My Beautiful Commander
139 A Sweet Reply
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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139 A Sweet Reply

" Master, one of our client requested for live testing." Du Weng spoke in a shaky voice as he stood in the dark room.

" Requested?" the man's voice had a dangerous vibe to it. He heard the earlier conversation; nothing could escape his ears. It was not a request, he was sure of that. But, the little doctor is interesting. Even his servants are fearless.

" Erm.. Master.." Du Weng started to panic. No matter how many times he spoke with this venerable deity, he could not help but feel fear seep out from his bones.

" Do according to their wishes.." the man in the dark chuckled lightly.

Du Weng was dazed for a moment before he recovered quickly excusing himself " Then it will be done accordingly, master."

" Hmm.. You can leave now."

Du Weng fled the room as he did not want to be suffocate himself to death by staying in that damn room any longer. His master was way too terrific. But, what made his master accept Doctor Wu's request so easily; even he was doubtful about this scenario. Pushing all his doubts to the back of his mind, Du Weng started to make the necessary arrangements.


In the medicine room,

" Master.."

Xia Lian who was engrossed in concocting her new potion, answered without raising her head " Hmm.. What did they say?"

" Three days from today, Grand auction is going to take place. They naturally agreed to the live testing."

Bao Su's answer made Xia Lian smirk evilly.

" Get me paper and brush, Bao Su. I am occupied at the moment." her blissful voice somehow made Bao Su shudder. He was sure that something or someone is at bad luck today. No matter what grievances his heart suffered, he brought all the items like an obedient cat. After placing them on the table, he started grinding the ink.

" Master, everything is ready.." Xia Lian got up and washed her hands after hearing his faint voice. On seeing that he even prepared the ink, her little heart melted into a puddle.

" Thank you.." she sincerely thanked him, but the other party was naturally confused. So, he scratched his head while looking at her with bewildered expression.

" M-Master, did you thank me?"

" Yes.." she rolled her eyes at this puzzled fool. Who else is there in the room other than them ah?! This guard of hers is getting more and more stupid with each minute.

" Why?"

On hearing the genuine confusion in his voice, Xia Lian laughed out loudly. Her guard is an adorable fool.. He clearly didn't think that he did something that should be thanked for and she didn't bother to explain him either. So, she shook her head " Nothing.."

Then ignoring the dazed fellow behind her, she dipped the brush in the ink and squinted her brows thinking deeply. She should give that idiotic prince a reply now. But, she was angry at him. Now, she really didn't know if she should scold him or not.

Bao Su's lips twitched with amusement on seeing her thinking hard. The pensive look on her face almost made him laugh out loud. Their Prince is too clever ah! Making this little master think about him all the time is no easy feat. Bao Su was completely impressed by Xuan Li Wei.

Xia Lian tapped the brush against her forehead. No matter what she wrote she knew that she cannot make that flirty prince lose his temper. She suddenly stopped tapping her forehead as a diabolical smile bloomed on her refined jade like face. And that smile of her made Bao Su uneasy.

With renewed vigour, Xia Lian started scribbling on the letter. She directed all her anger on that poor paper; her strong and wild strokes clearly reflected that she used extra strength while writing that letter.

Xia Lian grunted in satisfaction after reading the letter and blowed on it to dry it quickly. She could not wait to send it to that flirty prince.

She tilted her head as she felt a burning gaze on her back. She found Bao Su trying his best to peek at the letter. On seeing her turn abruptly, the poor fellow froze like a statue. He only wanted to see what his master wrote ah! How did he end up getting caught in the act? Cursing his misfortune, he cried silent tears when he noticed Xia Lian's amused look. It was as if she was watching a clown perform a play. Well, he was standing on his toes and his body was bent in a weird angle, and he definitely looked like a clown.

" If you are so curious, then you can ask me. Why perform stunts ah!" Xia Lian was particularly happy today, she handed him the letter so that the poor cat could satisfy his curiosity.

The poor guard took a casual look at the letter, but in the next instant his eyes popped out and his mouth formed into an 'O'. He was too stunned to speak anything. Xia Lian was completely satisfied after seeing his reaction. Though a certain person had no shame and she could almost imagine his smug smile after reading it, it was worth the risk. The merrier he is, the easier it is for her to knock him down later.

Pulling the letter from her electrocuted guard's hands, Xia Lian tied it to the bird and released it into the sky.

Bao Su still did not recover from the shock. He expected a letter full of curses, but why is it filled with honeyed sweet nothings. Did his master's brain suffer a serious damage?



Xuan Li Wei lifted his head from the stack of documents and his cold face had traces of warmth on seeing the bird. His wife finally decided to reply ah! He could almost imagine her reaction after reading his words. Now, he was curious about what was written in that letter.

Just when he was about to break the seal, the letter was snatched from his hands. He turned around with a vicious expression on his face, but the other party had no fear on his face.

" What?? I am not scared of you!" Jun Moyin exclaimed and his face showed an expression of disdain as he said the following words " I did not expect you to flirt even through the letter. Let me see my sister-in-law's reply first. Humph.."

He was by this perverted prince's side, while the latter composed such a flirtatious letter. So, he was curious as how his sis-in-law replied ah!


" pfft.. Hahaha.." Jun Moyin roared with laughter after a while. His sister-in-law was truly a gem. He never expected that she would reply in the same way. He raised his head only to find Xuan Li Wei's darkened face. The poor prince's agitated heart was itching to read the letter.

Jun Moyin rolled his eyes at a certain restless person..

"Here, read it till your eyes fall from your sockets.." he generously handed the letter to his brother.

Xuan Li Wei grabbed the letter and snorted at his little brother's antics. What did she write in there that made this little pimp laugh like a maniac? He was now truly curious.

" Wei Wei, my prince..

Let's meet at the Black Dragon Auction House, three days from this day. This one is looking forward to your visit with all her heart. Don't keep me waiting for too long; my fragile heart can't wait for too long.

I have nothing to gift you, but I will give you a passionate welcome ah! You will find it difficult to forget for the rest of your life. hehe.."

A certain prince's eyes widened in surprise. He then squinted his eyes and observed the letter carefully. He did not read it wrong, but the strokes are written with heavy force. He could almost imagine how furious she was while writing these sugar coated words.

" pfft.." At last, even he was not able to stop laughing. Such a sweet reply, but he could sense her fury behind each word. He carefully read the letter again, and broke out into a second round of laughter.

Fragile heart.. Passionate welcome.. How in the world did she write such words?

His wife was cute.. Too cute..

On seeing the love struck expression on his brother's face, Jun Moyin's face twitched. His brother was hopeless, truly hopeless!


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