My Beautiful Commander
130 The student surpasses master
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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130 The student surpasses master

As expected, Bao Su was waiting for her at the training grounds. She hurried her steps as she didn't want to be a bad student in his eyes.

Standing before him, she started to place the books on her head. Due to her practice on the previous night, she was now able to balance all the books on the head without much difficulty.

" Start walking and take it slow. One step at a time.." she muttered a low sound indicating that she understood his advice. Taking in a deep breath, Xia Lian took a step forward with utmost care so as to not drop the books. She never expected that Bao Su would actually shake his head in disapproval " You cannot defeat your enemies with that snail pace of yours.. Faster.."

She was able to balance the pile of books for a short while before they came tumbling down. Grimacing, she picked them up and continued to practice. This routine continued for a few days.

During this time, the little bunny spent most of his time watching his sister practice hard. Unknown to him, a deep desire to become strong started to burn in his heart. He wanted to be strong, strong like her. He decided to speak with his sister, once she is free from her training. So, he continued to watch her everyday.

Most of the patients in the hospital started to become better and they wanted to thank their benefactor. When Xia Lian was informed of this, she simply instructed Fan Ling to tell them that she was in training and she will not meet them anytime soon. If anyone wanted to go to their families, they are free to do so.

Measles, pox and allergies are the things that are considered incurable in this era and these people were forsaken by their families because they are infected by them. But, she had done her best and cured them completely. So, if anyone wanted to leave she would gladly allow them to leave.

Xia Lian resumed her training after dismissing Fan Ling. Now, she was able to twirl, twist and rotate with the books on her head. Not allowing this smug victory to affect her, Bao Su replaced the books with porcelain jars and watched her struggle. So far, he was satisfied with her progress. He had to admit that she is a fast learner and he was more than happy to groom her. The fourth prince did not place him by her side for nothing.

He still remembered the prince's words " Make sure to protect her. If she wants you to train her, do not go easy on her. Only harsh training will give good results."

The prince really values her and he sighed softly at that thought while continuing to watch her balance the jar. Not giving her time to celebrate, he placed two jars on her hands one on each respectively.

Looking at the stern expression on his face, Xia Lian gulped and started to walk fast without uttering even a single word. Not long after a crashing sound reverberated through the silent air. With a defeated expression she turned around only to find Bao Su pointing to the stack of jars beside him. Grinning, she grabbed three jars and continued to train.

After a few days, she finally managed to master the art of balancing. The first step was now completed. Without showering her with any flowery words, Bao Su simply gave her a fat scroll and excused himself from the training grounds. She understood that she had to rely on herself now.

Without leaving any room for complaints, she started to understand all the movements described in the scroll. After making sure that she understood, she started to follow the instructions listed in the book. The exercises consisted of physical training and mind concentration improving exercises.

After many failed attempts, she finally managed to enact all the movements in the scroll. Realising that she was finally able to sense her internal qi, Xia Lian was ecstatic. With additional vigor, she started trying to channel her internal qi to different parts of her body.

After one month,


A huge tree came crashing to the ground.

Bao Su's face had a satisfied look on his face watching Xia Lian bring down the tree. Bringing down such a huge tree with a sword is impossible. Only with the help of inner qi such feats can be accomplished. Now that she was able to do, proved that she mastered the art of inner qi.

" Good! Now, fight me.." Xia Lian's face had the smile of a predator as soon as she heard his words. Bao Su was clearly looking forward to her as he was the one who knew how hard she worked all these days. She was able to draw all the matches between them. But, what he wanted is to see her completely crush him. Only then he can say that he trained her well.

There was not a moment of hesitation as the girl charged right at him. The slicing sound of the air by her sword made him cringe for a moment before he dodged her attack.

She was getting better and Bao Su had no doubts about that.

The two of them exchanged blows for a short while soaring high in the air before Bao Su ended up on falling on his back with her sword poking his throat.

" You lost..." Though the girl was completely covered in sweat and dirt, her grin outshined all the gems in the world.

" And I think there is nothing left to teach you." Bao Su smiled faintly at her.

" The student surpassed her master." It was not a touchy compliment but Xia Lian's eyes turned into crescents due to the hard to suppress smile blooming on her face. It was the first time he complimented her in this one month. He had been unbelievably strict with her all this time but she felt all her weariness disappear as soon as she heard his words.

They may be simple, but those were the words which she wanted to hear the most.

" Sister, you are amazing." her original happy mood increased to a ten fold after hearing her little bunny's compliment.


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