My Beautiful Commander
126 A cleanliness freak
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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126 A cleanliness freak

"*Cough*" Fan Ling coughed slightly, finally bringing the women out of their infatuated gazes.Meanwhile, Xia Lian was oblivious to all these and she quickly excused Fan Ling from her work saying that it was her turn now, totally ignoring the poor girls words.

The poor subordinate was of the firm conviction that her master was unable to cook and would hurt herself in the process of cutting. The near sleeping state didn't improve her worries in any way. But when she observed Xia Lian cutting the vegetables neatly, with a good and steady speed, Fan Ling was utterly speechless.

Is her master good at everything ah!? While developing a new understanding of her idol, her lips slowly curved up and she felt really proud to follow someone amazing like this. Xia Lian noticed this expression and started to tease her " What now? Proud of this master eh? It is just a bit of cooking. If you are a good boy in the future, this gentleman will take you out on a date and cook a feast for you myself hehe." Fan Ling's jaw dropped after being so obviously flirted with. If Bao Su witnessed this scene, he might already be planning to assassinate the poor girl.

Oh no! This was truly going to be the end of her. Her master is was too seductive. By all means possible, she needed to avoid alcohol in the future. If she made a mistake once, the consequences would be too severe ah!

The pitiful subordinate shook her head rapidly to get rid of any impure thoughts and then she continued to stare at the cooking pot instead.

' Did I take it too far?' Xia Lian pondered and just shrugged it off. If her subordinate couldn't even tolerate this level of flirting, how would she find a partner for herself in the future? Therefore, Xia Lian distracted her to avoid any unease from appearing, " Fan Ling, get me the herbs from the second drawer in the last row."

As if being struck by lightning, a single order of her goddess made Fan Ling forget about everything else, while she immediately rushed to complete her mission. Xia Lian stared at the retreating figure speechlessly. At this moment, a realisation struck her and she could not help but giggle. Her little follower would be so hard to pursue in the future and whoever the man would be, he should prepare himself for a lot of trials and tribulations. She was truly pitying this poor creature ah!

The little girl sighed as she prepared to to cook the porridge and the women continued to cook the vegetable soup. Light foods were best for her patients, because their body was too exhausted too stomach any heavy food. Whenever they recovered fully they could enjoy the pleasure of oily food again.

Fan Ling returned swiftly with many paper bags containing powdered herbs. After some contemplation and calculation, the little cook added many herbs in both the soup and porridge. Noticing the curious gazes Xia Lian started to explain, " These herbs will help in replenishing their blood. The surgery and former living conditions weakened them a lot. Having a bountiful amount of blood will help them quickly strengthen their body again." Almost everyone of her patients was deathly pale at the moment, but Xia Lian was sure that after just a few days of careful nursing, everyone would show many signs of improvements. She definitely would not stop before every single patient was as fit as a fiddle.

The other women quickly learned the recipe and took over the charge of cooking urging Xia Lian to rest for a while. They did not listen to this young lad's words and drove him and Fan Ling away from the kitchen telling that they can manage this level of cooking by themselves. Xia Lian also did not trouble them further as she saw their cooking previously and truly they are not exaggerating about their skills.

But, contrary to one's expectations Xia Lian did not rest and proceeded to clean the surroundings. All this treatment would be for nothing if the surroundings are dirty. She took a broom and started to sweep away the dry leaves which are scattered all over around the hospital. Fan Ling also followed the suit and both of them started to sweep the ground around the hospital.

On the side, He Chun was observing the kid and his subordinate cleaning the ground while humming songs. Clearly, they are enjoying the work and they are not feeling burdened by the sick and poor. Thinking for a bit, he also rolled up his sleeves and went outside. Xia Lian and Fan Ling stopped in the middle and looked at each other on seeing He Chun coming towards them with a broom in his hand.

The picture of a scholarly and gentle man with a broom in his hand looked really warm and pleasing to one's eyes. Xia Lian sighed once again as she hated that these beautiful men and women are being wasted away in this ancient era. If they are in modern era, she was damn sure that all the modelling and filming agencies will form queues before their villas..

Mumbling some incoherent words of distress, Xia Lian went back to work. Fan Ling and He Chun smiled wryly on seeing the dark cloud above Xia Lian's head as she was sweeping away the leaves with such force as if they were her sworn enemies. Fan Ling and He Chun remained frozen on the spot as they never saw someone work with such monstrous speed.

" Why are you standing there?Come and help me.." Xia Lian shouted at those two from a distance. There was such a huge gap between them and He Chun really wondered how the kid covered such large distance in a few minutes.

" Master, what is left for us to clean? You've cleaned everything.." Fan Ling shouted back with a helpless voice.

" W-What?..." her words stopped in middle as she saw the clean ground around her. Then she saw the huge pile of leaves before her. Not even a single leaf can be seen near the premises of the hospital. Whenever she is angry, she has this habit of shifting her anger on something and the object of her target is bound to shine due to the torment of over-cleaning in her hands. Xia Lian coughed slightly as her old habit resurfaced again and she laughed awkwardly shifting the topic of conversation " I just carried away.. I will be back after taking a bath and then I will check around the patients.."

Fan Ling and He Chun stared at her retreating figure with bewildered gazes. They discovered a new maniac side of this little doctor.. A cleanliness freak


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