My Beautiful Commander
155 Astounding and mysterious eyes
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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155 Astounding and mysterious eyes

Xuan Li Wei had a good eyesight when compared to others and his eyes were a bit special as even the Mu tribes golden eyes have no effect on him. Even with such special eyes, he was not able to spot the cubs. But, this little kid had absolutely no problems in locating them. He was able to see them clearly and Xuan Li Wei had no idea why this is happening.

'This kid might have some special eyes.' he finally came to a conclusion even though there were no concrete proofs to it.

" Is anything wrong?" Xia Lian's anxious voice finally brought him out of his trance. On seeing her nervous face, he shook his head and spoke with a gentle smile on his face " It's nothing. I was lost in my thoughts."

" Are you hiding something from me? Is there anything wrong with his eyes?" she frowned making him sigh in his heart. ' This girl is very perceptive.'

" There is nothing wrong with his eyes. Believe me, I will never lie to you." he said and she visibly relaxed at his words. For a moment, she thought that the world was coming to an end after seeing the stern look on his face. It was quite scary!

Xuan Li Wei did not lie and there was really nothing wrong with the kid's eyes. How could an excellent eyesight be a hurdle? It was a blessing and he was curious about how the kid obtained such eyes.

But he did not want to draw conclusions in this unreliable way. So, he wanted to check if the kid's eyes are special or not.

" Give him to me." hearing his sudden declaration Xia Lian was stunned at the first and she then started to hesitate.

" Any problems?" he raised his brows as he sensed her body going stiff.

" Yes, there is." Xia Lian nodded her head and spoke in an extremely concerned voice " Didn't he say that he hates you?"

" Is that an issue?" Xuan Li Wei face-palmed.

" Of course, it is." she refuted.

' Anyone will think that a married couple is arguing. It seems I need to speak with my little sister about the issues between man and a woman.' Lu Wen was not at all happy on seeing these both bickering like newlyweds. He could only pout as he could not possibly anger the prince by interrupting them.

" Nothing will happen. I can handle the kid." Xuan Li Wei reached out his hands to grab the furry ball on her lap, but just as his reached the hem of the fur coat, the little ball tilted to the other side. How could a little ball outsmart and escape from the claws of big bad wolf?

Sadly, Xia Ming ended up in Xuan Li Wei's arms much to the former's displeasure. He tried to escape making Xuan Li Wei have no choice but to hug him tightly and lock the fur ball in his embrace.

Xuan Li Wei expected that the kid would resist, but Xia Ming remained stiff as if he was electrocuted. Finding the kid calm down, Xuan Li Wei also did not move not wanting to scare the kid.

What he did not know was that Xia Ming was not afraid of him, not even a tiny speck of fear could be seen on his face. Xia Ming remained stiff because he found the embrace familiar. He did not know why but he did not want to resist this man's warmth. So, he embraced Xuan Li Wei's neck totally catching the man off guard.

Xia Ming embraced Xuan Li Wei tightly and refused to let him go. Xuan Li Wei naturally understood that the kid was able to recognize his scent and body warmth, after all he carried this kid on his back. He was not familiar with kids and he could look at Xia Lian for help. On seeing that the girl was completely dazed, he rolled his eyes and patted the little guy's back, that was the only form of affection he could show.

" Doctor Wu, why does this scene look like a kid finding his mother at last?" Xia Lian nod her head as she agreed to Jun Moyin's words. Even she was thinking the same thing.

Xuan Li Wei paid no heed to the two whiny beings, they were just jealous or so he told himself. He slowly coaxed the kid by rubbing his head and Xia Ming finally loosened his arms and settled on Xuan Li Wei's lap.

" Kid, can you read what is written on that wall?" Xuan Li Wei pointed to a wall far away from them. Xia Lian furrowed her brows on seeing the wall. She was not even able to find the letters on the wall, not to speak of reading them.

Just when she was about to ask why he chose such a far away wall a pristine clear voice sounded in her ears…

" The history of Black Dragon House can be traced back to an ancient era that was founded on this land thousands of years ago…" reading till here the little bunny put on an embarrassed expression on his face as he faced Xuan Li Wei.

" I don't understand the next characters." Xia Ming was disappointed with himself.

" You did well." Xuan Li Wei genuinely praised the kid, making the little one's ears turn into beet red.

" There is nothing wrong with his eyes. I would rather say that he is gifted, even I cannot see those characters clearly. This kid is going to be remarkable in future." Xuan Li Wei felt that this kid's eyes are rather astounding and mysterious at same time.

" How old is he?" he continued to ask the girl who was staring at the kid with pride written all over her face.

" Four months before he turns four." she nonchalantly replied.

Xuan Li Wei pondered for a while before saying " So, you will also be turning 13 after four months."

" No,no.. After two months and four days, I will be turning 13." the naive Xia Lian immediately corrected him not knowing that he deliberately spoke like that to know when her birthday is.

Jun Moyin was speechless on seeing this, where did his sister-in-law's intelligence go ah! She delivered herself to the wolf's den…

Beside him there was another person whose lips are twitching uncontrollably at the moment, he was none other than Lu Wen. He really did not have such a foolish sister! Yup, the girl is no longer his sister…

He decided that he should knock some sense into her head as soon as they return home.


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