My Beautiful Commander
123 Miracles of Medicine 3
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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123 Miracles of Medicine 3

Xia Lian patiently explained the names and usage possibilities of all the instruments, which were entirely new to him. He Chun was already quite clever and adapt in medicine, therefore he managed to remember all the names after only hearing them once, at most twice.

Xia Lian was honestly impressed by this refined man. Not only was he smart and attentive, but also possessed a pure soul for caring about all the poor people in this world. Having an intelligent partner to work with was going to make everything so much easier in the future. The little girl was slowly integrating her new acquaintance into her further goals, without even noticing.

Xia Lian and He Chun entered the operation room fully equipped with gloves and a mask. It already resembled a scene from the modern world. He Chun was definitely a lot taller than the little girl, so he chose to refrain from wearing a small white apron, like what Xia Lian was wearing, and entered the room in his original attire.

After entering and preparing mentally for a surgery, Xia Lian's demeanour turned completely serious and He Chun naturally followed suit. A small report was already waiting for them next to the operating table. Every major surgery was documented, because a solid foundation for the credibility of the new hospital was built on the little details. He Chun curiously glanced at the report from behind the thin shoulders shoulders, but it was written in a language which seemed completely foreign to him and even the characters seemed to be written horizontally, rather than vertically. Although he was indeed curious, but being a good doctor, in his point of view, also included respecting the privacy of each individual. Keeping every treatment he ever did a secret could be considered his honor of a doctor. Unknowingly, the first part of the modern doctor vow was already integrated in his mindset. Well for the time being he would not care about such trivial things, rather learning about new techniques and absorbing knowledge.

"Well, let's begin the treatment." Xia Lian spoke with her eyes still glued on her report.

" Hmm." He Chun confirmed her intentions with a simple nod.

" Anesthesia." He Chun immediately took out a dart ,which Xia Lian prepared earlier, and injected it into the man lying the bed. After waiting for the effect to kick in, the little girl placed the report in her hands on the table and He Chun immediately handed over a scalpel to her. Both of them were doctors and they didn't need any unnecessary words between them. Without even finishing their first operation as a team, they already possessed a tacit understanding of each other, a truly lucky circumstance.

Having good teamwork couldn't be any better right now, because they started with the most serious case in the beginning. The patient had many broken ribs and he complained about acute pain in the chest area which made Xia Lian drop all her work instantly and rush him inside. It was definitely the case of a STEMI heart attack. She already gave him the basic first aid to improve the blood flow in his chest. Unfortunately, due to the lack of equipment, she was unable to carry out oxygen treatment and she did not have the ECG readings as well.

For the first time Xia Lian felt truly frustrated after arriving in this unknown world. Knowing that with the correct equipment she could surely safe this person right in front of her, but not being able to change those facts was driving her nearly insane. Nonetheless, she couldn't change the current predicament or get angry about it, for the patients sake. In the end she decided to opt for the surgery, as the last possible lifeline.

If she was careful enough, then the chances of saving this person would increase significantly. Calming herself down, she took a deep breath and brought the scalpel to his chest. By this time the man on the bed was naturally deep asleep. Every movement needed to be absolutely precise, one wrong movement and the person would die in her hands.

While Xia Lian was weighing the pros and cons and using all her expertise to save her patient, He Chun observed her movements carefully. He only read about surgery, but he never saw someone do it. Honestly, at the start, he was highly skeptical when this kid casually mentioned that he would perform a surgery in front of him. He really couldn't believe that this kid would be able to do it, and didn't even have any problem with passing down this highly confidential knowledge to an outsider.Nevertheless, now he had to admit it, no matter how unlikely it seemed. A newfound respect for this young boy, who completely shook his heart to the core, evolved.

" Forceps." He Chun handed over a forceps with cotton and Xia Lian received it without lifting her head. Currently, she possessed no equipment that could help her deal with sudden emergencies. The only chance was to focus 100% on success and avoid any further complications. The only truth in this moment, a single mistake would cause death.

It was a tense situation, but even as an assistant He Chun learnt many things, simply by observing her. But when he witnessed the kid replacing the damaged heart valve with the patient's own flesh, his head kept spinning. He never expected that such wondrous things could be done, this was like a transplantation. No matter how curious he was, he could only shut his mouth and endure. A slight disturbance could ruin all the previous effort and even cost a life.

He Chun admired the skillful hands of this kid, when he started to sew the chest back to its previous shape. The serious demeanor and calmness that radiated from such a small human being awoke feelings inside him, he never dreamt of having. It was slowly turning from pure admiration to the level of worship.

After finishing the operation, Xia Lian and He Chun cleaned their hands thoroughly and started to get ready for the next one, as if the high pressure situation never happened in the first place. Fan Ling was tasked to take care of the previous patient and deal with the aftercare. He must be under thorough observation, because every transplantation had high risks of complications. For now, she had other patients to take care of, so she instructed Fan Ling to report to her immediately if anything seemed out of the norm.

The following cases were a piece of cake for Xia Lian and she even allowed the twins to watch her treatment. They consisted mainly of cases which required simple suturing, or setting of bones in complex fractures and a few ointments were used to improve them in a short amount of time.

Sometimes the twins gave in to the excitement and asked a few questions. The little girl patiently explained everything and as a result, even the two teenagers changed their attitude into something akin to worship. Someone even younger than them possessed knowledge and skills way bigger than even their master, how should they even feel.

By the time Xia Lian completed all the treatments, He Chun and the two twins were completely dazed and followed her absentmindedly. After noticing her master enter the room, Fan Ling immediately stood up and greeted her respectfully. A weak nod was all the little girl could manage as a response and she just plopped onto the chair beside the heart patient.

Damn! These continuous surgeries surely took a toll on her for the day!

Nevertheless, she had another matter to take care of. She rubbed her temples as she instructed Fan Ling, " Go and the cut the vegetables. I will join you after I rested for a while. We need to prepare the food before everyone starts waking up. It is crucial for their health to eat after going through all of this stress."

Fan Ling immediately left the room to begin her task. Her three assistants simply waited by her side and enjoyed a period of rest to slowly realise what they experienced during the day.

" Erm. Excuse me sir." Xia Lian turned to look towards the active one of the twins standing in front of her.

" What is it?" Xia Lian raised her brows.

" If you are ok with it, I can bring some people to help us in cooking and other stuff.." the twin spoke rather nervously after noticing Xia Lian's indifferent expression, " You are working like a donkey and you honestly need some rest."


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