My Beautiful Commander
128 Golden Hearts
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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128 Golden Hearts

" M-master?!" Xia Lian's face slowly recovered from the effects of their earlier mind-blowing words. She blinked her eyes at them " What am I going to do with the whole lot of them?"

" They are at your mercy. They will follow your orders without any hesitation." Bolin and Bohai assured her.

" From where exactly did you gather this crowd?" she felt a headache coming over as she enquired them while rubbing her temples.

" Oh! These people are from the families of the patients whom our brother He Chun treated." Xia Lian had a faint feeling that this calm and docile doctor has more than what meets the eye and now it seems that her premonition turned out to be true.

" I am happy that you thought so much for my well-being." she was truly grateful but she cannot possibly use all of them. So, she politely rejected them " I only need about 50-60 people with a strong build to look after the patients. I need about ten others for cleaning and laundry."

On seeing that they are about to retort, He Chun interrupted them " How on earth did you think of bringing about a thousand people for a mere hundred patients?" Bolin and Bohai turned completely speechless after hearing He Chun's words. They now understood their own folly and they rubbed their noses in embarrassment.

Xia Lian sighed at them and she found that they are rather cute when they are embarrassed " I will select the ones to my liking and you can send the others away after giving them a proper explanation." Bolin and Bohai nodded their heads obediently as they did not want to embarrass themselves any more than they already have in front of their idol.

Xia Lian selected about forty men and twenty women to take care of the sick. After allocating the men and women to take care of their respective men and women patients, she motioned the twins to send the remaining away. Xia Lian felt that these people are really kind as they volunteered to help with a single request from the twins. They are very eager to repay He Chun's kindness for treating their illness. True enough, No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. These people proved it.

Bolin and Bohai went forward explaining the situation to the others. Xia Lian expected a mini commotion but she was surprised to see everyone nod their heads in understanding.

She straightened her back on seeing a few elders making their way towards her. She immediately got up and greeted them " These elders,is there anything I can help you with?"

" Ai.. It's nothing." the old men were really pleased with the young lad's attitude. They felt that this kid is quite down to earth and they were relieved that their Doctor He did not make a wrong judgement. So, they spoke in a more amicable tone " Doctor Wu, if you need any help send us a word and we will be right before you.."

Their words made her smile and she also started speaking freely with this bunch of friendly grandpa's " What if I am bad person? You don't know anything about me and you are ready to help me." she could not help but ask in a playful tone.

But, she really did not expect their answer and their words completely shook her heart to the core.

" We trust Doctor He Chun's judgement of people. Everyone respects him and we all love the twins. So, we will not believe that you are a bad person, even if you are the one saying it."

If she said that she was not moved by their words, she would be lying. Such good people with hearts of gold!! Xia Lian had a very very good impression of these people.

" Also, we saw how the twins spoke so highly about you. They said that you are more skilled than Doctor He and that your medical skills are incomparable .. Is that true?" Xia Lian was put in a tight spot now. Just when she was about to say that they are equally skilled, a warm and spring breeze like voice traveled to their ears " Uncles, Doctor Wu is tired. So, save your questions for later."

Just as the words ended, Xia Lian found a large and warm hand dragging her away from the old men. She waved her hands at the old men and turned to look at the broad back of the person who was dragging her. So, this is what it feels like to have an elder brother ah! Her lips tugged up sub-consciously as she called out " Brother He.."

He Chun turned around after hearing the kid address him intimately and surprise was clearly written all over his face. Xia Lian's eyes had an evil in them as she noticed his reaction " Brother He, I can walk by myself. So can you leave my hands?"

For a moment He Chun thought that this kid was cute when he was teasing him. So, he raised his brows as if challenging Xia Lian as he left his hands only to hook them around the brat's neck.Since, Xia Lian was way shorter than He Chun she was easily dragged along by him.

The scene looked like two best friends hugging each other side by side and walking together harmoniously.


The sound of porcelain containers smashing the floor and breaking into several pieces echoed in the tranquil atmosphere. Bao Su was now looking at the pair of doctors who are in an their own world with an indecipherable expression on his face.

However, his inner chaos betrayed his outer placid demeanor.

' I am done for this time. Fourth prince is going to murder me for sure. It's time to bid goodbye to all my close people.' Bao Su's mind was filled with thoughts of his nearing death. He was also pitying the fourth prince on the sidelines. The prince is going to have a tough time in winning her heart with all these potential suitors by her side. Now, she is just 12 and she is attracting a colony of bees and butterflies. He can almost imagine the situation after three years. Bao Su sighed and vowed in his heart he would light some incense sticks and pray with all his heart for the fourth prince's road of love to be less bumpy.


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