My Beautiful Commander
154 Barrels of Vinegar 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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154 Barrels of Vinegar 2

Xia Lian froze at his touch as she did not expect this sudden skin contact. She cannot push him away, since this act of his was truly unintentional and he was in a delusion that she is a male. If it was Xuan Li Wei she would have chopped his hands away without any hesitation.For the first time, Xia Lian absolutely had no idea as how to react.

This hesitation of hers made Xuan Li Wei's heart go berserk. Losing all his rationality, he simply lifted his hand and did a chopping motion on He Chun's hands, making him retract his hands due to the sharp pain. He subconsciously shivered under Xuan Li Wei's terrifying gaze. He did not understand what made this person upset.

Throwing a cold glance at He Chun, Xuan Li Wei then glared at the girl who was staring at him stupidly.

" What are you staring at with that stupid expression? Come here and sit beside me. I need to discuss somethings with you." he snapped at her making the girl stand up like a straight rod as soon as his voice fell. She did not know why but she felt that this man would tear up this place if she did not listen to him now. Swallowing her complaints, she stood before Xuan Li Wei and stared at him for a while.

Then, both of them turned towards Jun Moyin who was drinking wine leisurely. Feeling the two pairs of burning gazes on him, his lips twitched "I get it. I am getting up now. Young master Wu, please sit here." He offered his seat to her and he sat beside Lu Wen who blatantly ignored him.

Xia Ming who was seated on her lap, lifted his chubby hands and started rubbing her cheeks.

" What are you doing little one?" she chuckled as she felt ticklish.

" Cleaning the dust." Xia Lian was confused but then she saw him turn towards He Chun and announce in a loud but cute voice " No more pinching."

Xia Ming then turned towards Xuan Li Wei and glared at him, while the latter rose his brows in amusement. But soon, his amusement faded.

" You snapped at my big brother. I hate you." After speaking his words, Xia Ming turned his head away and then stared at the auction which is going on below.

" pfft…" Xia Lian and Jun Moyin laughed at the same time and even He Chun could not help but smile at the little guy's words.

Xuan Li Wei felt bitter in his heart. The kid is same like his sister, ungrateful and stubborn. Humph...

" Your Highness, what do you want to discuss with me?" As much as she wanted to laugh, even she felt that her little one was quite straight forward and harsh with words, and his ashen face gave rise to pity in her heart as she changed the topic.

Your Highness? Xuan Li Wei choked on his breath and he felt goosebumps rise all over his body after hearing such formal address coming from her mouth.

" Did you plan on buying anything in this auction?"

Xia Lian shook her head and she then spoke Xia Ming " Little Ming, if you find something interesting then tell me. This big brother will buy it for you."

For some unknown reason, Xuan Li Wei was particularly jealous of the little kid. His wife had only the little one in her eyes. It's like her whole world is now revolving around the kid.

Paintings from the Snow lands, the place also known as homeland of great artists; pearls from the pearl isles and carpets from the Barbarian lands which are beautifully woven with intricate designs, Xia Lian found them fascinating.

She was an admirer of art and she loved to collect paintings. But, now she neither had home nor a place where she could hang them. Also, she didn't have enough money to spend on paintings.

She sighed faintly in her heart and then started to munch on the grapes as she found the auction boring, now they were starting to auction weapons which completely bored her. She had a dagger, a sword and a whip which she never used. She was in no need of any additional weapons and she found no weapons suitable for her little bunny. Naturally, she did not feel like watching.

After, a few moments she felt a tug on her sleeves and she lowered her head to look at Xia Ming. His plump little hand was pulling at her hand and his eyes were shining so bright that all the jewels in the world would pale in comparison.

Xia Lian was fascinated by the pure and innocent look on his face. She really didn't want him to grow up.

"Big Brother, I want that." he pointed his plump finger in a certain direction as Xia Lian looked over. She found a group of animals in cages which are placed on the platform.

She found lions, peacocks, tigers…

" What exactly do you want?" Out of the many animals, she wondered what exactly caught this kid's eye.

" Those pair of white cubs."

Xia Lian scanned over the entire area but she did not find such white cubs. She beckoned Xuan Li Wei and even he ended up failing as he did not spot any white cubs. Both of them were clearly confused now. What did this kid end up seeing and why were they not able to find it?

" Ming, show me where they are?"

Sensing his sister's helplessness, he clearly pointed out " Big Brother, look behind the cages where the lions are kept."

Xia Lian squinted her eyes and sure enough she found two white cubs which are huddled up in a corner. She abruptly turned around only to find Xuan Li Wei staring at Xia Ming with an indecipherable expression on his face. The words which she was about to speak were stuck in her throat and a feeling of uneasiness bubbled up in her chest.


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