My Beautiful Commander
127 Cheering for their idol!
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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127 Cheering for their idol!

Dropping the broom in her hand onto the ground, Xia Lian stretched her hands lazily before proceeding to dust her robes. Due to her maniac and the 10X times her original speed cleaning mode, her entire body was completely drenched in sweat now. Her black silk robes are tightly hugging her body. If she stayed there any longer, she was afraid that her chest bandage will start to show up and her secret will be exposed before she even laid foundation to her plans.

So, to avoid a possibly dangerous predicament Xia Lian excused herself " I am feeling sticky all over. I will return after taking a bath. You can rest for a while." He Chun nodded in understanding as he witnessed this young brat's abnormal speed earlier. It was only right that one takes a bath after that crazy ordeal.

" Master, let me assist you in your bath." Fan Ling's considerate offer was immediately rejected by Xia Lian making the other girl dejected. Xia Lian sighed as she did not how to comfort her.

" I always bath by myself." Fan Ling felt better after hearing her master's words. So, her master did not hate her. But what she didn't know is that Xia Lian was really not used to have someone helping her in her bath. Also, no one knew that she is an avid bathroom singer. That is one secret she wished to take it to the grave with her. So, having someone find about her awkward singling skills is a big no! That is the second reason why she didn't let anyone near her room when she is bathing.

Poor Xia Lian didn't know that the flirty prince heard her singing long back at the lake in the forest. If she comes to know about it someday, she will surely whip that flirty prince to death.

After making sure that she cleaned herself of the sweat and dirt, Xia Lian changed into a set of fresh black robes. Black and royal blue are the two colours which she liked the most. So, she had four set of robes, two in black and the other two in royal blue. She dressed herself up quickly as male robes are easy to put on. She was clearly loving her identity as a male and if possible she really wanted to stay as a male forever!

Only after altering her face and tying up her hair into a neat bun, did she come out. But she was almost given a fright when she saw Bao Su's face in a close up as soon as she opened the door. Bao Su was also stunned by her reaction. He was about to knock but the door was abruptly opened by his master!

" Oh my god! What is it now?" she asked her stupid shadow guard while patting her chest. He gave her a huge fright! Now, she didn't want to see the conjuring movie in her dreams ah! Bao Su raised his brows on seeing this angle of his master. Was his master scared earlier? But, what was she so scared about?

Bao Su played the previous scene in his mind again and his face displayed an incredulous expression as he asked cautiously " M-master, are you afraid of ghosts?"

Bulls-eye!!! When did this zero IQ fellow become an Einstein?

Xia Lian huffed at him, why is he stupid sometimes and why is he so clever in these type of things which make her mad easily? On seeing her angry and puffy face, the poor guard coughed to stop himself from laughing out loud and he cleverly diverted the matter " Master, this time the twins and I really brought a large number of people."

These words made her face return to her former calm expression. He breathed out in relief as she was now successfully distracted by his words. He did not want to incur the wrath of her, not even in his dreams!

" Hmm.." Xia Lian raised her brows in an exaggerated manner " So, you stood in front of my door to brag about your achievements?" Her tone was clearly mocking at the end but the poor fellow did not notice her tone and he nodded his head fervently.

IQ back to zero again! How did this fellow store all his knowledge in this matter less brain of his.. This encyclopedia is making her go through an emotional roller coaster ride ah! She really wanted to cut open this guy's head and see what his brain is truly made of.

" Let me see with my own eyes." After the previous episode she was not going to believe this guy, not so easily. The expectation of a mini army turned into a micro army. She was not ready to face such heart break again. So, she steeled her heart and made her way out with Bao Su following her like a tail.

Xia Lian heard whispers as she was slowly making her way down the staircase. At first they sounded like whispers, but then they sounded like happy chatters as she made her way outside. She stopped in her tracks on seeing the huge crowd of people before the hospital. She opened her mouth but she didn't find proper words to speak on seeing such a magnificent scene before her eyes. To say precisely, she was dumb-struck on seeing the large number of people before her.

How many exactly are they?

A hundred, Five hundred or a thousand?

Gathering these many people in this dark city can be really considered as an achievement.

From where exactly did these people pop up from? She then shifted her gaze towards He Chun and the twins who had mysterious smile on their faces. On seeing the awestruck expression on Xia Lian's face, the happiness on the twin's faces became even more noticeable. She did not know what to feel at that moment on seeing the beaming faces of Bohai and Bolin.

Xia Lian's happiness did not last for a moment before it is replaced by a forlorn expression. What is she going to do with this tide of people before her???

She really underestimated these twins, that's the only reason why she said that ' Any manpower is welcomed..' . Now, she really wanted to hit her head against a wall for being so muddle headed earlier.

A maximum of fifty people are enough to take care of the sick. But, where will she stuff hundreds of them? Are these twins so excited that their brains stopped working?

" Bolin and Bohai.." the twins displayed puzzled expressions on hearing their idol's weak voice. They gathered an army of people just to cheer up their idol. What is it with this dispiriting voice ah!!! The clear frown on their faces made Xia Lian cry silent tears in her heart. Why is it that they are making her look like a villain?!

" Master, if you are not satisfied then we can gather even more.. We only want to cheer our idol." Bolin and Bohai cooed in an earnest voice. But, Xia Lian's face displayed a wonderful expression on hearing their words.

Now, the twins were completely puzzled on seeing the petrified expression on their idol's face…


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