My Beautiful Commander
137 Going to Pulverize him
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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137 Going to Pulverize him

" Lian Lian, I know that you are missing your prince so much. Pitying you, I decided to grace you with my visit. Place and timing at your discretion; I will be there at any cost.

By the way I have a gift for you. Now now, don't get excited. Waiting for your reply."

Xia Lian had murder written all over her face. Bolin didn't know what was written in that letter, but he was scared on seeing this terrifying side of his master. Not knowing what to do, he ran outside and immediately sent Bao Su into the room.

Bao Su blinked his eyes in confusion. He really did not understand why this Bolin dragged him all the way here. And why did that kid run away as soon as he entered the room? Bao Su was truly puzzled by these turn of events. Then, his gaze fell on the bird and paper in Xia Lian's hand. Bao Su's face darkened as he had a faint premonition as of what happened just now. What did the almighty general write that made this little master of his look like a furnace ready to explode at any instant?

Slowly and cautiously, he walked towards his little master. He cleared his throat awkwardly " Master, what is wrong?"

Xia Lian shoved the nonsensical letter into his hands. Out of curiosity, Bao Su started reading the letter. But soon, his face was covered with cold sweat. What is this prince thinking? Openly flirting with the little devil! Their general was truly having a death wish ah!

" Lian Lian? Am I his pet?" Xia Lian's voice was frighteningly cold; Bao Su gulped.

" My prince? When did I declare him as mine?!" This prince was truly looking for his death; Xia Lian decided to grant his wish.

" He will grace me with his visit. What am I? Is he thinking that I am some love struck concubine waiting for his visit?" the little demon was truly agitated now.

Bao Su was horrified " Master, you must absolutely not think like that?"

Xia Lian shifted her ice frost face towards him " Those misleading words will be interpreted by anyone in the same way. What, are you having any problem with that?" That made the poor shadow guard shut his mouth; he shook his head like a rattle drum which made Xia Lian's gloomy heart a bit lighter.

" And how in the world did he feel that I am excited to see him?" she spat out these words while gritting her teeth. Bao Su felt truly bad for Xuan Li Wei now.

" Initially, I am not.." Xia Lian thought for a while before adding with a sinister smile on her handsome face " But now I am super excited to meet him as soon as possible."

" Eh?!" Bao Su was not able to cope up with these sudden mood changes in his master. What is this sudden change?! But, her next words made him instantly petrified and he lit hundreds of candles in his heart praying for the safety of their general.

" I am going to pulverize him at the instant I see him.." Xia Lian cracked her knuckles in anticipation. She was imagining the scene where she was going to beat the crap out of this narcissist prince. It was such a beautiful picture, thanks to her excellent imagination skills.

" That psychopathic prince.." Xia Lian muttered under her breath while grinding the herbs. Directing all her anger and hate towards the herbs, she ground them at an astonishing speed. Bao Su zipped his lips and silently assisted his fuming master by handing her fresh set of herbs at regular intervals.

" That frenzied flirt is going to be reduced to smithereens.."

" That demented maniac of a general, I am going to dismember him alive."

" That insane illusionist sure has some vivid imaginations. I should knock some sense into that mud brain of his.."

This series of indecipherable curses continued for a long long time; Bao Su was now truly in awe of their general. If it was a normal letter, then she would have just read it. But now, her mind was literally filled with the thoughts of their general; Bao Su totally disregarded that the thoughts in Xia Lian's mind are completely filled the vibe of murder and torture. He was looking on the bright side of the present events.

It seems that he truly underestimated their general ah! Such terrific way of courting someone; it was his first time witnessing such passionate love ah!

Then again he stared at his master who was still in the process of cursing the general. He could not help but pity his master who was clearly falling into the trap of a certain big bad wolf. Never in his dreams did he expect that their general is black bellied and on top of that such a shameless flirt! He sighed for the umpteenth time; he was truly powerless and he could not possibly warn his little master, can he?

Should he support his prince or warn his innocent little master? He was completely baffled. Bao Su weighed all the possible options in his mind before finally deciding to support their general. One is a fearless and kindhearted devil while the other is a two faced war god. Such an exciting combination! He truly loved to see these two become a couple ah! So, he unanimously decided to support his prince.

" Bao Su.." He snapped out from his ridiculous train of thoughts as soon as he heard his master call out from him. Bao Su apologized to Xia Lian in his heart for not warning her ah! He truly wanted to be the cupid for this couple.

" Find out when the auction is going to take place." Xia Lian was now interested in the auction. It's been sometime since she heard from the old man in the auction house. Bao Su nodded his head and immediately rushed out to complete the task at hand.


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