My Beautiful Commander
144 Herbal Projects
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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144 Herbal Projects

Next day morning.

Xia Lian returned back to her room after her morning workout routine. Sadly, not even a drop of sweat could be seen on her face or body. Since Bao Su was out on a mission, she took the little bunny along with her.

She made him stop his running spree barely after an hour. In her opinion, it's more than enough for a three year old kid ah! She was truly not able to see her little bunny work hard. But, the little one insisted that he would not stop running as long as she practiced. So, she had no choice but to return early to her room.

In the midst of her thoughts, Xia Lian remembered that the auction is going to be held the next day. Holy molly! She had not prepared the things required for the grand welcome next day.

Hehe… Xia Lian smiled maliciously at the thought of the prince. Should she use poison on him? Nah! That would be truly heartless. He did not anger to the extent that she would use poison on him. But, he needs to be taught a lesson. A very good lesson at that! And then she would see if he would dare flirt with her in the future.

She started imagining various ways to deal with the perverted prince, but she found them to be either too lenient or too vicious. Finally, she sprang up from the chair in excitement. Finally her genius brain had an idea which would let her vent up all her inner steam. She could almost imagine his pitiful state and guffawed loudly.

Her laugh was so loud that it resounded in the entire vicinity of the hospital. Many innocent citizens were terrified after hearing that eerie laughter. Even those who are familiar with Xia Lian felt a bit weird. But, some remained calm as if they were used to these scenarios.

Bohai: " Doctor Wu must have concocted a new poison. That must be the reason why he is laughing like that."

Bolin: " Nope, I bet that he imagined the effects of the poison. The aftermath must have been so sinister that he could not help but laugh like an eccentric. Geniuses are always like that."

He Chun was flabbergasted after listening to their analysis. What exactly is the image of Doctor Wu in their eyes? He stared at them for a moment before locking his eyes on the fat book before him.

In a certain room,

Fan Ling: " Young master, let me go and check on master."

Xia Ming: " Brother Fan, big brother is just playing around. Don't worry about him. We need not worry about that laugh, he must have been too happy with those stupid plants of his." The little one let out all his thoughts in a single breath making Fan Ling laugh out loud. This young master is pouting ah! But, master must have been busy preparing for the auction tomorrow. She could not interrupt Xia Lian's work without a proper reason.

So, she coaxed him " Young master, your brother is preparing for the auction tomorrow. It is important for him and tomorrow your brother will be taking you out."

Xia Ming did not understand what an auction is, but he caught on with the main point. His sister was going to take him out! He was excited.

The person who was the center of their discussion was immersed in her own world of herbs, completely oblivious of the commotion she caused. Her eyes shone brightly as if the whole treasures in the world were hidden in them. Her profile was bathed in the warm light of the morning sun making her look ingenious.

The herbs on the table swayed along with the morning breeze carrying the whiff of the medicinal fragrance with it. It was not the usual stench of medicine, but it was a light aroma which calmed one's nerves instantly.

After fiddling with the herbs for a long time, she raised a translucent bottle which was filled with a crystalline blue liquid. She smelled it and nodded her head in satisfaction before placing it on the table. She then raised another bottle which had a liquid which is in a deep shade of black.

She then proceeded to her next project i.e; making a certain powder and an ointment.

The sky turned dark and the room was enveloped in the faint light of the burning candles. Xia Lian finally clapped her hands and the stern look on her face was replaced with a look of contentment. Now that she finished concocting, she can rest at ease.

Xia Lian ate the bowl of vegetable soup after bathing. She then made her way towards her cozy little bed and slipped under the blankets. 'Tomorrow things are going to get interesting.' Xia Lian had a faint smile on her face as she drifted into her dreamland.

" fufufu..." Xia Lian's mood was exceptionally good at the breakfast table. She got up early today and was all pumped up for this big day. Her mood was so good that she started to laugh randomly like she was doing at the moment. But, that laugh sounded eerily creepy to all the poor fellows around her.

" Master, stop laughing. It's so creepy." Fan Ling immediately rebuked her after seeing Xia Ming's flabbergasted face. The little fellow was so shocked that his jaw dropped as his eyes were fixed on his crazy sister.

But, Xia Lian was completely immersed in her imaginative fantasy world where she was picturing the fall and demise of a certain unlucky prince. All their pitiful complaints did not reach her ears.

" kekeke…" she started laughing in a low voice as she imagined another wonderful scene where the prince was getting crushed in her arms.

Xia Ming looked as if he was about to cry. Fan Ling saw that her master was not in this world and she started to doubt that her master is possessed at the moment. So, she immediately took Xia Ming in her arms and soothed him " Young master, let me get you ready for the auction. Master will be sober by the time we return."

Xia Ming reluctantly nodded his head but his face still had a worried expression as Fan Ling carried him.

" Master?" Lu Wen called out in a clear and loud voice.

A certain person had no reaction. Lu Wen's lips twitched on seeing the smile on her face. It looked as if she was rejoicing in others misfortune. So, without second thoughts he slapped her forehead.

" Ouch!!!" Xia Lian finally woke from her daydreaming and looked at him with a wronged expression on her face.

" Stop looking at me like that! What do you think you are doing spacing out like that. It's time we leave for the auction."

Xia Lian's eyes widened after hearing Lu Wen's words " You are coming with me to the auction?"

" We are here to protect you at all times. How can we do so if we are not by your side?!" Lu Wen looked at the foolish girl before him with disdain written all over his face.

On the side, Yang Qiu was petrified by this exchange. Why is his Wen Wen speaking with master in such a way? And much to his surprise, why is their master spoiling Wen Wen like that without scolding in return? He was once again smitten by his other half! Such a charming man, who would not fall in love without him.

Just when one person was drowned in the sea of love, Lu Wen roared " Y-you! Stop biting my hand!"

Xia Lian was biting Lu Wen's hand like an animal deprived of a meal for several months while the latter was struggling to get his hand out of her merciless canines.

" You should not have spoken to me like that! And you even used physical violence on me. It's no longer a child's play, it's a case of domestic violence! Now, it's all about tit for tat. I am just returning the favor." she roared at him with equal intensity snapping Yang Qiu out of his daze.

Now, both are exchanging blows ah! The scene before him scared the soul out of him. It was as if Yang Qiu had been drenched with a bucket of cold water, the original reverie which he had for Lu Wen disappeared in an instant. Why are these two behaving worse than kids? His face had an ugly expression as he rushed towards them.


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