My Beautiful Commander
157 The Grand Auction 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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157 The Grand Auction 2


"2,000,000" Xia Lian shouted making the whole crowd go crazy. Even Xuan Li Wei could not get what this girl was playing at.

"4,000,000" the man in the other room shouted immediately. This time Xia Lian did not say anything, making it clear that she cannot bid any amount higher.

The auctioneer rang the bell three times, and the Golden Mane Lion was sold at a whopping price of 4,000,000.

In the private room opposite to hers, the shirtless man finally let out a sigh of triumph. He won at last. For him 4,000,000 is small amount anyway. Xia Lian stared at the shirtless man with amusement in her eyes.

" Master, why did you bid for that lion and back out at the last moment?" Fan Ling who was silent for the whole time opened her mouth. Xia Lian almost forgot that the girl is present in the room. This very question was bugging not only Fan Ling but also others in the room. So, they all stared at her curiously.

Xia Lian finally gave in to their pitiable looks " His initial bid was at 400,000. No one was willing to bid any further. But, I made him to increase his bid to 4,000,000. It was an increase of 3,600,000 out of which I will get 1,800,000 and the remaining amount goes to this auction house."

" In a nutshell, if I was able to raise the price of auction when no one is willing to bid the profits will be shared in the ratio of 50-50."

" When did you discuss all this?" Lu Wen now understood that the girl was truly something. He never heard that one could negotiate in this way, how did she manage to convince the other party?

" It's not difficult to manipulate that old man, Du Weng and when we came to a deal is not important."

" So, all your next bids are going to be empty bids. You are quite c-clever to think of such a method." Xuan Li Wei spoke in an incredulous voice.

" When money is a necessity, I will think of any possible method to earn it." Xia Lian shrugged her shoulders. " It's that man's fault for falling into my trap."

" Who is that person?" she pointed to the shirtless man adorned in gold who bid 4,000,000 for a single lion. Earlier on, she greeted him with a smile not knowing who he was. If she was curious earlier, now she was itching to know who this arrogant rich man was.

Xuan Li Wei raised his brows on seeing the man. His wife really had good eyes, she was able to spot handsome men no matter at which corner they are.

" He is one of the princes of Barbarian Lands, Mo Yan." Xuan Li Wei continued to speak on seeing her large sparkling eyes, she was really curious about new things.

" Barbarian lands have four tribes namely fire, water, wind and earth tribes. Each tribe has a king and these four kings are controlled by a single emperor."

" Mo Yan is the next in line to the throne of fire tribe and as you can tell from the gold on his body that the fire tribe is richest of all."

" Oh! Then who is the emperor?" Xia Lian's curiosity made everyone in the room laugh.

" He has been missing for a few years now."

" Ah!" Xia Lian didn't know what she should say now. So, she just nodded her head and stared at the auction.

This Mo Yan seemed to be a lover of animals as he bought the white tiger and black panther at high prices. This time she did not interrupt his bidding, she did not want to be too obvious that she was just doing it for fun. Evoking the wrath of prince of other lands is not a good thing.

In the beginning, when someone competed with him for the Golden Lion, he thought that the other party was messing up with him. But, the person did not interrupt any of his other bidding's. Mo Yan was now convinced that the other party had no intention of messing up with him.

' Poor fellow… He must have taken quite a liking to the lion.' Mo Yan sighed in his heart. A certain prince did not know that all the men around Xia Lian are currently pitying him for falling into their great demon's trap.

Finally, the auctioneer placed the two wolf cubs at the centre of the stage. The bigger of the two seemed to be protecting the younger one, as it was standing protectively before the younger cub.

" Big Brother, those cubs are similar to us." Xia Ming's words made her mind go blank for a while followed by fierce thumping of her heart.

" Hmm… The only difference is that the bigger cub is a female while the younger one is male whereas you both are male." He Chun spoke while rubbing his chin.

But, those who knew that Xia Lian is a girl maintained complete silence as they stared at the little boy whose words struck the chords of their hearts. Xia Lian stared at the wolf cubs and she felt that those cubs are really similar to them, alone and helpless.

" The bidding starts at 100 gold coins." The auctioneer had no hope on these pair of sickly wolf cubs. He determined that no one would be interested to buy them and so he stated the low price.

" 200 gold coins." a man shouted making others laugh. They felt that man had no brains as he was wasting 200 gold coins on such wolf cubs.

"1000 gold coins." Xia Lian's bidding evoked huge rounds of laughter from the crowds.

" Who in the world is that other mad man who wants these pair of sickly cubs?"

" Tsk... What did he find interesting in these cubs?"

Xia Lian heard everyone's sneers, but the expression on her face did not change. But, Xia Ming frowned " Big Brother, why are they speaking like that?"

" Let them bark as much as they want. We should not care about such unimportant things." she flicked his forehead and Xia Ming nodded very seriously after pondering for a while.

" Yes, brother."


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