My Beautiful Commander
138 Going for Live Testing
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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138 Going for Live Testing

The guards standing outside the Black dragon auction house immediately recognized Bao Su; how could they forget the group who introduced the sinister new poison ' Silent Night'.

Without asking any further questions, they immediately led him to the VIP room. But, Bao Su was not here for their hospitality. So, he directly asked them " Where is your appraiser Du Weng? I need to meet him."

" Y-yes young lord, please take a seat. I will bring old maester Du Weng to you in a while. He is wrapped up at the moment with examining potions."

Bao Su didn't make it difficult for the young guard " Hmm.. Then I will be waiting in here." The guards thanked him for his easy going attitude and left the VIP cube to inform the old appraiser about his arrival.

In another general room,

Du Weng felt his lips twitch in annoyance while examining the so called omnipotent potion. The potion maker guaranteed that those who consume this potion will have their physique developed and that their internal qi will develop by leaps and bounds. Though feeling skeptical about such exaggerated words, he patiently tested the potion.

Instead of improving one's physique, it destroyed the meridians in their body. What omnipotent? It was clearly a fraud!

" Maester Du Weng, what are the results?" the young man who was the so called creator of this useless potion seemed very excited about the results as his excitement was clearly reflected in his voice.

Du Weng was now completely vexed up with all these quacks. From the last week, he examined many such useless potions. Even his patience has a limit!

" What omnipotent potion? Didn't you see the results with your own eyes?!" Du Weng was clearly pissed off " On what basis are you still expecting positive results?"

" Just get out of our auction house. Don't sully our good name with your presence. Scram now.."

On seeing that the young man before him being in a daze, Du Weng was further angered " Do you want me to call the guards and throw you out?" The young man snapped out of his daze and immediately scurried out of the old man's sight.

Du Weng patted his heaving chest and slumped onto the chair in defeat. Why is the new generation filled with such useless scums? He could not help but lament. Then again, he subconsciously remembered the fiery tempered kid who concocted a brand new poison.

What kind of heaven defying poisons will the kid develop? If he concocts potions, what kind of effects will they have? Du Weng was completely immersed in his fantasies of elixirs and toxins.

" Maester.." Du Weng tilted his head in annoyance.He was unhappy; the guard disturbed his thoughts. The guard sensed the old man's annoyance, but he was helpless. The guest was an important one and he could not neglect him. So, he courageously spoke " Maester, did you remember the person who concocted the poison called ' Silent Night'?"

Du Weng stared at the flustered guard before him with an ' Are you an idiot?' expression. How could he, the maester forget about poisons and potions?

The guard also recognized his folly and immediately corrected himself "A person from that group came to meet you. I made him sit in the VIP room.."


Not allowing the guard to complete his words, Du Weng rushed towards the VIP section with a lightning speed. The young guard had a bewildered expression on his face as he stared at the old man's back.

The door of the room opened with a loud bang and Du Weng entered the room gasping for his breath. The little white hair on the old man's head was now blown up and he looked like a hen without feathers. His old face was now flushed up due to the lack of air. Bao Su raised his brows in amusement after seeing the sorry appearance of this appraiser.

" It's you young lord. What about Doctor Wu?" the old man was visibly disappointed.

" Doctor Wu is busy concocting some new potions. So, he could not come personally and he asked me to apologise on his behalf."

" No, No.. I do not dare to accept apologies from the great doctor." Are they kidding him? He was not looking for his death ah! If this doctor Wu is displeased, who knows which poison will be used on him? He was not so eager to enter the gates of hell. He was simply curious,that's all.

" Fret not, Maester. Doctor Wu is not the one to bear grudges on such trifling matters. You can speak at ease."

" You are so humble, young lord. So, can I know what brings you here?"

" Ah! Doctor Wu is curious about when the auction will take place?" Bao Su squinted his brows making the old man break into a cold sweat. Like master, like followers.. Even the subordinates of this Doctor Wu are no ordinary people. Such terrifying pressure; Du Weng gulped in fear.

" The grand auction is going to commence in three days from now. We are about to send over the invitation to your place. Since, you are here I will personally hand it over to you." Du Weng handed over an invitation in gold to Bao Su.

" Thank you Maester. Doctor Wu asked me to inform you that he will be bringing two new potions on the day of auction." Du Weng's eyes brightened after hearing his words. It was as if someone had pulled him back from the abyss of hell.

" Then what about the testing?"

" No need to worry about that. Doctor Wu said that he will go for live testing." Du Weng widened his eyes in disbelief. Live testing; testing before the huge audience, and what if something goes wrong? Is doctor Wu not afraid of such consequences?

There gotta be only one explanation: ' He was really confident of his skills..'.Du Weng couldn't help but admire the young doctor's courage.

" You can publicize about this live testing without any worries." Bao Su chuckled " I will be taking my leave now." Without giving Du Weng a chance to pose any further questions, Bao Su left the place.

Du Weng contemplated for a while. If the live testing is a success, the auction house reputation will soar along with Doctor Wu's popularity. If it is a failure, only Doctor Wu's reputation will be tarnished. The auction house will not suffer any serious damages, the only exception being a little bad mouth talk which can be easily controlled. It was worth the risk. So, Du Weng decided to speak with the owner about this new development. He needed the owner's permission before publicizing anything.


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