My Beautiful Commander
124 In times of need
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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124 In times of need

' Donkey???!' Everyone in the room looked at this kid as if he was an idiot. Xia Lian's lips noticeably twitched, but in the end all she did say was, " I would obviously love to get some help."

The twin patted his chest proudly and declared " Honorable doctor, I will be back in a moment. With us twins here, you can be at ease. You just take a rest!" The other twin had a gloomy face though, since when did he get involved?!

Whereas He Chun cried silent tears due to his apprentice behaving like a puppy wagging its tail in front of this young kid. ' Who exactly is this fellow's master?' he could not help but think, but didn't reject their proposal.

Before Xia Lian could even think about the possibility of asking them about their names, the boy in front of her dragged the other one and soared into air, disappearing from the sight immediately.

" I will go check on the other patients. Please excuse me." He Chun also left the room to allow the kid to get some rest.

' Holy f*ck.. I didn't even ask their names?' Xia Lian facepalmed after realising her own folly. Then again, she convinced herself that she could have a chat with them later on and continued to observe the patient's condition closely.

The little girl continued to check the man's pulse and body temperature to make sure that nothing was wrong with him. She performed this surgery even though the success rate was low without the modern equipment available. It was like a big gamble, but the man would have surely died if she didn't try. Such a difficult surgery, a heart valve replacement at that, was always accompanied by major risks. Maintaining her vigilance even after working all day was truly difficult though.

Noticing that her master was not sleeping at all despite all the effort she put into saving so many people, Fan Ling felt heavy in her heart. She knew that she could not persuade her anyways, and the only chance of success would be looking for the one single person she ever met to win over her master in a discussion. After sending that ominous person into her master's room, Fan Ling went back to complete her work of cutting vegetables with an expectant expression.

" Big brother." Xia Lian immediately turned back out of surprise, only to see her little bunny with a wronged expression on his face. She immediately felt guilty for neglecting this kid, even though she was busy with all her work she should make time for her family.

Getting down on her knees and slowly hugging the little boy, she began coaxing him to the best of her abilities, " Ming, your brother is busy in treating all these brothers and sisters."

Xia Ming naturally saw many people who were happily sleeping. Oh, they were injured? The little bun's face had a concerned expression.

"Brother, so they are hurt.. I thought that they are just sleeping."

Xia Lian couldn't help but be proud of this kid. She only mentioned about the situation of her disguising as a man a single time, but he already remembered it so well. Generally, kids at this age forget such things easily. It seems her bunny was already a little different. She had to start thinking about his future education.

' Hmm.. Different?' Xia Lian questioned herself, ' No, he's just special.' her heart answered her stupid question.

" Well, before they are badly hurt but now I treated them. Therefore, they won't feel pain anymore." Xia Lian chuckled " They are really sleeping."

" Oh! Then you should sleep. Come, let's sleep.!" Xia Ming started dragging her hand. Although slightly reluctant, Xia Lian very patiently explained, " Ming, be good. This uncle is sleeping. I need to take care of him, he is the one who was the most injured."

Noticing his sisters uncomfortable expression, the little bunny stopped speaking for a while. After some contemplation, he carefully observed the man on the bed closely again. Even though he was afraid of his sister overworking, a life was at risk at the moment. While having the death of the patient in mind he gradually calmed down and left the room, although slightly hesitant, towards brother Fan Ling, repeatedly assuring himself that his sister would come to him after taking care of everyone.

Xia Lian watched her little bunny in amusement. She had to admit, those mature and thoughtful reactions really touched her heart. Showing such a huge understanding for his sister's problems at such a young age was truly remarkable. He even refrained from the typical nagging of a small child, because he didn't want to trouble her any further.

" Ming." the little bunny tilted his head to look at this 'brother', " Come here." Xia Lian stretched out her arms and the little bunny immediately ran into her arms with a huge smile on his face.

" Sleep for a while, I will wake you up." Contrary to her expectations, Xia Ming shook his head, " I am not sleepy. Well, big brother I have some questions for you!"

" Oh!" While noticing his sparkling eyes she showed a surprised reactions. Afterwards, he started to ask her about the bandages and whatever that came to his mind. The little girl was actually very tired, but all her exhaustion disappeared due to the little one's liveliness. It was like a potent drug that induced her deeply with happiness and she was just really satisfied while hugging this warm dumpling in her arms.

" Master!" Bao Su's excited voice interrupted their lively chatter.

" What is it uncle?" Bao Su almost stumbled after hearing the little boy call him uncle. What uncle!? He is just a hot-blooded man ah! While being at the prime of his life, with a handsome body full of vitality, he was titled like this by a little brat. Unfortunately, disagreeing right now would inflict him with the fury of his little master ah!

" Call me big brother.." Bao Su spoke up, with a gloomy expression on his face. However, Xia Ming simply rolled his eyes, " I have only two brothers, big brother and brother Fan. You are and forever will be my uncle hehe."

The poor shadow guard bit his lip and calmed himself, although reluctantly. Xia Lian was truly satisfied with her little bunny. He was learning fast how to tease people and the best part, all his knowledge came straight from her hehe. Being high spirited as a result, she decided to stop teasing poor Bao Su for a while. If he knew about her thoughts, he would probably go back to the fourth prince, spilling all the beans to find himself a peaceful death ah!

" What important event is happening that gave you the impudence to charge into this room like that?" Even though she refrained from teasing him, blatantly breaking a rule set by her personally needed a strict warning. Although embarrassed and feeling slightly guilty about his failure of following the rules, Bao Su was way too excited to listen to her speech. He quickly wanted to inform his master of the special event!

After remembering the reason for his earlier excitement, Bao Su's face lit up again and he nearly shouted, " Master, the twins have arrived!"


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