My Beautiful Commander
148 Digging one“s own grave 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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148 Digging one“s own grave 2


Is his brother thinking that a simple apology would be enough? Jun Moyin smiled wryly.

He was the main reason for all this drama. He decided that he would explain it to her in a convincing way. He prayed in his heart for his sister-in-law to be in a good mood today, if not the consequences would be terrible for them.

What he did not know was that no matter how relaxed and happy she was, Xia Lian would not let them off the hook today.

As he was thinking how to placate the fuming girl, they arrived at the gates of the Dark city. The entrance gate to the city was majestic with the statues of soaring dragons unlike the shady businesses taking place within the city walls. Riding along the busy streets, they quickly reached the Black Dragon Auction House.

The chattering of the crowd was clearly audible to the outside world indicating that the whole auction house was packed with crowds of people.

" Brother, it seems very lively today." Jun Moyin remarked while dismounting from his horse.

" Of course it will be, they are going to auction new poisons today." Xuan Li Wei was not originally interested in these poisons, but his comrades arguments won at the last.

Why exhaust their efforts, if they could use a simple poison? But this was an auction house, where ridiculous amounts will be priced for even a rock not to speak of poisons. He sighed as he walked towards the auction house " Let's hope that the price for the poisons does not exceed our reach."

" Hmm…" Jun Moyin suddenly remembered something " Brother, I heard that there is going to be a live testing today."

Now, this was something. Xuan Li Wei raised his brows in amusement. Who in the world has such confidence and abilities to go for live testing? The day is going to be interesting, or so he thought not knowing that he was going to be the test subject of the live testing.

After taking a look at his token, the guards immediately escorted Xuan Li Wei and Jun Moyin in.

Xuan Li Wei was dressed in white robes which made him look like a venerable deity. His ice cold face void of any expression made the people in the room develop a deep sense of fear in their hearts. But, the man was too handsome that a few brave women stared straight at his face unabashedly. Not speak of women, even men stared at this specimen who was definitely the source of their envy. Sure enough, people started discussing about the cold but handsome man who was walking before them.

Sensing the rather intense looks directed towards him, Xuan Li Wei tilted his face and swept a glance at all those in the room. His furrowed brows indicated his annoyance making all the people shiver under his gaze.

The atmosphere surrounding him turned frightening as he gave off a bloodthirsty aura befitting his title as god of war. Under his intense hazel eyes, all those who were initially staring cowered into a corner instantly.

' Poor fellows, my big brother is not one who you can simply stare at! His soul and body is exclusively reserved for sister-in-law!' Jun Moyin guffawed in his heart after seeing their sorry appearances.

After silencing the noisy crowd, Xuan Li Wei subconsciously raised his head and locked his eyes at a certain room on the top floor. His eyes were specifically locked on the window which was covered with a beaded curtain. He could see the faint silhouette of a person behind it.

May be the wind did not want to torment his mind anymore, as it flew against the window making the beaded curtain dance along with it, revealing the person in the room.

The person behind the curtain seemed to be speaking with someone in the room, as only his side profile was visible. Even then, one could tell that the person was extremely handsome and charming. The person was dressed in white robes and his neck was completely covered by the robes making the kid look more mature for his age.

It seemed that the conversation in the room came to a halt, as he saw the kid tilt his head and stare at a particular room. Looking at those familiar and curious black iris, Xuan Li Wei's lips curved into a mesmerizing smile.

He found her…

All those around Xuan Li Wei suck in a deep breath after seeing such breathtaking smile. Ignoring all the starry eyed admirers around him, he gracefully made his way towards the stairs, his each step resembling a work a art.

" Who exactly is that man? He seems formidable." a man could not help but blurt out his thoughts. The crowd remained silent curious in their hearts, waiting for someone to answer the question which has been bugging them.

An old man in the crowd cleared his throat and under everyone's expectant gazes he spoke "He is our Fourth prince and the general who is hailed as God of the War. Do not speak his name carelessly unless you want to lose your pretty heads."

Everyone were knocked to their senses, thanks to the old man's warning. But they were still not able to forget that smile, which can make hearts palpitate and blind one's eyes.

" Big brother, where are you going?" the familiar loud and cheery voice made Xia Lian shift her eyes towards the source. She raised her brows in amusement on seeing the youth in red. He was always carefree and cheerful making everyone around him happy.

She then shifted her eyes to the person who was clad in white, only to find that he was already looking at her. He had a faint smile on his lips as he stared directly into her eyes, making Xia Lian secretly stunned in her heart. The knowing smile in his eyes made her heart skip a beat.

He recognized her…

Xia Lian did not have any reaction as she stupidly stared at him. She did not think that he would recognize her so easily. On seeing her in a trance, the smile in his eyes deepened.

She was angry at him for all that flirting which crossed the limits. She must be angry at him, she reminded her heart.

But at that instant, seeing that smile on his face and under those eyes which were staring at her, she completely forgot all her grievances and flashed a brilliant smile at him to which he responded with a foolish grin resembling to that of a child who finally got his favorite candy.


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