turned out empty and desolate. He didn't expect that someone would actually open it after all this time. Over the course of the last couple of years, everyone was scared away by the past and the current Medical Association.

" Did your master reopen this place?" He Chun asked for confirmation.

" Yes, I think he is probably treating the patients now. We should go inside and support him to the best of our abilities." Bao Su spoke while gesturing them to follow him inside. He Chun and the twins followed him quietly. The young doctor was already familiar with this place because he once visited it in his teenage years. It could be considered a pilgrimage, in honor of the most famous and mysterious doctor in history. But on the other hand, for the twins it was their first time seeing this place up closely. Naturally, they were very curious and observed everything around them, taking in most of their surroundings.

They never witnessed such detailed partitions in a hospital and they also noticed that some of the rooms were already occupied with the sick people. Contrary to their expectations, no one was still filthy, not like any other slave of the Black Dragon Auction House, and it appeared that they were cleaned well before starting treatments. Most patients were changed into simple cotton robes already.

Seeing the clean attire of the patients, He Chun could only nod in satisfaction. Honestly, cleanliness was the important point to avoid future infections. This unknown doctor at least followed the basic rule very well, which many others unfortunately neglected, even though it was such a simple method to increase the health of the patients. Therefore, he had to admit to already have a decent impression of his future colleague.

Afterwards they slowly entered into a huge room and noticed that some of the patients were wrapped up in thick bandages. He Chun noticed the neatly wrapped bandages, nearly radiating with perfection, and he was surprised and astonished that someone could wrap up the bandages in such a superb way. Just for this skill alone, it would already be well worth it to discuss medicine with him for a while. This opportunity seemed to be more than just a short term work relationship.

" Fan Ling, cotton.." Everyone made their way towards the source of the sound. The picture that spread out in front of them was something they would never forget for the rest of their lives and it captured their hearts within seconds. When asked after dozens of years, about the most precious memory, they would immediately answer with this very moment. A qualitative leap in medical knowledge was right in front of them, they only had to take the chance.

A petite person dressed in a weird white dress over the main robes was working without stopping, nor did he notice the new people in his surroundings. Additionally, there was some weird kind of cloth on his hands, which did not seem to restrict the precise movements of his fingers. The poor fellows, it was their first time seeing gloves, and it left them flabbergasted for seconds.

Nonetheless, what attracted them the most was the concentrated expression on the young lad's face. Nothing seemed to catch his eyes while working wonders with his hands as he was sewing the wound. He Chun never imagined that the specialist he was going to meet would surpass even his wildest dream. Let's not talk about his superior skill in medicine, he appeared to be at least a decade younger than he himself.

But, this made the admiration in his heart grow even stronger. Though he was not yet sure about the kid's overall skill in every aspect of medicine, being able to manage all this on his own was not an easy thing to accomplish already.

Xia Lian was completely unaware of the situation, or that these people were observing her closely. She was completely involved in treating the man in front of her. He Chun and others slowly made their way towards her back and stood behind quietly, because they were highly afraid to disturb the kid's work.

Everyone observed Xia Lian clean the wounds using a weird green liquid. Additionally she sprinkled some herbal powder and started to wrap the wound carefully. Afterwards the little girl proceeded to touch his arms and the man let out a cry of pain. His expression was getting worse by the second.

In response, Xia Lian took out a dart filled with her own anesthetic liquid and quickly injected him in the hand, directly into a blood vessel. After a few moments she checked the situation again and asked the man calmly, while touching his hands, " Do you still feel any pain?"

The man shook his head in a daze because he was amazed by this doctor in front of him. He didn't know what kind of magical liquid was used on him, but he did not feel pain anymore. It was simply a miracle.

Xia Lian looked at Fan Ling ,who immediately prepared a new pair of wooden sticks and fresh bandages and placed it carefully around the man's arms. In a short amount of time the little girl very skillfully wrapped the bandages around the arms ,with Fan Ling supporting the branches with her hands.

The patient looked at Xia Lian with gratitude filling his eyes and was about to get up when she sternly rebuked him, " Lie down and rest well. After you recover completely you can do or speak anything. I won't run away, don't worry."

While already having her eyes on the next patient, she swiftly turned away. The situation was slightly awkward, because his master apparently didn't notice them. Bao Su coughed a few times, finally gaining her attention. But in the end, she just ignored them and turned to Fan Ling, " Clean all my needles and scalpels in hot water. I will resume after a while."

Xia Lian removed her gloves, revealing her small hands that were full of glistening sweat, and threw it in the wooden basket, kept separately for wastes. Everyone noticed that the basket was filled with bloody gloves, cotton which was used for cleaning etc..

Before engaging in a conversation, the little girl carried the basket outside and even after returning, she first thoroughly cleaned her hands, before greeting her guests. He Chun observed the lad's treatment procedures earlier and he was now fully convinced that his skill in medicine was more advanced than even himself. Furthermore, he had a faint feeling that there was more to learn, than he caught with his eyes.

" My apologies for not greeting you earlier." Xia Lian apologized with a humble attitude, because it was indeed rude to let them wait for such a long time.

" You are doing what a doctor should do. No need to apologise. We are here due to the request of your guard, in order to help you with your patients." He Chun smiled slightly while he admired this kid's conduct. After receiving such a generous reply, the little girl already classified the refined man in front of her as a good nurtured soul and considered accepting them into her hospital, provided they were skilled enough. After contemplating for a few seconds she finally made a decision.


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