My Beautiful Commander
151 Live Testing 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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151 Live Testing 1

" What?" Jun Moyin was instantly petrified. Xuan Li Wei surrendered to his fate long back and he remained silent.

" You are the reason why your brother ended up like that in my hands. Now, you want to escape?"

" N-No…" Xia Lian smiled in satisfaction after hearing his words. She then turned towards Xuan Li Wei " Hope you learnt your lesson."

Seeing that he nodded, Xia Lian sighed and sat opposite of him " Li Wei, I need to tell you something."

" Flirting is not a sin, but you shouldn't flirt with everyone ah!"

Li Wei: ' I know, I flirted only with my future wife!'

Taking his silence for granted, she continued to lecture him…

" Also, remember to flirt only with the girl you have taken an interest to or with your wife."

Li Wei: " What if she is young?"

Xuan Li Wei felt that it was better to take advice from her, rather than his unreliable brother. So, he decided to be straight forward to be with her.

" What sort of question is that? You must wait for her to grow up."

Xuan Li Wei seriously nodded " I understand."

He was not a child and she need not explain everything in depth to him. So, she concentrated on the matter at hand.

" Put on these coats on your robes." Xia Lian handed them long and loose black robes to put on their original clothes.

Jun Moyin and Xuan Li Wei silently put on them crying silent tears in their hearts. Xia Lian then applied the face altering cream and changed their features to the extent that no one would recognize them even if they observe these fellows closely.

Xia Lian's lips twitched on seeing their bewildered expressions " I am not that sinister to humiliate you in front of the public. But, I want to teach you guys a lesson that you will never forget. So, I changed your features."

Jun Moyin and Xuan Li Wei's hearts were touched by this gesture of hers. No matter how angry or mad she was at them, she still cared for them in the end.

" Doctor Wu, I am coming in." Du Weng entered the room and his face was in a deep shade of red due to the lack of oxygen.

" The auction is going to start in a few moments and we decided to go with the live testing at the start and sell your items at the last."

Xia Lian did not care when they auctioned the items, all she cared about was about the money " Do as you wish, but see that you extort as much money as you can."

Extort? His sister-in-law was becoming a full fledged hooligan lately. Jun Moyin shook his head helplessly. He then turned toward Xuan Li Wei only to find that the man had a look of approval written all over his face.

Jun Moyin face palmed. ' Truly made for each other.' he lamented in his heart.

" Sir Weng, you can take them for the live testing and I hope that you would finish it quickly."

" Of course, it would be done according to your wishes." Du Weng immediately answered her respectfully and motioned the two people dressed in black to follow him.

Jun Moyin and Xuan Li Wei could only follow him swallowing all their grievances.

As they made their way towards the platform in the middle, a fat man adorned in grey robes started to announce in a cheerful voice " Ladies and gentlemen, you must have heard that there is going to be live testing today."

" After many years, someone is actually brave enough to come up with the proposal and I could see from here that you are all excited. So, the owners of the Black Dragon Auction House decided to start the auction with the live testing."

As his words dropped, the auction house was filled with deafening cheers. The auctioneer was obviously excited on seeing the response from the masses. His fighting spirits instantly flared up, and he announced with extra vigor.

" Please bring forward the people."

Xuan Li Wei and Jun Moyin stepped forward. The audience saw a pair of young men with below average looks step on to the stage. They seemed healthy and well built for their age. Their anticipation further escalated.

No one noticed the two victims whispering between themselves on the stage.

" Psst… Big Brother, what is sister-in-law going to test on us?"

" Don't worry too much. Nothing bad is going to happen." Xuan Li Wei was standing on the platform free from any worries. He was not at all worried about what is going to happen next.


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