My Beautiful Commander
140 Bunny Tactics
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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140 Bunny Tactics

After sending the letter, Xia Lian stretched her hands and made her way towards the little bunny's room. It's been a while since she spent some quality time with the kid. She knew that he was training in martial arts and all, but she didn't want him to mature too early. He was a kid and he should enjoy the bliss of childhood.

Knock. Knock. A series of rhythmic sounds sounded in the room stirring a sleeping bunny awake. He slowly stretched his numb limbs and slowly got out of the bed. He then placed his tiny foot on the floor but he felt a sharp pain in his legs as soon as his feet touched the floor. He should not cry, he is a big boy and he should not let his sister worry about him. So, he gritted his teeth and started to limp slowly towards the door.

Xia Lian placed her hands on her hips after knocking on the door. It remained silent for a while before she heard a soft rustling sound followed by strained foot steps. She scrunched her brows when she noticed the irregular sound of the footsteps. She had a faint premonition as of what is going on with her little one and she sighed softly.

Creak! On hearing the soft sound of the door being opened, Xia Lian plastered a smile on her face.

The door slowly opened and a little face popped out.

" Ming!" Xia Lian's smile froze on seeing his pale face. Without second thoughts, she carried the little bunny in her arms and shut the door on Bao Su's face, who scratched his head helplessly before leaving.

She touched the little fellow's forehead and relaxed when she found that he is not burning. She then pressed his arms and the little one grunted in discomfort. Xia Lian laid him on his back on the bed and took out massage oil from the cupboard.

" Sister!" the excitement in his voice did not escape her ears and she smirked at him " Hmm, I am here. Don't worry, I will make your pain fly away!"

Little Ming's face fell; he never thought that his sister would discover that his arms are hurting. He thought that he covered it well, it seems that he did a bad job at it. He wanted to be a big man and he failed miserably at it.

Calmly observing the various reactions on his face, Xia Lian sat on the bed by his bed and poured some oil onto her hands. Rubbing the oil onto her palms she started to massage his legs and hands. The little one's face visibly relaxed under her skilled hands. Finally being relieved of the pain, he slowly fell asleep on her lap.

Xia Lian stopped massaging as soon as he fell asleep. She then made him lie down in a comfortable position before slipping under the covers and hugging the little one gently in her arms. She stared at the ceiling with a hundred thoughts running rampant in her mind, she was not feeling sleepy anyway.

The sky outside turned dark and the sleeping bunny finally stirred awake. He slowly got up and rubbed his eyes hoping to catch a glimpse of his sister. He remembered that she came to see him.

" Finally you are awake huh?"

Xia Ming blinked his eyes and his surroundings became clear. He found his sister leaning against the wall with a lazy smile on her face. The little one's face brightened up as he spoke in an excited voice " Sister, I have been practicing martial arts. Now, am I a big boy?"

" pfft..." Xia Lian chortled and immediately coughed to suppress her smile on seeing his pouting face. This fellow is too cute for his own good!

" No matter what, you are always a little boy in my eyes." She flicked his forehead gently and sighed " With you sister here, no one will dare harm us. So, you can play all you want." But, her words did not make him happiest in the slightest and the frown on his face deepened. Humph! He will prove his sister that he is a very big boy!

Xia Lian raised her brows on seeing her frowning bunny. She started to tickle him and in no time the little bunny's face turned into a deep shade of red due to the heavy round of laughter. Despite all her efforts, he still tried to maintain a stoic face not knowing that it made him look irresistible in her eyes.

Not able to control herself anymore, Xia Lian smooched him heavily on both of his cheeks which made the little one break into a huge smile. Now, she found another interesting thing about her little brother. He liked her kisses, and she loved kissing him ah! It's a win-win situation. So, She decided in her heart to rain him with kisses all the time.

She pondered for a while when she suddenly remembered a certain task which she entrusted to Fan Ling. It's almost time she checked the progress of that task. Scooping the little one in her arms, she made her way towards the outer shed at the back of the hospital.

It was far from the hospital building and there were different types of vegetable plantations all along the huge area. She slowly walked forward observing her surroundings and answering the little one's questions along the way.

Fan Ling was busily inspecting the sacks when she heard the voices approaching her from a distance. Recognizing her master's voice, she immediately turned around with a faint smile on her voice.

" Master, is anything wrong?" she asked with a concerned voice making Xia Lian smile.

" Everything is good." she answered and focused her gaze on the numerous gunny bags before her " Are they ready?"

" Yes, Master." Fan Ling immediately went forward and opened one of the gunny bag. Xia Lian went forward and examined the goods with her free hand. Good! Everything is ready.


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