My Beautiful Commander
142 Popcorn
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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142 Popcorn

" Master!" Bao Su rushed into the kitchen with a gloomy face. Xia Lian didn't even bother with this fool. She knew that he would be excited like a clown for trivial matters. She gathered the firewood and squatted on the floor to start the fire.

" Brother Wu, leave the fire to me." He Chun squatted beside her, no matter what he couldn't let a kid do all the heavy work. That's what the adults are for. Considering himself the only adult in that tiny group, he volunteered himself. She would be a fool if she did not accept such kindness; she happily got up with a huge grin on her face.

Bao Su was unable to watch this anymore. Not caring for any etiquette, he dragged Xia Lian by her hand making her extremely surprised. Bao Su never acted out of his line and she was wondering what made him drag her away like that.

* cough* she could only clear her throat to get his attention; which she successfully did. Bao Su released her hands and scratched his head awkwardly. He then told her about Xuan Li Wei's reply.

" You dragged me away like that only to tell me that the stupid prince is coming?"

Stupid prince? It seems that the prince really had a peculiar position in her heart ah! Bao Su smiled wryly " I got carried away master. Hehe."

" Eh? Seeing your excitement, I thought that you are meeting your love ah! Who knew that it was that flirty prince. So, he is coming! I am waiting for him to show his face. Now, let's go back!" Indicating that she understood, she made her way towards the kitchen; this time with her dragging the poor shadow guard along with her.

He Chun took out the cooking utensils and started to preheat them. On seeing that the kid returned, he naturally spoke " Brother Wu, everything is ready. We can start."

" Bao Su, stay here and don't interrupt me in the middle." Only after making sure that this stupid fellow understood what she said, did she grab the pail of oil.

" Brother He, you can just stay by the side and watch me cook." She is not going to make something which is difficult. It is the one of the most easiest recipes in the world and she definitely did not require someone to assist her. He Chun very obediently stood by her side.

The cooking utensil was large and Xia Lian was satisfied because only with such utensil will she be able to cook for all these people. She poured a generous amount of oil into the utensil and waited for a few minutes for it to get heated. Then, under all the curious gazes she picked up many handfuls of corn kernels and dropped them in gently and started to fry them. In the beginning all were skeptical of what Xia Lian was doing; then something unbelievable occurred in front of their eyes.

Pop! A corn kernel burst opened and a white thing appeared.

Pop! Pop! Before they could make head or tails of what is happening, a series of popping sounds followed.

" Brother He, bring me a plate large enough to cover this vessel." He Chun immediately fished out a large plate and covered the vessel by himself.

" Well then, it will be ready in a few minutes. We need to take the vessel out from the fire after the popping sound ceases."

After a while, the popping sound completely stopped indicating that the popcorn is ready. Xia Lian happily sprinted towards it and removed the plate used as a cover. All one saw is a huge sea of white cotton like things. She then mixed the popcorn with salt and black pepper, since they are the only spices she could find at the moment. She then transferred them into bowls and handed them to the curious specimens around her.

" This dish is called popcorn. Have a taste of it." After handing over the bowls to everyone, she carried a huge bowl in her hands and placed the little bunny on her lap. Looking at the confused yet excited expression on his face, she chuckled.

" Eat up! What are you waiting for?" That was all what the little one needed, and he immediately started to dig in.

" Vig Wrother! It's Cho good!" Xia Ming turned towards her with puffed up cheeks, and his words sounded weird. But, Xia Lian's heart was giddy with happiness after hearing his words. She naturally understood that he liked it. She was happy, as long as he likes it, that's enough for her. It doesn't matter even if the whole world dislikes it.

" Brother Wu, It's good." He Chun spoke while eating. His each movements were so graceful that Xia Lian couldn't help but take another look at him.

" Master, I never knew that corn can be used like this!" Fan Ling was pleasantly surprised. In the beginning she doubted her master a bit, but now she was convinced that her master is one of a kind! She would never doubt Xia Lian again.

" Oh! You knew about corn?" Xia Lian tried her best to sound normal.

" Master, I grew up eating it." the words smoothly slipped out of Fan Ling.

Xia Lian frowned at her words. She looked at Fan Ling with a probing gaze, but Fan Ling was oblivious to her gaze as she continued to munch on the popcorn. Xia Lian remembered the first time she saw Fan Ling. The girl was graceful with her words and even her movements seemed noble. She was eloquent and cold. Xia Lian concluded that she was from a noble family; and why she ended up in such a place is not known. Initially she had no leads about this matter, but now she has.

There are no families in Qilin empire who used corn as their food and there were absolutely no farmers who grew corn. So, this Fan Ling was not from the Qilin empire. How did she end up here and who exactly is she?

And her family? When she is freed, she did not express her willingness to go back to her home. It leaves three options: She's an orphan, Her family was killed or she was banished from her family. Xia Lian felt a headache coming over. She needed to investigate about her subordinate.

He Chun was intrigued by this popcorn; he started a second round of cooking much to Xia Lian's amusement. She then handed over the little bunny to Fan Ling. The girl loved him and little Ming was also comfortable with her. Leaving him in her care, she motioned Bao Su to follow her. Many things are yet to be done.


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