My Beautiful Commander
143 Lu Wen, The sharp brother
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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143 Lu Wen, The sharp brother

Xia Lian sat in her room with a brooding expression on her face. Bao Su sneaked glances at her from time to time. He could not understand what is making her so worried.

"Master, is something wrong?"

" Bao Su, Is it possible for you to find information about a certain person?"

" Master, finding information is a piece of cake for me." Xia Lian smirked after hearing his confident tone. Since he was so sure about his abilities, it's time she put them in use.

" Well then, find everything you can about Fan Ling." Xia Lian spoke in a low voice. Fan Ling? Bao Su raised his brows as he didn't expect this coming.

" Is there any problem with her?" Bao Su didn't feel anything off about the girl, did his master find anything?

" She is not from Qilin Empire. Start your search from Cluster Lands. Did out everything about her roots and how she ended up in Qilin Empire."

" Why Cluster Lands?" Bao Su blurted out as it was bugging him.

" Corn." Xia Lian gave a one worded reply but Bao Su understood the reasoning. He heard Fan Ling's words back there but it was only now he came to his senses.

" Master, I will be leaving now. In my absence I would like to assign you new guards." Bao Su whistled and after a few minutes a knock is heard on the door.

" Come in." As soon as her faint voice faded, the door was gently pushed open and two persons entered the room. Xia Lian's eyes widened after seeing the two young men standing before her. They are the love birds aka gay couple! Both are a feast to one's eyes. She would absolutely love to have them by her side. Though she maintained a poker face on the outside,she was dancing in her heart. She almost forgot that she rescued this couple ah!

" Master, their martial arts are very good. And since you are their savior, they pledged to protect you with their lives." Bao Su gave the necessary information to her before advising them " Be vigilant at all times. No harm must befall master in my absence. If anything goes wrong, I promise that I will skin you alive."

Why did this sound more like a threat? Poor love birds, tsk... Xia Lian rested her chin on her palm and had a lazy smile on her face. This Bao Su is spoiling her rotten ah! She watched him continuously advise the two before taking his leave.

Xia Lian and the two lovebirds in the room now facing each other. Each party is eyeing the other with curiosity. Xia Lian observed the two dashing specimens before her; both were dressed in white robes complementing each other. She took the initiative to break the silence in the room.

" How should I address you?" she still had that lazy smile on her face.

" I am called Lu Wen." the man with a slightly heavier build replied " And he is called Yang Qiu." Both of them then bowed to her " You are the first person to treat us like normal persons without any discrimination. Therefore, we are willing to protect you with our lives."

Xia Lian nodded in agreement, the world is quite cruel towards homosexuals, not to speak of ancient era. It was the best thing that they decided to stay by her side, she will not allow anyone to belittle them again.

" Then I am looking forward to your protection." Xia Lian chuckled breaking the serious atmosphere in the room. Lu Wen stared at her profile for a while before speaking " Yang Qiu, I want to speak with master alone."

Yang Qiu raised his brows but he left the room without any hesitation. What did he want to speak with her? Xia Lian pointed to the chair near her " Take a seat and speak what is on your mind."

Lu Wen sat on the chair without any reservations. He then looked straight into Xia Lian's eyes and stressed each word clearly " Since, you saved us from the bondage you are not merely a master in my eyes. From this day, I am your sworn brother and I consider you my little sister."

Huh?! Sister?

Xia Lian's eyes slowly widened in disbelief and she subconsciously looked at her attire. She was dressed in male clothes. How did he find out that she was a girl?

Lu Wen found it funny when he saw her doubts clearly written on that little face of hers. Clearing his throat, he patiently explained to her " Little sister, your makeup is flawless and you look quite handsome."

Xia Lian pouted. She knew that she was handsome! She didn't need any confirmation from him. First, he somehow found out that she is a girl and now he is calling her handsome. What kind of a big brother is he?

" But, you forgot to cover your neck. You are young now and most people will not find out that you are a girl. But, as months pass by your identity of a woman will be an open book for everyone to read if you do not cover your neck."

" Generally, no one would be able to find out that you are a girl since your makeup is flawless. But, there may be some people like me out there who can tell that you are a girl after careful observation. You better be careful."

" I know that and I am dressed like this because I am still 12 years old. I never expected someone to have such keen eyes." Xia Lian knew that the Adams apple will give away her disguise. Since she is young, she did not find it as a problem. But, now it seems she did not consider some things. She should start wearing high neck robes as soon as possible.

" Also, what about your voice? For now, you are changing your voice. But, you can't go on like that." Lu Wen asked her with a worried expression on his face.

" No worries, I have my own ways for that."

After hearing her confident answer, Lu Wen did not probe her any further.

" No one except me knows that you are a girl. I presume that your two subordinates know that you are a girl. Seriously, how are you able to stay that calm with two men around you all the time."

Wow! It's good that he thinks Fan Ling is a man. Since, Fan Ling is almost near to 15 years of age, she always wore high collared robes. And she looked surprisingly masculine with that ice cold expression on her face. So, he didn't suspect her being a girl. Without giving any chance for her to speak, he continued to chat.

" I will always be by your side and I will make sure that no one finds out that you are a girl." he paused for a while before speaking with a proud smirk on his face " Even Yang Qiu thinks that you are a man. I didn't leak it even to my other half."

Xia Lian's lips subconsciously curved up. She smiled at him " Thanks for your reminders. I will be more careful in future."

" Yes, sis-Master." Lu Wen scratched his head " I will be taking my leave now."


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