My Beautiful Commander
136 The Two Illusionists
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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136 The Two Illusionists

"Achoo.." Wu Gong sneezed loudly as he felt a chill on his back. Someone must be cursing him, he mumbled under his breath for a while before getting back to his work.

Priest Lao thought for a while. Since, the jade is in her hands there is nothing to worry about. With the aura concealed, no one could sense her and trouble her. With a flick of his sleeve, a scroll appeared in his hands. This scroll should be given to it's rightful heir, and since the prince knew her there was no need for him to meet the girl at the moment. So, he passed the scroll to Xuan Li Wei.

" Give this scroll to her.." Xuan Li Wei caught the scroll and nodded in agreement while examining it. There was a dragon seal on the scroll, similar to the one on his scroll back then.

Subconsciously, his hands traveled to the seal but his hand stopped in mid air as he was interrupted by a calm voice " Don't even think about it! You can't open it. It only recognizes the soul."

" Is there anything else you want me to convey to her?" Xuan Li Wei naturally heeded his words and did not touch the seal again.

" Tell her not to remove or lose the jade at any cost. It is of paramount importance. And give her this scroll, for it contains the necessary information about her weapon."

" All right, then I will be taking my leave Priest Lao." Xuan Li Wei bowed slightly and on seeing the old priest nod his head, he made his way towards the door. Xuan Li Wei flew towards the imperial palace with a thousand thoughts in his mind. Most of all, he was excited that he could meet up with his wifey again using the scroll as an excuse.

Meanwhile in the dark city,

Xia Lian busied herself in preparing pills and medicinal powders. She was now engrossed in concocting the antidote against all poisons. She knew what types of poisons are there in this world and making antidotes for them is a piece of cake to her. But, she had ideas and recipes of poisons which can be considered as deadly and sinister. She crafted about ten new poisons but decided not to sell them, for she can imagine the chaos once such poisons are out. Selling one poison is more than enough. These poisons will be her special weapon and her secret trump card.

Now, she was racking her brain hard to create an antidote which can nullify the effects of all her signature poisons.Feeling tired, she pushed the matter of antidote to the back of her head.

Xia Lian rubbed her chin and her eyes twinkled brightly as an idea struck her like a bolt of lightning. Why didn't she think about it earlier?

As if injected with chicken blood, Xia Lian immediately pumped her fists and sprinted towards the crates containing medicinal herbs. Fishing out three kinds of herbs, she started to grind the herbs.

" Master, we finished making pills." Bolin chirped happily. It was his first time making such exquisite pills and he was so excited that even now his cheeks are flushed up and to be precise he looked like a red tomato who was waiting to be praised.

Xia Lian suppressed her laugh on seeing his appearance and praised him generously " You did well. If you work diligently, I will teach you the art of poison concoction and recipes of various medicines."

" hehe.. Thanks master. You are so generous.." Bolin buttered up Xia Lian, while the latter's lips twitched in amusement. She spoke in a voice tinged with laughter " I am not so generous. Now, take these herbs and draw out the liquid essence from them." she handed over the ground herbs to him.

" Yes, master.." Bolin's voice was filled with reverence which made Xia Lian's ears go red from embarrassment. Bolin naturally noticed this and he could not help but think that his master is cute. Then again, he noticed the dragon ornament on her shoulder. He noticed it the first time he saw this tiny doctor and he was intrigued by it. He remained silent as it was rude to ask a person about such things. But now they are in a master-student relationship. So, he felt that he can ask this question to sate his curiosity.

" Erm.. Master.." Bolin cleared his throat awkwardly.

" What is it?" Xia Lian did not think much as she knew that this fellow is always curious, and she did not hate it as it was a good trait which most students are lacking nowadays.

" What is the story behind the dragon ornament on your shoulder?"

Now, this question caught Xia Lian off guard. She did not expect this question out of the blue. She tilted her head to look at the dragon head which is resting peacefully on her shoulder.

" It's a simple ornament which caught my eye." Xia Lian then placed her hands on her hips and questioned the tomato standing before her " Aren't I looking good?"

Bolin very seriously nodded his head " Yes, master. You look absolutely stunning." Xia Lian had a smug smile on her face as she was openly gloating about the compliment she received.

Bohai who just entered the room was rendered speechless on seeing this comical scene. He stared at Xia Lian who was dressed in simple and wrinkled black robes. Her hair resembled a birds nest.

How in the world can one describe this appearance as stunning? He then stared at himself, if doctor Wu is stunning in that pathetic appearance then he can call himself as an ethereal beauty. Shaking his head in a helpless manner, he just placed the pills on the table and retreated from the room filled with illusionists. He didn't want to become like them.

" Chirp.." Xia Lian's ears perked up on hearing the birdie chirp. She tilted her head only to find a blue bird similar to her Bubba standing on the window with a paper tied to it's leg. Yes, she named her messenger bird Bubba.

The flirty prince sent her a message ah! Xia Lian was in a particularly good mood today. So, she happily sprinted towards the bird and opened the seal to read the message. But the huge grin was immediately replaced with a furious expression as she read the message. This prince is seriously lacking a beating!


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