My Beautiful Commander
149 Punching bag
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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149 Punching bag

Xia Lian's smile disappeared as soon as she saw that foolish grin on his face. She remembered that she just smiled at him, making her mad instantly.

Who was she mad at? She was mad at herself for smiling like a fool after seeing the prince. Was she that easy to manipulate? She was starting to doubt herself?

No,no,no. She was a marine corps officer and the squad leader of her team. She was not that easy to manipulate, but here she was grinning like an idiot.

Lu Wen gulped on seeing her darkened face. He did not understand why the smile on her face disappeared suddenly. He was certain that someone was about to be doomed.

" Drink this." Lu Wen stared at the black liquid in her hands with suspicion. Xia Lian's gaze turned terrifying on seeing his hesitation, the poor man finally relented and gulped down the liquid in the tiny porcelain jar, silently praying to all the gods to spare his life.

" What is this liquid?" Lu Wen was naturally curious, he wanted to know if he was made to drink up a poison.

" Something that's good for you." He was not at all disgruntled by her vague reply. He oddly felt as peace knowing that it was not a poison.

He then saw her take out a tiny pouch from her robes and sprinkle the powder in it all around the room and into the air. Her peculiar actions roused his curiosity.

" What is this thing that you are sprinkling around?"

" Something to welcome our guests." she cracked her knuckles in anticipation. Today, she was going to give them the sweetest memory of their lifetime.

Guests? Lu Wen racked his brains hard to remember if they were going to meet anyone. He did not know about Xuan Li Wei's arrival, so he was ignorant of what she was saying. He understood one thing perfectly, those so called guests are going to end up in a pitiful state. All he could do was to wait and watch. So, he slumped down on the couch and started to eat the grapes waiting for the show to start.

His relaxed and carefree appearance resembled to that of those who were sitting in the movie theater waiting for the movie to start.

Xia Lian facepalmed. This big brother of hers is truly… shameless!


Xia Lian's face lit up instantly as she sprinted towards the door. Trying to suppress the excitement on her face, she opened the door revealing Xuan Li Wei who had a huge smile on his face.

" Hello,..." before he was able to complete his sentence, he found the little girl soar into the air using her qing qong. He was about to praise her for developing her qing qong in such a short span of time, but his words choked in his throat when he saw her aim her fist towards his face.

Oh no! This was going to be bad!

Thanks to his fast reflexes, he immediately dodged the attack and entered into the room. Her punch landed right on Jun Moyin's nose making the poor fellow to fall on the ground with a thud.

" Ouch! My nose is broken..." a pitiful and painful scream echoed throughout the floor making everyone cringe their heads subconsciously.

' Sorry little brother...' Xuan Li Wei rubbed his nose in embarrassment. That must have been really painful!

" Nice shot!" Lu Wen cheered for her making Xia Lian's lips curve up. At the same time, Xuan Li Wei narrowed his eyes at the man who was watching the show while encouraging his wife. He did not like this man, for the man was too good looking to be around his wife. Lu Wen remained unaffected by his stares and his focus was completely on Xia Lian, making Xuan Li Wei's face bitter and gloomy.

Lu Wen's voice had no trace of sympathy for the broken nose. Xia Lian stifled her laugh as it was not appropriate to laugh at an innocent fellow who was beaten in her hands.

"Moyin?" Xia Lian called out cautiously. She really did not want to hurt him ah! Hearing no response from him, she stepped forward only to find her lips twitching at the sight before her.

This guy has fainted! What sort of man faints when his nose is punched?

Xia Lian pitied Jun Moyin for a moment before turning around to face the main criminal of the day. She raised her legs and slid forward aiming for his knees. This time she was fast and did not give him any chance to resist as she kicked his knees making him fall on the ground.

" Girl, why are you so vicious?" Xuan Li Wei whined at her. The kick was pretty strong, he underestimated her strength and let go of his defense.

He thought that he would remain calm and let her beat him to her heart's content. If he knew that she was this strong after her training, then he would not have acted like that. Now, he knew that if he did not defend himself he would end up in a pretty bad shape.

Xia Lian started raining punches on his pretty face, each puch adding a new contour to his face. He tried to block the attacks, but the girl was too fast.

" Master, you've forgotten the right side of his face…"

" Kick him on the right calf…"

" Twist his elbow…" Lu Wen seemed to be more excited than her as he started giving her pointers which she accepted graciously.

Xuan Li Wei: ' Who exactly is this clown and why is he so close with his wife?!'

The punch in his stomach made him crease his brows and he was immediately pulled back to reality.

Initially, he thought that the girl was fast. Slowly, he observed a strange phenomenon, his strength was decreasing at an alarming rate and now he was not even able to move his arms. The girl was happily kicking him and punching him, she had no remorse at all.

" Ouch!" Xuan Li Wei cried out at last unable to endure " Girl! Stop it, you've played enough!"

" Hmm… Did you say that I was playing?" Xuan Li Wei shook his head in denial after hearing her arctic cold voice. He did not know what is happening with him, and he surely did not wish to provoke this young lady again. He would never flirt with her again, at least for the time being.

His body cannot take it anymore, he could only wish that this great demon before him is pacified.


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