My Beautiful Commander
122 Miracles of Medicine 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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122 Miracles of Medicine 2

" Thank you so much for coming forward to help us in our time of need." However, He Chun only shook his head instead of accepting additional praise, " It's my duty as a doctor. There is nothing to thank me for."

' This man is really quite special.' Xia Lian smiled in her heart. Giving everyone some time to adjust to the situation, she continued to ask them " So, is everyone of you a doctor?"

" No, we both are his apprentices. We can do basic things like cleaning and bandaging. Master He Chun is the professional doctor here." One of the twins spoke up. Xia Lian nodded, showing her understanding, and went straight to business, "Please come with me." Everyone expectantly followed her into a room filled with various medical supplies. They stared with wide eyes because it was definitely their first time seeing something this marvelous. They could roughly guess some of the functions for some objects, but not for certain.

The room was filled with labeled drawers, on the first glance it seemed messy. But after noticing the system behind the different labels, it started to make sense. Either way, after inspecting everything slowly, a huge amount of different pulvers and pills were presented to them. Just what kind of effort was behind creating such mysterious medicine?

The little girl regained her efficient work attitude and instantly handed a new task to the twins.

" I need both of you to help me in dressing the wounded. First clean the wounds with wet cotton and afterwards use this liquid for disinfecting." Xia Lian handed over a huge porcelain jar to them, which they treated with extreme care as if it was their favourite treasure.

" Before closing everything, sprinkle this powder over the wounded area. I assume you are already efficient in using bandages to wrap the wound." The twins nodded excitedly while receiving the powder in their hands. "By the way, do you know how to deal with minor fractures?" This was the thing that Xia Lian wanted to know the most. Many of the cases were of either broken ribs or broken arms. She would take care of those with broken ribs personally, but those with broken arms were simply too many. She already treated a few of them and there were still plenty of them waiting to be treated. It was truly troublesome, because she needed her energy and concentration for the heavy injuries, or difficult to treat illnesses.

" I can deal with minor fractures. But only if it is not too complicated." The silent one of the twins spoke up. Xia Lian smiled with relief, " Give me your hand. I will show you an effective way to treat the patients."

The boy obediently lifted his hand and Xia Lian pulled his sleeves back. Afterwards she squeezed the area near the wrists till the nerves started showing up. While receiving his full concentration, she pointed out," When you are dealing with fractures use the darts and inject one of them into this nerve. They are anesthetics. The liquid contained in them, will temporarily relief the patient from any pain. It will make your job much easier." She crouched down and did the same for his legs and showed him the exact nerves that should be injected.

The little girl didn't even have a moment of hesitation while she was doing these ambitious movements and He Chun couldn't help but admire this lad even more. He always believed that he would be the only one crazy about medicine, but at this moment a new realisation struck him. His opposition was a complete medicine maniac.

Meanwhile, in a secluded corner of the room, Bao Su was facing the cold stone wall, with bitter tears in his eyes. The moment Xia Lian started touching the shy teenager upside down, he realised his terrifying mistake. Burying his face deep into his palms, he was secretly praying to every deity he ever heard of.

'God! Please make sure that the fourth prince will never find out about this day. If he would see his wife touching other men so casually, this hospital would definitely turn into a graveyard.'

His prayer was finished, but the imagination of his fate, would anyone of the royal family know about this, left him with a deep fear imprinted in his soul.

In the palace, a certain prince sneezed suddenly. He spoke in glee, " I think my wifey is thinking about me. With Bao Su by her side, the only male person in her dreams will definitely be me. Truly a wise decision to gift her my best shadow guard ah!"

Jun Moyin looked at his big brother with disdain, " She must be cursing you into oblivion. Bro, snap out of your sweet dreams. I bet she wouldn't need a single day to turn your brutal shadow guard into an obedient puppy hehe. As if my awesome sister-in-law could be controlled by something this trivial." Xuan Li Wei glared at him for a moment before turning back to resume his work, but a lingering fear was installed in his heart at this moment.

After giving the twins the list of patients they should take care of, Xia Lian shifted her focus towards He Chun. He didn't know why, but he felt nervous, even a slight pressure, under the kid's gaze. Even though he was always self confident, the examination of this master of medicine left him in an uncomfortable situation, as if his skills he worked all his life for, were just trivial.

" Sir, do you know about the stitching of wounds?" Xia Lian spoke with a slightly respectful tone with this man, who seemed to be in his late twenties.

" Hm." He Chun nodded making Xia Lian smile again, "Alright. Sir are you interested to assist me in surgeries?"

" Surgeries?" He Chun was extremely stunned because he did not expect that this kid even knew about surgeries, much less how to perform them. How old was he? 12 or 13?! Truly a miracle.

The passionate doctor could not help but imagine what his prowess would be like after a few years.

The only person who knew about surgeries was Wu Gong. How did this kid know? Losing to his curiosity, He Chun could not help but asked,

" Who exactly are you?"

" Oh! You can address me by the name Wu.." Xia Lian smiled " and I am the student of the godly doctor Wu Gong." As a result of this seemingly trivial statement, He Chun was frozen on the spot. A random thought proved to be the truth, no matter how unlikely it seemed. No wonder this kid bought this place without caring about the rest of the world. It definitely needed a lot of guts to reopen this hospital and soon he would have to face them. The association and individuals aiming for this teenager would be unrelenting until everything was destroyed. A slight sense of pity was spreading all over his face, just after thinking about it for a few seconds.

Due to noticing the obvious worry on his face, Xia Lian flashed a confident smile, " I am prepared to face everything and anything. I am deeply grateful for your considerations, but please don't worry about me or the future of this hospital."

While clearing up his confusions, Xia Lian led him into a room which contained about ten patients. These were the cases that required immediate surgery. She already performed preliminary first aid to stop their bleeding and prevent their conditions from worsening into an incurable state.

In order to prepare for the surgery she let Bao Su carry the first patient carefully into the operating room. The first patient was chosen, purely on the need of surgery. The more critical the situation, the faster the surgery was planned. The operating room was constructed in a way that allowed clear sunlight to flood the entire chamber. No doctor could wish for better circumstances to perform a surgery.

Xia Lian handed over a cloth mask to her new assistant and instructed him to put it on. Afterwards she scrubbed her hands with a herbal paste. He Chun followed suit and did not even try to ask many questions. His concentration nearly hit the limit, because he was eager to learn new techniques from this mysterious teenager.


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