My Beautiful Commander
152 Live Testing 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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152 Live Testing 2

As Jun Moyin and Xuan Li Wei were whispering, the auctioneer announced in a loud voice displaying the translucent bottle containing crystalline blue liquid " This is our first poison, Twister."


The name was not scary, much less to be called as sinister. Jun Moyin was secretly relieved. Too bad, Xuan Li Wei did not feel the same as he frowned at that name. The name gave him a weird feeling but he could not pinpoint what exactly he was feeling off about that name.

Just as Jun Moyin was rejoicing, the auctioneer made his way towards him and made him drink the liquid.

Jun Moyin: "..." Such a pungent taste, blah!

The audience had the looks of expectation on their faces, waiting to witness the effects of poisons with their eyes. Xia Lian felt a chill on her back on seeing the crazed look on the faces of everyone. The ancient era is truly wicked and sinister, it seems that she had to harden her heart and turn into a monster if she wanted to survive in here.

" Ahhh…" Xia Lian cringed despite herself after hearing Jun Moyin's terrifying screams. His screams were followed by shocked gasps and loud whispers.

" This is unbelievable. How can a poison twist the bones in a person's body? Are my eyes deceiving me?" a young man rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

" Yes, this so called Doctor Wu is talented. This is the first time I am seeing such a poison!"

Xia Lian glanced at the curled up ball on the floor. It's a good thing that she changed his facial features, else he would never go outside of the palace after facing such humiliation. But the feeling of pity did not last for long, he needed to learn his lesson.

Jun Moyin was truly feeling terrible at the moment. His body was twisted at various angles and now he was lying on the ground like a ball. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his brother staring at him with pity and… amusement!

All that Jun Moyin was feeling at the moment was pain and… embarrassment.

Even if the world turns upside down or the rivers become dry, he would never ever dare to upset his sister-in-law again. Women are truly formidable! He realized that he should never mess up with a woman like his sister-in-law. It would only result in a series of misfortunes and calamities for those who provoked her.

Even the stone hearted auctioneer seemed to pity the kid as he came forward and made him drink another liquid which felt cold and comforting as he swallowed. The liquid seemed magical as all the tangles in his body slowly began to revert to their original shape. Now, the ball changed into a human successfully much to everyone's relief.

Jun Moyin slowly stood up and stretched his body for a while as he heard the cracking sounds of his bones.

Phew! He decided that he was never going to be near his sister-in-law after provoking her.

Xuan Li Wei was pondering over what his wife was going to test on him. He never thought that his wife was the poison master. He finally understood that the road to his love is going to be a long one!

The auctioneer was definitely satisfied with the results as he announced " Now, let's move on to the next one."

He then displayed a jar having black liquid in it. Everyone thought that it was a poison, but the auctioneers words made the crowd go silent for a while.

" This is the antidote for all the poisons. Those who consume this cannot die, not in the hands of poisons. It also cleanses your body of any poisons that are present in your body. This is called purgatory."

" We've told you to bring your own poisons so that you can check the authenticity of the liquid by yourself. Did anyone of you bring the poisons?"

The auctioneer saw that ten people did bring the poisons, so he sent a person to collect all the jars. He made Xuan Li Wei to drink the antidote first. Then without waiting for the auctioneer to announce he grabbed the first jar and announced it's name aloud.

" Spider lily poison." This was known to cause death by excessive bleeding through nose. After announcing the name, he drank it without any hesitation.

He did the same for all the other poisons, there were no signs of exhaustion, weakness or bleeding. There were no signs of poison acting up even after an incense stick of time, so everyone were convinced of this antidote.

The ten poisons which he drank were known as the most sinister and deadly of all the time. This made everyone look at the antidote as if it's a fat piece of meat.

At that everyone had a single thought ' They must get this antidote at any cost."

Noticing all this, Xia Lian had a look of satisfaction on her face.

" Master, why did you beat them earlier and you even made them as test specimens for you. Who are they?" Lu Wen voiced his thoughts nonchalantly as he played with his robes.

" They needed a beating and the one in white is the fourth prince and the one in red is his younger brother."

Lu Wen: "..." Damn girl! Why did you not say this earlier? I was ever cheering and encouraging you to beat them! Will they behead him?

As if noticing his fears she comforted him " Don't worry, nothing will happen to you. They will never hurt me or my people."

Lu Wen raised his brows at her shameless declaration but he did not retort. He was not blind, he saw how they spoiled this girl. If they wanted, they absolutely had the power to escape from this live testing. But they happily followed her commands, not giving a second thought. They are truly spoiling this great demon!

" Master…" Xia Lian immediately stood up on hearing Fan Ling's voice. The girl was truly reliable, they came at a right time just after the testing is finished. She really did not want her little bunny to see her evil side ah!

Just as the door was opened, the little bunny who was holding Fan Ling's hands jumped onto her. Xia Lian was totally overwhelmed by the kid's display of affection. She hugged him with a helpless expression on her face and everyone followed her in.

" Brother He?" Xia Lian tilted her head in confusion on seeing this gentle refined jade like person in this place. She didn't know why but she felt that it was a sin for such a pure person like him to enter this place.

" I am interested to see today's auction. Can I join you?" He Chun spoke in his usual gentle voice making it difficult for her to say no. She nodded her head making the doctor smile widely.

" Doctor Wu! We, as your faithful disciples came here to see your glory." It was not known from where Bolin and Bohai popped out, but they both declared at the same time.

Xia Lian observed the group of men in the room. He Chun, Lu Wen, Yang Qiu, Bolin and Bohai… Only she and Fan Ling are the women in here. Why is that her little family has so many good looking men?


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