My Beautiful Commander
141 Forcing Him
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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141 Forcing Him

" Sister, what are those?" Xia Ming was confused. He never saw these golden little things. So, there was a natural curiosity in his voice.

" These are dried corn kernels. Erm, you can say corn seeds!" she explained him using the most simple words she can. Corn was not much used in the cuisine here. Rice was used in almost every home and corn was a rarely seen.

But, Dark City is a home for all kinds of goods. Merchants from many neighboring countries come here to sell their goods. She accidentally saw a foreign merchant selling corn, she was so excited that she made Fan Ling buy all of his merchandise. The poor fellow who thought that he wouldn't be able to sell anything was overjoyed when he heard Fan Ling say that she would buy everything. He repeatedly thanked her much to the dismay of the girl.

Fan Ling knew about this corn, but she was horrified when her master asked her to dry half of the corn in the sun. She was not able to understand why her master is wasting such large quantities of food, she was unhappy but she remained quiet. She would never question her master's actions. But, who knew that Xia Lian actually saw through her struggles. Xia Lian assured the dejected girl that she was going to show her a new dish, which the latter obviously did not believe.

But now the corn is completely dried and each kernel is as hard as a rock. She was unable to endure anymore and curiosity got the better of her.

" Master, now that the corn is dried what are you planning to do?" Xia Lian smirked at the girl's question. What was she going to do? Well, it's time to unleash her skills! Handing over the little bunny in her arms to Fan Ling, she grabbed a sack on her shoulder and made her way towards the kitchen.

" M-Master, let me carry the bag!" a certain girl's cries were naturally ignored. Xia Ming comforted the panicking Fan Ling by softly tapping her cheeks with his plump hands.

" Brother Fan, big brother is very excited today. So, don't worry!" Fan Ling's heart turned into soft cotton after hearing his words. Such a cute and chubby kid! Who would not want him?

" Doctor Wu!" Xia Lian turned towards He Chun who was sprinting towards her carrying the fat medical book which she gifted him in his hands. He was holding the book as if it's his precious treasure and she openly rolled her eyes at him.

" Brother He Chun! sigh..." Why is this He Chun studying as if it's the end of the world tomorrow. This is not a competitive world like the modern era ah! Why couldn't he relax a bit ? She was not happy and rubbed her chin while squinting her eyes at him.

" Hehe.." He Chun felt chills on his back after hearing her laughter which was completely filled with malice. He wanted to clear his doubts and he absolutely had no intentions of disturbing this little doctor. But, why is he sensing such murderous aura around this kid?

" Brother He, you can read this encyclopedia anytime. Let's relax and enjoy life ah! Come on, come with me." without giving any chance for him to reject her words, she dragged his long sleeves with her free hand. So, a certain poor doctor had no choice but to follow her.

" Doctor Wu, what is an encilopadio?"

" Eh?!" Xia Lian almost tripped after hearing his silly question. Hehe, he was not able to pronounce encyclopedia. He was not at fault since she spoke that word in English. But, that did not stop her from chuckling.

" Brother He, it means a stupid fat book." He Chun naturally believed her and sighed. Why is this brat calling his own book as a stupid book. This kid is truly reckless, he shook his helplessly and followed her like a puppet.

" Doctor Wu?" Xia Lian snapped at a certain fellow " It's not Doctor Wu, it's Brother Wu! I will answer your questions only if you address me as your brother." She crossed her arms across her chest and glared at him.

" Alright, It's Brother Wu then!" He Chun finally lost it and Xia Lian smiled in triumph. Bao Su stared at the smug smile on kid's face and face-palmed.

" Why did you drag me into the kitchen?" He never thought that he would be dragged into the kitchen by this kid. What exactly is this Doctor Wu planning to do now?

" Such a stupid question!" Xia Lian snorted at him making him choke on his breath " Of course, it's to cook! Why else would one enter a kitchen ah? That's the reason why you shouldn't spend all your time churning that fat book!"

He Chun was rendered speechless and he could only nod his head. It's not as if he had another choice!

" So, what are we cooking?" he could only ask that while rolling up his sleeves.

" What's the hurry doc? Here, wear this!" He Chun caught the piece of white cloth which was thrown at him. One look at that apron and his face darkened instantly. How in the world could he wear such thing!

He lifted his head wanting to deny wearing that apron. But, his words were caught up in his throat when he saw the brat before him dressed up in a cute bunny apron; the worst thing is that the kid was now looking at him and the apron successively silently threatening him to wear his apron.

Oh God! Why is he finding Doctor Wu cute?

Then again he glanced at the bunny apron in his hands. How could he wear such thing! Swallowing his silent tears, He Chun slowly put on the apron.

" Good! Brother He, you are looking good!" Xia Lian genuinely praised him.

Outside the kitchen, Bao Su clutched his heart when he heard his master's words. He was searching for Xia Lian, to inform her that Xuan Li Wei sent her a message that he would be there for the auction with Jun Moyin. He was informed that she headed towards the kitchen. So, he happily sprinted towards the kitchen while humming a song. But, he never expected to hear such words as soon as he reached the kitchen ah!

His heart was instantly shattered into a million pieces. The Fourth prince will definitely strangle him to death!


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